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By Kelly Greenwell
boy wakes to noise and
chaos and when he looks
out the window he sees
his neighbours’ homes in
Page 2 Winter 2016Hillside-Quadra News
Local Business Helps with
Quadra Village Banner Funding
By Jennifer Ferris
his sp...
Winter 2016 Page 3Hillside-Quadra News
(continued from cover)
how they start again.
If you’ve ever experienced
losing ever...
Page 4 Winter 2016Hillside-Quadra News
By Cheryl Rolston, Vice-
o o l e r w e a t h e r h a s
returned but tha...
Winter 2016 Page 5Hillside-Quadra News
By Sunny Jun, Vice-Principal
A community is like a ship;
everyone ought to be
Winter 2016Hillside-Quadra NewsPage 6
Submitted by Janis La Couvée,
on behalf of the Hillside-
Quadra Neighbourhood Action...
Neighbourhood Action
Committee Continued
Winter 2016 Page 7Hillside-Quadra News
Meet the news team
Tracy Byrne...
Winter 2016 Page 8Hillside-Quadra News
New Daycare Centre Provides Culturally
Appropriate Programs for Preschoolers
By Joa...
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Hillside-Quadra News Winter 2016


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Welcome to the Winter 2016 issue of Hillside-Quadra News featuring Hillside Fire Sparks Generous Hearts on the cover, Quadra and George Jay School updates, the latest neighbourhood highlights and the new XaXe SŦELIṮḴEL Daycare Centre and more!

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Hillside-Quadra News Winter 2016

  1. 1. By Kelly Greenwell A boy wakes to noise and chaos and when he looks out the window he sees his neighbours’ homes in flames. He hurriedly tries to wake his family, who, hearing the panic in his voice, realize that this is more than a case of the late night sounds that occasionally make their way through Hillside and Quadra. The scene repeats in a number of different homes as parents and siblings attempt to wake their loved ones, find their pets and, in some cases, just get out alive. A woman jumps out of a second storey window, in a life- or-death split second decision, as the two men below try to break her fall. Photos and keepsakes burn, toys melt, the familiar goes up in smoke. Shock and awe are the common themes. Several nights follow in a hotel, wondering what, after the initial emergency response, comes next. Media pushing for the scoop on what took place here, hoping to get the inside story. So many questions… Why? How come? How did you escape? How do you feel? What caused the fire? Who is responsible? How can the community help? What do we need? Offers of help pouring in as parents and kids wonder QVCC volunteers gather clothing and household items for those affected by the fire at Evergreen Terrace (photo provided) HILLSIDE-QUADRA NEWS ALL ABOUT YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD Winter 2016 Scan for our website. Quadra and George Jay update pages 4/5 Latest Neighbourhood Highlights Page 6 XaXe SŦELIṮḴEL Daycare Centre Page 8 (continued on page 3) Hillside Fire Sparks Generous Hearts
  2. 2. Page 2 Winter 2016Hillside-Quadra News Local Business Helps with Quadra Village Banner Funding By Jennifer Ferris T his spring Quadra Village c e l e b r a t e d t h e installation of new decorative pole banners. Twenty-one unique designs were created, based on the artwork of Grade 4 and 5 students at École Quadra Elementary as part of the s c h o o l ’ s c e n t e n n i a l celebrations in 2014/15. The banners feature words of c o m m u n i t y i n E n g l i s h ,  F r e n c h  a n d Lekwungen. Mayor Lisa Helps attended the celebration event at The Nook coffee shop and she helped to hang the final banner. Funding for the initial project was provided by the City of Victoria and a private donor. Extra funding will be needed to cover the cost of replacing worn banners and f o r t h e s p r i n g a n d f a l l installation of summer and winter banners. We are very pleased to announce that 100.3 The Q! has donated $600.00, which will cover the cost of two installations. The Banner Committee would like to thank John Shields of 100.3 The Q! for facilitating this donation. 100.3 The Q! is a vibrant rock radio station serving rock music fans on southern Vancouver Island. Shellie Gudgeon and Janice La Couvée stand near one of the great new banners in Quadra Village (photo provided) Quadra Village Youth Programs Update By Tara Skobel e currently have eight Wy o u t h p r o g r a m s r u n n i n g a t t h e Quadra Village Community Centre. These include: three nights of drop-in; family night; two girls’ groups; a boys’ group; food skills; homework club; running group; and the CREW! The running group and homework club are made possible by some devoted staff m e m b e r s a t Q V C C w h o volunteer their time to ensure that these programs happen. Thank you, Corie and Taly, for y o u r c o m m i t m e n t a n d dedication to the youth in the Hillside-Quadra area! For updated information on our Youth Programs, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook a n d I n s t a g r a m (@qvcc_youth_programs, # h e a r t o f t h e v i l l a g e , # q v c c y o u t h , # q v c c ) o r c h e c k o u t o u r w e b s i t e If you have any questions about Youth Programs at Quadra Village Community Centre, please contact Tara S k o b e l b y e m a i l a t or 250 891 4083 (call or text).
