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JSEcoin Pitch Deck

  2. 2. JSECOINTRADITIONAL CRYPTO SOLUTIONS Excessive Power Consumption Limited Distribution Pools Monopolies On Digital Advertising No Commercial Management Delayed Transactions Limiting Scaling Issues 2 / 8 Uses Surplus Resources Mined In A Standard Web Browser New Website Monetization Methods Growth & Adoption Systems In Place 30 Second Fixed Block Times Designed For Mainstream Adoption
  3. 3. MARKETS JSECOIN is combining blockchain and web technologies making webmasters an ideal target market. JAVASCRIPT BROWSER MINING 3.5 billion people around the world have access to a web browser This provides an unrivaled distribution pool of potential stakeholders Ad-blockers cost publishers $62 billion USD / year 3 / 8 ● Publisher Mining ● Merchant Tools ● Ad-Exchange
  4. 4. COMPETITION 4 / 8 MONERO MINERS Resource Intensive 3rd Party Blockchain Unethical Hidden Mining Blocked By Antivirus BITCOIN Large Carbon Footprint Delayed Transactions Scaling Issues AD NETWORKS Monopolised Marketplace Publishers Unsatisfied Obtrusive User Experience INVESTOR OPPORTUNITY JSEcoin post ICO token distribution will be 5.8b tokens. Monero market cap $3.7b (May 2018) If valuation reached the same level as Monero, price per token would be $0.638 USD Pricing at ICO for JSE Tokens = $0.006 Potential for 100x growth
  5. 5. PRODUCT 5 / 8 Web Platform Desktop & Mobile Apps Blockchain Explorer 3rd Party Software Wordpress Plugin Joomla Plugin Woocommerce Gateway Technical information can be found in the whitepaper JSECOIN offers two mining pools Publishers place a code snippet on their website and visitors opt-in and mine while viewing their content. Self-miners can user the platform or apps to mine from internet connected devices. Additional Products Merchant Tools Platform Wallet Affiliate Program
  6. 6. GROWTH And we have some great opportunities for growth 6 / 8 OPT-IN BANNER The opt-in banner notification is often the first interaction we have with a user. As of April 2018 we are already receiving 10 million impression a day. Great virality of the product AFFILIATES The popular affiliate program generates growth by encouraging users to earn JSE tokens by sharing their referral link. The project has grown so far mainly via organic reach and the affiliate program. DIGITAL ADS Key members of our team have a background in ad- tech. Effective digital advertising will be key to the projects success. We want to reach as many users as possible to reach our long-term goals. WEBMASTERS Webmasters provide a very targeted market segment. By focusing promotions on webmasters we aim to become the go to solution for web-based crypto which will then bring exposure to mainstream users. April 2018 Current Figures Registered Users: 63,000 Opt-In Miners: 8,500,000
  7. 7. FINANCIAL TOKEN DISTRIBUTION CROWDSALE SUMMER 2018 Circulating Supply (April 2018) Max hard cap Crowdsale cap Founders & Advisors Cap Approx USD Price 7 / 8 INVESTOR WHITELIST APPLICATION JSECOIN operates transparently and ethically. As part of this commitment we publish monthly financial accounts to our website. 200,000,000 (200 million) 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) 5,000,000,000 (5 billion) 500,000,000 (500 million 5%) $0.006, 10% max bonus
  8. 8. FURTHER INFORMATION ● Website ● Whitepaper ● Platform ● Whitelisting 8 / 8