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Top 10 Tips for Direct Mail Marketing


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Direct mail marketing can be an extremely powerful marketing channel for today's marketers, as it provides a straightforward and targeted approach to engaging and persuading potential customers. Download your free best practices guide on direct mail marketing and learn how to make the most of your direct mail marketing campaigns.

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Top 10 Tips for Direct Mail Marketing

  2. 2. BEST PRACTICES GUIDE:Top 10 Best Practices for Direct Mail MarketingDirect mail marketing is an economical and effective way to communicate key messages to customers.Is your company getting the most out of its direct mail marketing campaigns? Here are 10 bestpractices to guide you to a successful campaign.Direct mail marketing can be an extremely powerful marketing channel for today’s marketers. Manymarketers invest in direct mail marketing as part of their overall marketing mix because it provides astraightforward and targeted approach to engaging with, persuading, and driving potential customersto action. It’s also proven to be an effective marketing method. The Direct Marketing Associationreports that direct mail response rates are four times greater than email, and according to the Cable &Telecommunications Association, 70 percent of American consumers prefer to receive advertisementsand promotions by mail.Though direct mail marketing can be a 3) Make your copy readableformidable marketing method, here at You only have a few moments to capture your10 best practices you should follow to audiences’ attention, so deliver your message in aensure you’re getting the most out of way that’s easy to consume. Use bullet points oryour campaigns. callouts to highlight the key benefits of your offer, and accompany it with engaging copy that will pull1) Target your audience the reader in.Direct mail marketing is most effective when youdeliver the right message to the right audience at 4) Be cognizant of USPS standardsthe right time. You’ll increase the response to your Be aware of certain mail standards so you don’tcampaign by ensuring your messages are relevant end up paying more than you expected. Direct mailto your audience. Use customer intelligence such must fit within certain sizes to meet standard mailas demographic and geographic information, as regulations. Letter-sized mail must be betweenwell as customer profiling and filtering to create 3.5 inches by 5 inches and 6.125 inches by 11.5targeted lists for your campaigns. inches. Additionally, to avoid extra costs, your first-class mail should weigh no more than 1 ounce.2) Keep your customer data clean For standard mail, you’re allowed up to 3.3 ouncesThe quickest way to go from direct mail to junk per piece.mail is with a misspelled name or incorrect address.The U.S. Census reports that more than 43 million 4) Personalize your messageAmericans move each year. Make sure your address Since you’re working with a targeted audience,lists are kept up to date by running your lists through direct mail marketing provides a great opportunitythe USPS National Change of Address database, to personalize your message. However, keep in mindwhich houses more than 16 million permanent that the more componentschange-of-address records, at least twice a year. In you personalize, the moreorder to use the service, you need to purchase a you need to monitor 70 plicense from USPS. Another option is to work with o erce data matching accuracy. f Am n t cons ericanyour mailing house, which will handle processingthe data files and prepare the mail to be entered pref uminto the postal system. In addition, if you work adver er to ers tisem receive prom ents anwith a mailing house that has an in-house postalemployee who can weigh and certify mailings, they ot dcan help quicken the process. by m ions ail.
  3. 3. ny mpa ou r co most Is y ng the irect i gett f its d ing5) Optimize your call to action 9) Seed your list o tThe purpose of a direct mail marketing campaign is Add your name and the names out l marke ?to drive recipients to take a specific action. Your call of your colleagues to the mai paignsto action should be clear, simple, and make it easy mailing list. This will enable you camto respond. It may seem obvious, but oftentimes to know when your recipientsdirect mail pieces are designed to be eye-catching received your mailing and howrather than action-driving. the final mailing appears.6) Select the optimal format 10) Track your successThere are a variety of formats you can use to deliver As with any campaign, it’s important to track itsa direct mail marketing campaign. However it’s success. Create unique identifiers in your call toimportant to decide which medium is best suited action to enable tracking. For example, create afor the message you want to deliver. Sales letters landing page for your campaign with a unique URLand self-mailers can be a cost-effective way to build that you can include as your call to action. This willbrand awareness for your products or services. allow you to track how many recipients are takingPostcards are also a great way to deliver a single action from your piece.message while overcoming the obstacle of havingrecipients open it. If you have a large amount ofinformation to share, a CD mailer also can be auseful direct mail marketing tool. D res irec are pons t ma7) Create a compelling design f e il gre our rateThe design of your direct mail piece needs to drawattention long enough for recipients to see the ate tim svalue your offer provides them. Be creative, and em r th es ail anthink beyond just traditional design. Use format, !print substrate, print techniques, and colors to helpbuild an arresting design that won’t go unnoticedwhen it lands on someone’s desk.8) Don’t be lateAny campaign can suffer if timing is off, especiallyif you’re limited to a specific time frame for yourmailing. Make sure you send your campaign outwith enough time for recipients to take action bythe deadline date.By following these best practices, you should be able to avoid some of the common pitfalls of direct mailmarketing and develop an impactful campaign. As with any project, practice makes perfect. Don’t beafraid to try something new with your campaign. Learn from your mistakes, employ proven best practices,and rely on your mailing house to provide knowledge and guidance on your campaigns. For more information, please email or visit
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