  3. 3. Winter 2016 Page 3Hillside-Quadra News (continued from cover) how they start again. If you’ve ever experienced losing everything, you’ll remember what it was like. If you had kids, you probably remember trying to help them make sense of things, to attempt to return to normality, to mourn, to sleep again and (if the story was all over the local media) to respond to all the questions from classmates. Sometimes rebuilding the material things takes a back seat. “I never even thought about needing a toaster.” “This is so overwhelming right now.” “How can I go back after e v e r y t h i n g t h a t h a s happened?” The story of the fire at Evergreen Terrace has many diverse chapters. Surviving the fire. Losing pets. Sudden displacement. Uncertainty. Resettling into new homes (at times imperfect). Reliving the night it happened. Grieving lost pets. Assuring your kids. Assuring yourself. Woven among these is the chapter a b o u t a h e a r t - w a r m i n g community embrace, as people in the neighbourhood and local region do all they can to help in some way. Supportive agencies such as Emergency Services, Mustard Seed and we at the Quadra Village Community Centre have literally been overwhelmed by a flow of offers of clothes, furniture and other items. Donations of gift cards and cash have been crucial for responding to the families’ needs in a timely fashion and to fill the gaps with respect to the items that have been given. It’s remarkable that five of the seven families affected by the fire had found other accommodation within six days of the fire happening. At the same time, however, obtaining just the basics for your home in that timeframe is enough to make anyone’s head spin! Making a list of everything you need seems like a sensible approach, but it takes several tries, over days and even weeks, before what you have lost and what you need to replace starts to come fully into focus. It’s like one of those 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzles with too many similar pieces. Gradually, though, it’s all coming together for the f a m i l i e s . W i t h o u t y o u r heartfelt support and the willingness to give generously, the tale of the fire would be a tale of tragedy. (And, in some cases, the folks affected had it pretty tough to begin with.) Instead, the neighbourhood and wider community have brought hope in the wake of loss, and stability in the wake of worry and sleeplessness. It is a privilege to be part of an agency that connects with such community generous spirit, to be part of the lives of the families as they survive this traumatic event and find a positive way forward. As usual, we couldn’t do it without you! To find out how you can help, check out the Quadra Village Emergency Fund page o n t h e Q V C C w e b s i t e : dra-village-emergency-fund Hillside Fire Sparks Generous Hearts Check out the “Community Palette: Creating Community on the Cul-de-Sac” article on our website to learn about some exciting community building that happened this year!
  4. 4. Page 4 Winter 2016Hillside-Quadra News By Cheryl Rolston, Vice- Principal C o o l e r w e a t h e r h a s returned but that hasn’t s t o p p e d Q u a d r a students and staff from going out into the Hillside-Quadra community. Our cross-country team had a successful season. More than 50 Grade 3, 4 and 5 students p a r t i c i p a t e d a n d m o s t achieved personal best times in their runs. The team completed the season at Beacon Hill Park with a final race that involved a l l S c h o o l D i s t r i c t 6 1 elementary schools. Way to go runners! O u r c l a s s e s a r e n o w participating in the “Great Bulb Extravaganza”, which involves classes going outside everyday to plant bulbs around the school grounds. We look forward to seeing 1,200 new flowers popping up in the New Year. So, when spring arrives, be sure to take a walk past the Quadra Elementary school g r o u n d s a n d e n j o y t h e colourful blooms. I n O c t o b e r, Q u a d r a students were pleased to accept an invitation from C h a r t w e l l R o s s P l a c e Retirement residence to connect with residents. The residents put on a trick-or- treating afternoon and joined the students in some colouring and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. We look forward to more fun when we return to Ross Place later this year. Speaking of trick-or- treating, our PAC put on a “ S p o o k- t a c u l a r ” f a m i l y Hallowe’en dance, complete with games, music, dancing, treats, and costumes. We love seeing all our families come together to have fun and enjoy community. Mrs. Campbell and I were proud to take part in the Victoria Police Department C i v i c Aw a r d C e r e m o n y honouring teacher Joy Wu for her brave actions earlier this year. Ms Wu is a valued teacher-on-call at Quadra and we were pleased to see her acknowledged in this way. Students and staff came t o g e t h e r f o r a s o l e m n Remembrance Day assembly on November 10th. We paused this year more than ever to think of some of our students who come from Syria and other countries experiencing war. We gave thanks that we live in a nation that has enjoyed peace for many years. Quadra School is taking emergency and earthquake preparedness very seriously. This October, we practised new procedures and did a student- release in order to assess our own readiness and provide feedback to our School Division. We thank Marketa Lund, parent volunteer, for helping us move forward with our goal to be prepared for any event. Mrs. Campbell and I are pleased to be a part of this great school community, creating strong connections with the larger Hillside-Quadra community. We look forward to more great experiences as the school year continues. Update from École Quadra School More than 50 Grade 3, 4 and 5 students participated in the École Quadra School cross-country team (photo Provided)
