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CXO Advisory Group company brochure


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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CXO Advisory Group company brochure

  1. 1. Partnering with Clients to DriveSustainable, Profitable GrowthCXOAdvisory Group
  2. 2. The CXO Advisory Group— 1 —Who We AreThe CXO Advisory Group is a strategicoperations, advisory and management firmcomprised of proven C-level executives, eachwith over 20 years of leadership experience.CXO Advisory Group’s professionals haveachieved success across a broad array ofindustries, and positions ranging from:President/CEO to COO, CFO, and VPs ofSales, Marketing, Corporate Development andHuman Resources. Their experience includesleading efforts to solve a broad spectrum ofOperational, Financial, Marketing, Sales andOrganizational issues, critical to both early-stage and under-performing companies:Operational Expertise­Includes but is not limited to:­­ Strategic assessment Strategic planning Operational improvement/reengineering­ Organizational design & rightsizing­ Working capital improvement­ Market Assessment­ Marketing and sales management­ Customer care operations IT product/services architecture Geographic expansion­ Strategic alliances & partnerships­ Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures­CXO Advisory Group, working in partnershipwith our clients and business stakeholders,creates and drives dramatic, measurableimprovements in the performance and value ofbusinesses. Our clients include: Investment funds looking for specializedindustry/operations knowledge or interimmanagement for their portfolio companies Boards of directors looking to diagnoseunder-performing businesses andimplement a plan for improvement Corporate CEOs, COOs, CFOs or DivisionalGMs requiring assistance to improveoperational performance and marketing/sales effectiveness.CXO Advisory Group’s team of professionalsbrings significant operational and financialcapabilities from direct experience in seniormanagement roles. Our services include: Review and assessment of FinancialPerformance, Strategy, Operations,Products/Technology and Marketing/Sales. Development and implementation ofshort and long-term strategic plans thatdrive sustainable, profitable growthand measurable improvement in theperformance of the business, whileincreasing stakeholder value. Development and execution of “fix and/ordivest” plans for non-core businesses ofmedium to large enterprises. Assisting emerging companies in enterprisescale-up, new market entry or businesslaunch as well as mentoring managers whomay lack stage-specific experience.Profile
  3. 3. The CXO Advisory Group— 2 —What Sets Us ApartBeing staffed with experienced businessleaders, who possess in-depth knowledge in abroad spectrum of industries and situations,CXO Advisory Group professionals are focusedon providing results. To us, an assignmentis not over when we provide a client withrecommended solutions to their problems,or approaches to be followed to achieve thedesired growth.We work with the client to assure that oursuggestions are understood, that they are beingimplemented properly and most important,that the projected results are achieved, orpreferably, surpassed. In those few instanceswhere the desired results are not produced, wework with the client to determine the cause,and then realign the strategy or approach tocorrect the problem. For our professionals,the results are far more important, than therecommendations.Industry Expertise The professionals of the CXO Advisory Grouphave in depth experience in a broad spectrumof industries, including: Manufacturing Industrial and automotive products­ Consumer electronics­ Consumer packaged goods­ Professional and financial services­ Publishing and media­ Computer hardware and software­ Internet and e-Commerce Information technology/data services Telecom equipment & services­ Wireless­­Team Roles CXO Advisory Group professionals typicallywork for a firm’s board, top management orinvestors to create and implement a growthstrategy or operational initiative; that includesthe following:Business Assessment Financial, Operational, Organizational andMarketVenture Advisory Services Enhance financeability Fine tune operations, business strategy andmarket entry Assist with preparation of investorpresentation Contact and present to potential capitalsourcesShort-Term Development Business stabilization, if required Create or realign plans, establishingtimetables, milestones and financialprojections Implement Operational improvements Creation of a customer centric environment Organizational development andmanagement mentoring  Drive incremental revenue and profitsLong-term Growth Market and customer segmentation Product and market planning Geographic expansion Strategic alliances/partnerships Acquisitions and DivestituresCXO Advisory Group personnel are alsoavailable to assume interim management rolesas part of the revitalization or growth initiative.
  4. 4. The CXO Advisory Group— 3 —Members of the CXO Advisory Group have served as advisors, corporate officers, consultants,interim executives and change agents for a broad variety of organizations spanning multipleindustries. Below is a partial list of companies that have benefited from the expertise of ourmanaging directors.Partial Client List InterGame­­ Kubota­­ Liberty Optical­­ Lotus Development ­­ OPCODE, Inc.­­ OPUS Systems, Inc.­­ Opthamology Interactive­­ OTC Corp.­­ Message Secure­­ Midas Vision Systems­­ NuLogic Inc.­­ The Penn Companies­­ Phoenix Technologies, Inc.­­ Qualogy, Inc. Scottish Development International Silicon Valley Bus Company­­ StrateCision, Inc.­­ Strawberry Tree Incorporated­­ Symantec­ Wales Trade International 1COM, Inc.­­ Adams Media Corp. ACOA - Atlantic Canada OpportunitiesAgency Accu-Time Systems­­ Apple Computer­ Ask Me Multimedia­­ AT&T­­ BBN Planet (GTE Interactive)­­ Bertelsmann A.G. British Consulate-General, Boston Canadian Consulate-General, Boston Canadian Government­­ Coral Graphic Services, Inc­­ Culpeper Inc.­­ Crossroads Business Venture Development­­ Dynamic Graphics Inc.­­­­ Edsun Laboratories, Inc.­­ Hitachi Data Systems­­ Ironics, Inc.­­
  5. 5. The CXO Advisory Group— 4 —Contact UsOffice Locations:MassachusettsStephen N. DavisThe CXO Advisory Group430 Franklin Village Drive, Suite 103Franklin, MA 0203Phone: (508) 528-7571Fax: (413) 674-9134email: