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We save power building automation e


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SimpleLife Building Automation: Safety and reliability with energy savings between 25 and 45%, without the need to install new cables and undertake expensive renovation works.

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We save power building automation e

  1. 1. SIMPLE LIFE BUILDING AUTOMATION Safety and reliability with energy savings between 25 and 45%, without the need to install new cables and undertake expensive renovation works.
  2. 2. What is SimpleLife? SimpleLife is the building automation system that manages indoor and outdoor spaces with simplicity. Control, comfort, safety, consumption analysis, energy savings and IP solutions are integrated into a single intelligent platform, designed to fit the needs of the building with flexibility. And thanks to power line communication technology, SimpleLife uses the existing electrical wires to transmit data, avoiding the need to install new cables and undertake expensive renovation works.
  3. 3. Felxibility and modularity with no limits Industries, shopping centers, schools, medical facilities, hotels, museums, and public offices. SimpleLife, transforms the power line into an Ethernet network to provide IP connectivity solutions and services within and outside the building. Thanks to a high- speed power line carrier it is possible to install IP security cameras, provide information and advertising service to users through multimedia digital information desks and panels with the ability to create customized schedules and messages; create new LAN networks in areas of the building not wired for Internet connectivity; install Wi-Fi hot spot. All in a simple and flexible way through the existing power line, with no additional wiring required.
  4. 4. Building management scenarios; from indoor to outdoor SimpleLife is not only indoor. Outdoor areas can also be integrated into building management to offer a complete solution. It is possible to control lighting by remote and program when to switch on, switch off, or dim every lighting point; install Wi-Fi hot spots, surveillance IP cams and information panels; have real-time information on anomalies and operating condition of remote controlled equipment.
  5. 5. Safety monitoring Multimedia & digital signage Video surveillance Extended Lan Wi-Fi Energy saving on lighting Energy saving in heating / cooling (HVAC) Electric loads management Food safety management (HACCP) Consumption analysis (electricity, water, gas) Remote control Building solutions
  6. 6. Safety With SimpleLife, the building is monitored 24 a day. Gas leaks, water leaks, technical failures are detected in real time and handled automatically to avoid potential danger to persons and things. Thanks to IP video surveillance system and access control, also through biometric systems, SimpleLife lets you view images from the cameras and monitor the presence of people in individual rooms or areas of the building. The system will send email and SMS alerts and the anomalies detected by authorized users to provide timely check and troubleshooting.
  7. 7. Consumption analysis To identify the areas of highest consumption and implement targeted efficient savings, it is necessary to have information about the building's real consumptions. SimpleLife allows real- time metering of electricity, water and gas consumption in different areas. All data recorded are sent to the supervision software that processes it in graph and statistic format for easy consultation, comparison and forecast of future consumption.
  8. 8. Energy saving Lighting, HVAC, electric loads generate the highest energy consumption inside buildings. How is it possible to combine energy savings, compliance with standards and regulations and green solutions? SimpleLife, featuring a smart management of lighting, thermoregulation and electric loads, provides energy savings of up to 30%, thus making the building "greener" and more environmentally friendly.
  9. 9. CONTACT US FOR AN ENERGY SAVING APPOINTMENT Central address and telephone number: Marja van Megen 790 Route d’Annecy 74600 Quintal France T +33 457 413 141 E