13 incredibly creative examples of direct mail and the 10 reasons why they POP!


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What makes people want to open their mail? A great offer? Color envelopes? Timeliness? Well, yes, all of these things. But true marketing success can often come from creativity. Here are 13 amazingly creative examples of mail and advertising. Hope you enjoy and share your favorite examples of marketing!

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13 incredibly creative examples of direct mail and the 10 reasons why they POP!

  1. 1. + ImaginationScience 13 Incredibly Creative Examples of Direct Mail and 10 reasons why they POP
  2. 2. NEXTPREV 2 What’s the hardest thing to do with a direct mail piece? Getting the recipient to open and read it! Here are examples that you can’t help but open!
  3. 3. NEXTPREV 3 1. Make the piece tactile! This mailer turns into a functional record player!
  4. 4. NEXTPREV 4 1. Make the piece tactile! This mailer drives the point home with cholesterol awareness
  5. 5. NEXTPREV 5 2. Have the piece develop a sentimental connection! Imagine stuffing your wallet with winnings from this casino!
  6. 6. NEXTPREV 6 3. Establish an emotional connection In this piece, the threat of home security becomes real and imminent
  7. 7. NEXTPREV 7 4. Take the recipient on a journey! Creativity can bring your experience into the hands of your customer
  8. 8. NEXTPREV 8 5. Make it a hands-on experience! In this example, the recipient puts in a little work and has a functional result they might tell friends about!
  9. 9. NEXTPREV 9 6. Let it serve as a reminder What better way to remember to get an oil change?
  10. 10. NEXTPREV 10 7. Have a little fun with your customer!
  11. 11. NEXTPREV 11 8. Incorporate Technology! In this example, a video and an augmented reality experience accompany the mailer!
  12. 12. NEXTPREV 12 9. Use the elements! This amazing mailer changes color when exposed to the sun
  13. 13. NEXTPREV 13 This amazing mailer reveals its message when run under water
  14. 14. NEXTPREV 14 10. Have FUN! The most important element of making a creative direct mailer is to have fun!
  15. 15. NEXTPREV 15 10. Have Fun! This mailer from Land Rover provides a “survival Guide” that is printed on edible paper with edible ink!
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