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SharePoint Upgrade Process


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SharePoint Upgrade Process

  1. 1. SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Approaches
  2. 2. SharePointEvolution
  3. 3. Reasons for Upgrading SharePoint 2010 Ribbon UI SharePoint WorkspaceBusiness Connectivity Services SharePoint Mobile InfoPath Form Services Office Client & Office Web App Integration Tagging, Tag Cloud, Ratings External Lists Workflow Social Bookmarking SharePoint Designer Blogs and Wikis Visual Studio My Sites API Enhancements Activity Feeds REST/ATOM/RSS Profiles and Expertise Org Browser Enterprise Content Types Metadata and Navigation Document Sets Performance Point Services Multi-stage Disposition Excel Services Audio & Video Content Types Chart Web Part Remote Blob Storage Visio Services List Enhancements Web Analytics Social Relevance SQL Server Integration Phonetic Search Power Pivot Navigation FAST Integration Enhanced Pipeline
  4. 4. Upgrade Challenges 64 bit Approaches Hardware Service Upgrade Governance Applications utilities CustomizationsBranding Project Team User Training Fab 40 Downtime templates 3rd Party tools Running 2003
  5. 5. Upgrade Challenges Service Upgrade Governance Utilities Application Fab 40 Project Branding 64 bit Template Team 3rd Party Approachhardware Tools Customiz User Downtime ations Training PREPARING PLANNING EXECUTING
  6. 6. Changes to SharePoint 2010Hardware Changes Software Changes Architecture Changes
  7. 7. Upgrade PathsMOSS SP2, Standard SP2010 Server, StandardEdition EditionMOSS SP2, Enterprise SP2010 Server, EnterpriseEdition EditionMOSS SP2, Trial Edition SP2010 Server, Trial EditionSP2010 Server , Standard SP2010 Server, EnterpriseEdition EditionSP2010 Server, Trial SP2010 Server, Full ProductEditionWSS 3.0 SP2 SP2010 FoundationWSS 3.0 SP2 SP2010 Server
  8. 8. Upgrade Utilities & Improvements• Pre-upgrade checker• Test-spcontentdatabase cmdlet• PSC Diagnostics• Merged to consolidate site collections into one database• Upgrade-SP Enterprise Search Service ApplicationImprovements• Upgrade Logs• Visual Upgrade
  9. 9. Scenarios• SharePoint 2007 running on 64 bit and with lot of customizations• Minimal customized SharePoint environment and have no budget for new hardware• Lot of content databases but want to do a speedy upgrade• Want granular level restructuring when upgrading
  10. 10. Upgrade Approaches In-Place Size of Data Database Amount of Attach customization Factors affecting upgrade to Upgrade SharePoint2010 Approaches Site Hybrid permission approach 1: Read only databases Number of Sites Hybrid approach 2: Detach databases
  11. 11. In-Place Upgrade Approach Applies if Risks • Currently running 64- • Existing SharePoint bit hardware and 2007 environment software and don’t cannot be accessed have budget for new during upgrade hardware • With large database • Can afford downtime the upgrade process might take time • Have lot of custom configurations across • There is no direct way the form and want to to rollback the update preserve them
  12. 12. Database Attach Approach Applies if Risks • Want minimal • All server and farm downtime settings have to be manually reapplied • Minimum farm configurations and • Possibility of new have resources to redo content being added them to 2007 sites during upgrade • Want to combine multiple farms • Copying databases will take time and • Want users to access bandwidth 2007 during upgrade
  13. 13. Hybrid Upgrade Approach 1 – Read OnlyDatabases Applies if Risks • Want users to access • All server and farm 2007 sites during settings have to be upgrade manually reapplied • Want minimal • Possibility of new downtime content being added to 2007 sites during • Very little farm upgrade configurations • Copying databases will take time and bandwidth
  14. 14. Hybrid Upgrade Approach 2 – In place with Database Detac Applies if Risks • Want minimal downtime • Existing SharePoint 2007 environment cannot be • Want to preserve farm accessed during upgrade settings • Have no budget for new hardware
  15. 15. Upgrade Process Plan Pre-Upgrade Test Post-Upgrade Upgrade
  16. 16. Important considerations Common issues• Content Size • Missing Dependencies• Downtime • Missing web.config changes• Back Out options • Disc Space• Level of customization • Ui Changes• Desktop client updates • FBA• Language packs
  17. 17. When to go for 3rd Party Tools will3rd Party Tools not help with• 2003 to 2010 • Customizations• Consolidation or Restructuring • BDC• Scheduling • SSO• Move to Cloud • Configurations• Migrate from Notes or similar system
  18. 18. Pre-upgrade Checklist  Form a project team  Evaluate Upgrade Approaches  Plan for capacity  Develop a communication plan  Update current setup to SP2  Remove unwanted features  Run Pre-Upgrade check and fix issues  Set up new Hardware and Software  Identify customizations  User Desktop upgrade
  19. 19. Upgrade project teamBusiness Project Branding Administra Decision Developers Architects End usersAnalyst Manager Specialists tor Makers
  20. 20. Best Practices• Clean up current SharePoint environment• Optimize large lists and content databases• Consider restructuring content and sites• Consider Virtualized environment• Definitely perform test upgrades• Backup Current Environment• Review Upgrade Logs• Don’t upgrade broken environment• Split content database if possible
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  22. 22. Engagement Model Onsite and Offsite Model
  23. 23. Our SharePoint Our Valuable ClientsWorks
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