Remote Asset Management with InduSoft Web Studio


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Remote Asset Management with InduSoft Web Studio

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Remote Asset Management with InduSoft Web Studio

  1. 1. Agenda
  2. 2. Established in US in 1997Pioneer in industry: First HMI/SCADA package for Microsoft Windows CE Web solution and XML integration in HMI/SCADA Patent for database connectivityCertifications:
  3. 3. Web Solution Mobile Access Access to the system from Email, data, and page interface anywhere using a single browser from cell phones, PDAs, etc. Web (HTML & OPC DA, XML) TCP/IPPlant Floor Integration UA, .NET, OPC Server Client Stations OMRON, GE FANUC, XML InduSoft Gateway RedundancyAllenBradley , Siemens, Client Web Data Exchange in Real-Time Modbus, Profibus, Studio XML Third-Party SystemsDeviceNet, ControlNet, Over 240 ODBC/ADO Secure Viewer Thin Client Interbus, Beckhoff Drivers Driver & DDE and many others... Database API Enterprise Access , Oracle , Open Architecture SQL Server, Fox Pro, System Integration PI and many others... Product Customization
  4. 4. Cloud Architecture Thin Clients TCP/IP RTUs
  5. 5. Security – Local Only – Distributed Server and Client – Domain (LDAP)
  6. 6. OPC Communications OPC Technology • OPC DA (now “Classic”): Uses DCOMInduSoft Web Studio • OPC XML: Uses XML/SOAP – evolution from DCOM to .Net and WCF • OPC UA: evolution of OPC – no DCOM at all, it can go to any OS OPC Client Modules • OPC .Net: uses WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) DA 2.05, UA, .Net XML 1.0 / DA 3.0 OPC Communications OPC Servers Proprietary Communications
  7. 7. Easy-to-configure interface to Interface via standardany SQL Relational Database: technologies: ADO.NET, ADO, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, OLE-DB, and ODBC Sybase, OSI PI, MS Access, Excel, and others… Redundancy and Alarm history, Event history, Store-and-forward built-in Trend history, Process data, features OEE dashboards, and more.
  8. 8. Database use
  9. 9. Remote Asset Management – Building Automation/Facilities – Government and utilities – Manufacturing – Transportation – Oil and Gas
  10. 10. Remote Asset Management Thin Clients TCP/IP Meters Serial Numbers Unique IDs Devices/Assets Fleet Management Trucks or Rail Cars Construction Equipment
  11. 11. Maintenance
  12. 12. Raw Data Meaningful Information Transform Raw Data into Meaningful Information!
  13. 13. Collect data directly from local or remote databases(Microsoft SQL Server or MDB files)Configure and customize your own dashboard with a fewclicks using built-in wizardsBuilt-in Security allows you to control who access theinformation through secure linksVisualize your dashboards from Thin Clients running ondifferent devices – PCs, Tablets, SmartPhonesSave your dashboards into PDF reports or send them directlyto the printerMaximize your profits with an affordable solution thatprovides high ROI and low TCO.
  14. 14. Email (US) (Brazil) (Germany) USASupport support@indusoft.comWeb site (English) (Portuguese) (German) BrazilPhone (512) 349-0334 (US) +55-11-3293-9139 (Brazil) +49 (0) 6227-732510 (Germany) GermanyToll-Free 877-INDUSOFT (877-463-8763)Fax (512) 349-0375