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What's Your Emotional IQ? Click here to take the Emotional Intelligence Test


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Click here to take the Emotional Intelligence Test >>

There's been a lot of chatter lately about the power of emotional intelligence. And it's not undeserved -- multiple studies have shown there's a significant correlation between emotional intelligence and workplace success. Take our emotional intelligence test and find out how emotionally intelligent you are >>

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What's Your Emotional IQ? Click here to take the Emotional Intelligence Test

  2. 2. What is Emotional Intelligence? In short, people with high emotional intelligence have an deep awareness of their own emotions -- and the emotions of others -- and they can use this information to guide their thinking and actions.
  3. 3. The Five Components of Emotional Intelligence Self-awareness Self-management Motivation Empathy Social Communication
  4. 4. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE TEST To find out more about emotional intelligence, keep reading. >> Take the Emotional Intelligence Test <<
  5. 5. Self-awareness Self-awareness is understanding yourself and your effect on others. Self-aware individuals know their abilities and play to their strengths, can admit to their mistakes, and can laugh at themselves when they make a mistake.
  6. 6. Self-management Self-management is controlling disruptive impulses and thinking before acting. People who have good self-management are able to take a step back when they feel they are becoming overwhelmed with emotion. This prevents them from doing or saying things they might regret later.
  7. 7. Motivation Emotionally intelligent people are constantly challenging themselves, and are driven by their passion, rather than status or money. They also remain optimistic about their future, even when their situation can sometimes be tough.
  8. 8. Empathy Empathetic people don't just listen to what people say, they try to understand more about what's being said. Empathic people consider other people's feelings when making decisions. Empathic people can gain knowledge through body language and other nonverbal cues.
  9. 9. Social Communication People who have well-developed social communication skills can express their emotions to others appropriately and really listen to other people when they express theirs. They also seek feedback and give constructive feedback to others when needed. People with strong social communication skills are valuable because they are able to manage relationships effectively to move people forward towards a common goal.
  10. 10. >> Take the Emotional Intelligence Test << READY TO FIND OUT YOUR EMOTIONAL IQ? Bare in mind that this test isn't a comprehensive scientific assessment.