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5 Ways to Manage Documents in SharePoint & Office 365


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This presentation explains 5 available options for document management in SharePoint & Office 365 and lists pros and cons for each method

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5 Ways to Manage Documents in SharePoint & Office 365

  2. 2. @gregoryzelfond About Me  Gregory Zelfond  10+ years of experience with SharePoint  SharePoint advocate, blogger  Love to solve business problems using code-free, out of the box SharePoint configurations  Owner of SharePoint Maven (
  4. 4. @gregoryzelfond 1. Explain 5 available options for document management in SharePoint 2. List Pros and Cons for each method This presentation will…
  5. 5. @gregoryzelfond What are the Options? In SharePoint, you have 5 unique ways to store documents 1. Folders 2. Metadata 3. Folders + Metadata combo 4. Document Sets 5. Managed Metadata
  6. 6. @gregoryzelfond Which option is right for me?
  7. 7. @gregoryzelfond Let’s take a look…
  8. 8. @gregoryzelfond Option 1: Folders
  9. 9. @gregoryzelfond F O L D E R S…
  10. 10. @gregoryzelfond Folders: Pros & Cons PROS  Effortless Migration (just drag the files from fileshare)  Minimum change management to worry about for end users from user experience standpoint CONS  Lots, see next slide
  11. 11. @gregoryzelfond 12 Reasons for NOT using Folders 1. Usability 2. URL length limitation 3. Moving File URL 4. Security 5. User experience 6. File duplication 7. 1 Lonely View 8. Can’t Sort & Filter 9. Change is hard 10. Lost documents 11. Navigation 12. Cost For more info and detailed description on above reasons, check out this blog post
  12. 12. @gregoryzelfond Option 2: Metadata
  13. 13. @gregoryzelfond Metadata – organize data anyway you like… For more info and detailed instructions on how to setup metadata, check out this blog post folders-introduction-to-metadata/
  14. 14. @gregoryzelfond Metadata: Pros & Cons PROS  Greater control over documents  Sorting, filtering, grouping, custom views CONS  Change in user experience  Requires organization to “think through” taxonomy before migration can begin
  15. 15. @gregoryzelfond Convinced that Metadata is the way to go?
  16. 16. @gregoryzelfond
  17. 17. @gregoryzelfond Option 3: Folders + Metadata + =
  18. 18. @gregoryzelfond Want to use folders & metadata together?  When creating a view, you can specify whether items are to be viewed with (inside of) folders or without
  19. 19. @gregoryzelfond Folders + Metadata: Pros & Cons PROS  Combines best of both worlds  Pacifier of sort for users who can’t live without folders CONS  Might be confusing to end users  Taxonomy and administration are a challenge
  20. 20. @gregoryzelfond Option 4: Document Sets
  21. 21. @gregoryzelfond Document Sets explained Document Set = “folder” for related set of documents with its own “Home Page”. Great for standardization (i.e. each document set [project] to have same templates) In addition, Document Set Version History feature allows to capture set of documents (versions) at a point of time (i.e. going from one phase to next)
  22. 22. @gregoryzelfond Document Sets: Pros & Cons PROS  Folder-type user experience  Great for repeatable processes/projects, standardization CONS  Might not be applicable to “non-project” type usage  Organizations must be “process and methodology-oriented” for document sets to work successfully
  23. 23. @gregoryzelfond Option 5: Managed Metadata +
  24. 24. @gregoryzelfond What did he just say?
  25. 25. @gregoryzelfond Managed Metadata requires high level of organizational “SharePoint” and “Collaboration” culture & maturity
  26. 26. @gregoryzelfond Managed Metadata definitions  Definition: Managed metadata is a hierarchical collection of centrally managed terms that you can define, and then use as attributes for items in across SharePoint  Term – a specific word or phrase that you associate with an item  Term Set - group of related terms  Term Store Management Tool – SharePoint functionality that allows administrators to centrally define terms and term set hierarchies
  27. 27. @gregoryzelfond More on Managed Metadata  Taxonomy – a formal classification system. A taxonomy groups the words, labels, and terms that describe something, and then arranges the groups into a hierarchy  Folksonomy – an informal classification system. It evolves gradually as web site users collaborate on words, labels, and terms on a site (via tagging)
  28. 28. @gregoryzelfond Managed Metadata Example Tag SelectionType-ahead search/navigation
  29. 29. @gregoryzelfond Term Store Management Tool Term Set Term
  30. 30. @gregoryzelfond Managed Metadata: Pros & Cons PROS  Promotes consistent terminology across enterprise  Great for search and data filtering  Social aspect of “tagging” CONS  Requires high degree of collaboration within organization
  31. 31. @gregoryzelfond GOT IT?
  32. 32. @gregoryzelfond
  33. 33. @gregoryzelfond Need help with SharePoint?  SharePoint Site Configuration and Customization  Document Migration to SharePoint  SharePoint Implementation Strategy  SharePoint Training  SharePoint User Adoption  SharePoint Governance  SharePoint Project Management
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