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Guidelines for evaluating web documents

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Fact checktest

  1. 1. Evaluating Internet Resources: Fact Checking
  2. 2. Things to Consider … Accuracy Coverage Currency Authority Objectivity
  3. 3. Accuracy of Web Documents Ask yourself:  Who wrote the page and can you contact the author?
  4. 4. Authority of Web Documents Ask yourself: •Who published the document and is it separate from the "Webmaster?" •What are the Authors’ credentials?
  5. 5. Authority of Web Documents Check the domain of the document. What institution publishes this document? .com = a commercial organization Ex: www.sony.com .edu = an educational institution Ex: www.gmu.edu .gov = a government organization Ex: www.whitehouse.gov .mil = a military organization Ex: www.navy.mil .org = a non-profit organization Ex: www.redcross.org
  6. 6. Objectivity of Web Documents Ask yourself:  What goals/objectives does this page meet?  How detailed is the information?  What opinions (if any) are expressed by the author?
  7. 7. Currency of Web Documents Ask yourself:  When was it produced?  When was it updated?  How up-to-date are the links (if any)?
  8. 8. Coverage of the Web Documents Ask yourself:  Are the links (if any) evaluated and do they complement the document’s theme?  Is the webpage all images or a balance of text and images?  Does the author cite his sources?
  9. 9. Putting it all together Accuracy - If your page lists the author and institution that published the page and provides a way of contacting them and . . . Authority - If your page lists the author’s credentials and its domain is preferred (.edu, .gov, .org, .net), and . . .
  10. 10. Objectivity - If your page provides accurate information with limited advertising and it is objective in presenting the information, and . . . Currency - If your page is current and updated regularly (as stated on the page) and the links (if any) are also up-to-date, and . . . Coverage - If the links are evaluated, the content is balanced, and the source is cited . . . then . . .
  11. 11. You may have a Web page that could be of value to your research!