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China Corporate Real Estate Trends 2015 - Infographic


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Leading at the Speed of Change
JLL 2015 China Corporate Real Estate Trends, Leading at the speed of Change, presents three key themes: Evolution, Expectations and Integration. Find out more at:

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China Corporate Real Estate Trends 2015 - Infographic

  1. 1. Corporate Real Estate - Leading at the Speed of Change CHINA China Corporate Real Estate Trends 2015 THEME 1 EVOLUTION THEME 3 INTEGRATION THEME 2 EXPECTATIONS China’s CRE profession matures since 2012, keeping pace with global trends Integration with other functions, business units offers an opportunity to strengthen CRE 39% 34% of DOMESTIC COMPANIES 49% GLOBALLY of MNCs operating in CHINA of DOMESTIC COMPANIES face INCREASING DEMANDS for supporting CULTURAL CHANGE report INCREASING DEMANDS to deliver ENVIRONMENTAL EFFICIENCY VS VS GLOBALLY VS VS 58% of DOMESTIC COMPANIES CRE professionals 73% 58%GLOBALLY of MNCs operating in CHINA 53% VS £ £ report HIGH EXPECTATIONS for improving WORKPLACE PRODUCTIVITY 81% Nearly 2/3 of CHINA’S CRE LEADERS expect to implement a range of WORKPLACE TRANSFORMATION the coming years 31% 49% 25% 50% of respondents in CHINA only rising to among DOMESTIC COMPANIESoverall 35% of RESPONDENTS in in CHINA 46% of DOMESTIC COMPANIES 28% in CHINA report STRENGTH in integrating with other, SUPPORT FUNCTIONS such as IT AND FINANCE 23% only say that Lack of sustained/consistent C-SUITE COMMITMENT is the biggest CONSTRAINT to CRE adding value to the organization 28% CRE expectations and demands: Leapfrogging ahead report a STRONGER or MUCH STRONGER mandate from LEADERSHIP in CHINA in CHINA have a STRATEGIC VIEW of OUTSOURCING 58% in CHINA of DOMESTIC COMPANIESof respondents in CHINA are ILL-EQUIPPED to meet the increasing demands from their leadership 20%of DOMESTIC COMPANIES are STRONG or VERY STRONG in using DATA and ANALYTICS to drive better decisions and improved performance report being WEAK at ENCOURAGING INTEGRATION and DRIVING CHANGE to improve business outcomes GLOBALLY 48% say that ‘FORWARD THINKING’ is the most valuable characteristic of CRE TEAMS in the ENTERPRISE 82% 57% expect PROCUREMENT to be increasingly involved CRE DECISIONS over the NEXT THREE YEARS say that their global CRE leaders REPORT to the C-SUITE 67% of CRE TEAMS in China Base: Responses from China CRE exectives Source: China Corporate Real Estate Trends 2015