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F.a. travel activities


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F.A. Travel is the leading specialist of Sardinia

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F.a. travel activities

  1. 1. F.A. TRAVEL ACTIVITIESDiscover all the activities that F.A. Travel can organize for groupsand individuals. Explore the possibilities offered by Sardiniathanks to its best specialist Follow Us on our Social Networks:
  2. 2. Sport & Leisure
  3. 3. Off Road Adventure Explore our coasts and our mountains by jeepSport & Leisure Option: Treasure Hunt, Team Building, Road Book, Lunch with the shepherds
  4. 4. Lunch with the shepherds Taste the real Sardinia with the most traditional mealSport & Leisure
  5. 5. Bike Orienteering Challenge yourselves with our Mountain Bike adventureSport & Leisure Option: A treasure hunt can be combined with this activity
  6. 6. Quad Safari Enjoy the nature and have fun on our Quad BikesSport & Leisure Option: Treasure Hunt, Team Building, Road Book, Lunch with the shepherds. HD or FD
  7. 7. Combined Excursion: Jeep & Quad Double the fun with our combined activitiesSport & Leisure
  8. 8. Water Games Split your group into teams and have fun with our Water GamesSport & Leisure
  9. 9. Sailing Challenge Challenge the wind and the sea with a fantastic regattaSport & Leisure
  10. 10. Sealand Adventure Hit the waves on our powerful Zodiac BoatsSport & Leisure
  11. 11. Sailing Ship Experience Live the elegance of an old style Sailing ShipSport & Leisure
  12. 12. Horseback Riding Smell the scents of the Mediterranean vegetation on a horseback rideSport & Leisure
  13. 13. Free Climbing Experience Have fun and keep in shape!Sport & Leisure
  14. 14. Cultural Experience
  15. 15. Cagliari SightseeingCultural Experience A fascinating walk through the Barrio, breathing our culture and history
  16. 16. Cagliari ShoppingCultural Experience Take home with you a little piece of Sardinia
  17. 17. Is Zuddas CavesCultural Experience Find out the treasures of Mother Earth hidden in the ancient caves
  18. 18. NoraCultural Experience Meet our Phoenician and Roman ancestors in the village of Nora
  19. 19. CarloforteCultural Experience The charming streets and the glosious landscapes of this island in the island
  20. 20. The Little Green TrainCultural Experience A timeless ride through old villages and ancient forests
  21. 21. BaruminiCultural Experience Discover the rests of a unique culture: the Nuraghi Civilization
  22. 22. Sant’ AntiocoCultural Experience A trip among archaeology sites and breathtaking sceneries of a lovely island
  23. 23. Team Building
  24. 24. Team Building Create stronger bonds within colleagues and partners trough team building activities!Team Building
  25. 25. Adventure camp Spend one of your nights in Sardinia surrounded by a beautiful uncontaminated nature!Team Building
  26. 26. Cardboard Boat Race Make a cardboard boat using only your imagination, cardboard, glue, tape, paint and decorations!Team Building
  27. 27. Olympic Games Ask us how we can tailor a perfect plan for your group. Real energizing fun!!!Team Building
  28. 28.