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  • Almost 2M organic Impressions served over 3 Months. Pathéuses a constantly relevant post strategy, few users hide Pathéfrom their Newsfeeds, resulting in an excellent number of impressions served for every post (peaks of 68.000 Organic Imps per day among fans).
  • Clear fan acquisition pattern: fans are acquired through ads and viral effect produced by fan engagement on applications. The phases of heavy fan acquisition are clearly visible in the acquisition peaks and they Correspond to the campaign periods. The latest times (October) show how, as the fan number grow, there is a natural, more marked, viral effect that leads to additional fan growth.
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    1. 1. How to achieve results on Facebook Catriona Paton
    2. 2. The life of a Dutch Facebook user4M 6m 5.24+ from profile to stream2M 4m now I can read Dutch hello world! (2007)M Ja Ja Ja Ju Ju Ju Ju O O N N N D D D Fe M M Se Fe M M Se Fe M A A A A Source: Facebook internal data, Oct 2011 Note: Active users are registered users who have logged on to Facebook at least once in the last 30 days
    3. 3. Huge Growth and Engagement5.24 m monthly active users3.7 billion monthly page views30 % penetration of the online population58 % of users return to the site daily93 average number of friends1.8 m users access on their mobile82 % of users come back every week
    4. 4. Demographics Gender Age 13% 38% 13%49% 51% 13-17 18-24 36% Females 25-35 Males 36+
    5. 5. Facebookthe social ecosystem
    6. 6. Open Graph (Your Website) Social Ads News Feed News feed News feed Facebook pages Applications
    7. 7. How does the viral effect work?Facebook offers powerful viral opportunities BRAND Bought Media Earned Media Owned Media
    8. 8. Facebook AdsKick-start the viral effect
    9. 9. The effectiveness of Facebook Ads
    10. 10. Social Ads
    11. 11. Engagement adsLike Ad Comment Ad Polling AdEvent Ad
    12. 12. Targeting
    13. 13. ReachblocksThe Facebook equivalent of a Homepage takeover?Reach every Dutch Facebook user over 24 hours • 5,333,333 impressions • 1,500,000 unique users
    14. 14. The Facebook Page
    15. 15. Facebook PagesMuch more than just a wall... time to get creative!
    16. 16. Why invest in a Facebook page?- Take your message to where your customers already are!- Harness the power of viral marketing- Fans are your brand ambassadors- Keep your business top of mind- See what users react best to- Communicate with your customers- Control brand perception
    17. 17. Use of wall posts – Triodos Bank • Types of project that Triodos support • News about banking and ethics • Responding to user reactions • Promotes openess with fans
    18. 18. Fanpage: Organic Impressions90,000 2,000,00080,000 1,800,000 1,600,00070,000 1,400,00060,000 1,200,00050,000 1,000,00040,000 800,00030,000 600,00020,000 400,00010,000 200,000 - - Stream Imps Total Stream Imps.
    19. 19. The Value Of A Fan A brand can broadcast a message to all of A user is 25% more likely A user is 4.5 times as likely their fans at any Engagement ads drive time for free. traffic directly to your to click on an ad with to click on an organic story Facebook Page social context. than a paid for impression. These could be special offers, general conversations etcLike and can driveAd users directly to the point of sale. Domino’s Pizza Organic impressions drive traffic to your page More Fans = More Sales Users can be driven to the point of sale directly from the page By clicking ‘like’ a user makes a connection with your brand. This causes a social action which will be seen by 5% of their friends in their newsfeed
    20. 20. Top Tips for a great Facebook Page• Give your page a clear purpose• Define your strategy• Page should be fun, useful and shareable• Use applications, games and competitions to add depth• Provide ‘fan only’ content• Include plenty of links to your website• Use Facebook Ads to gain fans quickly• Make regular and relevant status updates• Keep content on your page fresh• Ask your fans what they want to see!
    21. 21. ApplicationsStimulate the viral effect and engage users
    22. 22. Fan Aquisition
    23. 23. Commonwealth BankTarget Groups
    24. 24. First Tennessee BankBrand Perception
    25. 25. Danish BankListening to Users “I would like to see on a map where I spend my money so I can see how much money I spend in various shops.”
    26. 26. SNS BankEngaging Customers
    27. 27. Saxo Bank ForexOffer useful services
    28. 28. ING NederlandFacebook helps customers
    29. 29. ABN AmroGive users options
    30. 30. ASBCustomer Convenience
    31. 31. A bank branch inside Facebook!
    32. 32. 10000 15000 20000 25000 5000 0 4/1/10 4/8/10 4/15/10 4/22/10 Campaign 1 4/29/10 5/6/10 5/13/10 5/20/10 5/27/10 6/3/10 6/10/10 6/17/10 Campaign 2 6/24/10 7/1/10 7/8/10Total Fans 7/15/10 7/22/10 7/29/10Daily Fans 8/5/10 8/12/10 Campaign 3 8/19/10 8/26/10 9/2/10 9/9/10 9/16/10 9/23/10 9/30/10 10/7/10 Campaign 4 Real growth following campaigns 10/14/10 10/21/10 10/28/10 0 100 200 300 400 500 600
    33. 33. Open GraphUse social-plugins to boost the viral effect
    34. 34. Overview of Social PluginsLike anything, anywhere Updates That page can also keep you updated through your News Feed. Your friends Find out what your friends have liked, shared and commented on through the Activity Feed and Recommendations social plugins. These new plugins offer you the same control over what you can see and share as you already have on Facebook
    35. 35. Make social stories from your website
    36. 36. Social PluginsFacebook functionality to enhance your website Like Button Activity Feed Recommendations Like Box Login Button Facepile Comments Live Stream
    37. 37. All in 1 SocialEffective community management for Facebook and Twitter
    38. 38. All in 1 Social
    39. 39. Get a competitive advantage
    40. 40. So, to summarize…
    41. 41. How to activate and engage fansIgnite attention by driving trafficFacebook adsBoost engagement and the viral effectFacebook pages and applicationsOffer relevant promotions & servicesGive users a reason to interactManage your community effectivelyReach your KPI’s through analysis
    42. 42. Questions? Get in touch! ? provides Facebook strategy, builds apps and runs media campaigns. We deliver real results on Facebook.Contact Arthur Hoogeveen (020-5309100, !
    43. 43. Sint Antoniesbreestraat 16, 1011 HB Amsterdam t. +31 (0) 20 530 9100