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Franchise Bad Hire Infographic


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How much can a bad hire cost your franchise or small business? It goes well beyond attitude and customer service: a bad hire can cost your bottom line a significant amount of money.

We break down the cost of a bad hire in our new infographic and what you can do to avoid this in the future.

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Franchise Bad Hire Infographic

  1. 1. 1 HOW MUCH CAN A BAD HIRE COST YOUR FRANCHISE? THE ANATOMY OF A BAD FRANCHISE HIRE 277,951+ franchise employees hired in 2015 of businesses admit they’ve made a bad hire every year of franchise owners/ hiring managers find it challenging to recruit skilled applicants of businesses said a bad hire cost them a minimum of $25,000 of businesses said a bad hire cost them as much as $50,000 1/10 new hires turns out to be a bad hire Meaning roughly 27,795 new franchise employees were labeled a bad hires in 2015 POOR PERFORMANCE POOR SKILLS MATCH PERSONALITY CLASH CULTURE GAP UNABLE TO GRASP JOB OBJECTIVES 95% 91% 41% 25% HOW THE DAMAGE BREAKS DOWN HOW TO COMBAT BAD HIRES FOR YOUR FRANCHISES? LOST PRODUCTIVITY 2 TIME SPENT RECRUITING AND TRAINING A NEW EMPLOYEE 3 EXPENSE OF RECRUITING AND TRAINING 4 NEGATIVE IMPACT ON MORALE INCORPORATE HIRING TECHNOLOGY TODAY: A Hiring Process Can Serve To: Reduce Time-to-Hire Decrease Cost-per-Hire Increase Quality of Hires Introduce Data-Based Hiring Provide a Transparent Process Let Hireology help you find the right people for your franchise system! LEARN MORE SOURCES: