Iq dynamics providing human resources management hriq


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iqDynamics providing human resources management HRIQ

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Iq dynamics providing human resources management hriq

  1. 1. 39909759525iqDynamics Providing Human Resources Management HRIQ<br />Established in 1994 and headquartered in Singapore, iqDynamics vision is to provide enterprise business applications to Mid to large businesses using state of the art technology and provide continuous support services to our customers in the Asia Pacific region. <br />Many companies spent a lot on systems and laptops etc and don't invest enough in knowing and developing of their human capital. Every progressive organization recognizes that human resources are the most critical asset. There must be more intelligence about the talent, more human capital development and more innovative of managing the human resources. These are the biggest levers for greater productivity, growth, innovation and ultimately the success of the company.<br />We have been working with all our clients in developing application software products and solution that help the business in human resource management, learning management, education and campus management and talent management. In addition, we provide collaborative applications to enhance the productivity and use of information for strategic and operational decision making.<br />What We Do<br />At iqDynamics, we recognize the importance of keeping abreast of state-of-art technologies to constantly provide value-added solutions, services and support to our Customers. Capitalizing on its years of experience in software development, implementation and training, iqDynamics seeks to offer and deploy affordable mission-critical enterprise solutions unique to our Customers' business requirements.<br />After working closely with many of our clients, we have developed and continuously market the following application software suites in the region. Our growing customer list is a testament to the acceptance and the success of our application software.<br /> * Human Resources Management (HRiQ)<br /> * Talent Management (iqTalent)<br /> * Campus and Student Management (StudentLink)<br /> * Membership and Club Management (MembersLink)<br /> <br />Our Other Company<br />I-Net Dynamics Pte Limited is our subsidiary and they focus on providing<br /> * Enterprise Resource Planning using Microsoft Dynamics GP<br /> * Customer Relation Management using Microsoft Dynamcis CRM<br /> * IT Managed Services - Hardware and systems software, infrastructure services and IT services outsourcing.<br /> More information....<br /> <br />Key Index<br /> * 50 employees in the group of companies<br /> * SaaS offering for Human Resource Management suite (HRiQLive) 4000 users<br /> * Leading solution providers to clubs in Singapore with 40 customers and 60,000 users<br /> * 170 customers and 12,000 users of HRiQ application suite either on-premise or SaaS<br /> * 300 customers in the region<br /> * 15 years partnership with Microsoft, currently Gold Certified Partner<br /> <br />Our Philosophy<br />Our philosophy is based on four principles that contribute to our maturity and success as an innovative enterprise:<br /> * Awareness of change and its impact<br /> * Responsibility to the people we are working with<br /> * Commitment to getting the job done<br /> * Action in transforming ideas into deliverables<br />With these, we create an environment supporting intellect, fairness, trust and industry that lead to creativity, passion, precision, and delivery.<br />We continue to value our long-term relationship with our customers and technology partners for we recognize that we can never be alone in doing business and in satisfying the needs of the global marketplace.<br />Try the No obligation DEMO on Human Resources Management Software from iqDynamics<br />Tel: (65) 6594 4138<br />Fax: (65) 6475 9478<br />Email:<br />Homepage:<br />