  5. 5. Winter 2016 Page 5Hillside-Quadra News By Sunny Jun, Vice-Principal A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm. (Henrik Ibsen) A t G e o r g e J a y, w e continually strive for excellence in what we do, and already this school year our staff has been working hard, keeping up to date with professional learning through a variety of ways. Ai Linh Trinh organized and hosted a day for District staff to learn about r e f u g e e a n d i m m i g r a n t students and how best to support them. Some staff attended a two-day “Super- Workshop” on Planning for the Inclusion of All Students delivered by the Provincial Outreach Program for Autism a n d R e l a t e d D i s o r d e r s (POPARD). On the November Pro-D day, many of our staff attended the “Google Apps for Education Summit” – two full d a y s o f l e a r n i n g a b o u t integrating technology into teaching and learning. Continuing to build our professional learning is an important part of the culture at George Jay, especially since our student population is a growing and increasingly diverse one. Currently we have 16 divisions, six learning support teachers, 20 EAGs, t w o Yo u t h a n d Fa m i l y C o u n s e l l o r s , t w o p r e p teachers, a School Counsellor, an Occupational Therapist, a Physical Therapist, a Speech and Language Therapist, and more.   As our student population grows, so does our interaction with the community.  Thanks to the dedicated members of the PAC, George Jay has many v o l u n t e e r s f r o m t h e community who work with our students to mentor them, share skills, and provide time and resources.  Our “Welcome B B Q ” w a s g e n e r o u s l y supported by the Optimists Club, Thrifty Foods, Fat Daddy’s Catering, Welburns, and the Wholesale Club. We continue to have volunteers who serve hot breakfast for the students, help to organize the s c h o o l l i b r a r y, m e n t o r students, read with students, provide lice checks, and o r g a n i z e t h e u p c o m i n g December Emporium.   On November 12th, I got a first hand experience of how our staff continues to reach out to the community to benefit students of Greater Victoria in general, and not just those who attend George Jay.  Victoria Coats for Kids Association is an endeavour that Leila Durzy (Youth and Family Counsellor), Cathy Carter (Educational Assistant), and Sue McTavish (Youth and Family Counsellor) take on outside of their regular jobs at our school to provide winter coats for kids across the city. The Victoria Coats for Kids Association is a registered non- profit society that has been operating in the Greater Victoria for 21 years. Many children benefit from this program each year. Initiatives such as this demonstrate that George Jay Elementary is not simply a building that children attend from Monday to Friday, but a school community that reaches beyond the school g r o u n d s . S c h o o l a n d community involvement fosters partnerships between family, community groups and students. These partnerships help to maximize and share resources, which in turn benefits our students and the community they live in.   Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. (Henry Ford.) Acting Chief Constable Del Manak and Ms Wu as she accepts her Civic Service Award (photo provided) Update from George Jay Elementary
  6. 6. Winter 2016Hillside-Quadra NewsPage 6 Submitted by Janis La Couvée, on behalf of the Hillside- Quadra Neighbourhood Action Committee S ince the last HQ News, the Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhood Action Committee has been busy with many issues and City of Victoria processes. Topaz Park Improvement Plan: After a decision to remove the Topaz Park Tennis Courts in May 2016 resulted in some community resistance, the plan was put on hold to solicit more feedback from residents. As a result of this feedback, City of Victoria Director of Parks, Recreation a n d Fa c i l i t i e s , T h o m a s Soulliere, brought a proposal for a Topaz Park Improvement P l a n ( s o m e t h i n g t h e community has advocated for many years, particularly in light of the highly successful Summit Park Management Plan engagement process) to Mayor and Council in late September. The tennis courts have been removed and the area grassed in, awaiting further feedback from the community as to the best use for the space. HQ-NAC is a w a i t i n g f u r t h e r communications with the Parks D e p a r t m e n t r e g a r d i n g community involvement for the Topaz Park Improvement Plan. Stay tuned for more details. Visual Victoria: Public Realm and Wayfinding: Launched in mid-2016, Visual Victoria is a re-imagining of Victoria’s public spaces (particularly in the downtown core) and improvements to wayfinding (knowing where you are, where you want to go, and the best route to get there). The project team has a small office in CityStudio Victoria (742 Johnson) where citizens can pop in for more information. A first round of c o n s u l t a t i o n ( a t w h i c h members of the HQ-NAC participated) was unveiled at a Public Workshop on November 30. In Hillside-Quadra, Quadra Village provides an excellent example of public realm improvements, completed in 2006 after eight years of effort on the part of residents and businesses working with the City of Victoria, provincial Ministry of Transportation and Highways and ICBC. Over the next three years the City of Victoria will budget $300,000 ($100,000 in each y e a r ) t o w a y fi n d i n g improvements. Do you have s u g g e s t i o n s f o r o u r neighbourhood? Please send t h e m a l o n g t o If you would like to learn more about Visual Victoria visit Parks Master Plan: Several events in the planning process were scheduled for November with a Pop-Up Park and Open House in Centennial S q u a r e , f o l l o w e d b y a Community Workshop. Read more about the draft vision, g o a l s a n d a c t i o n s a t n/departments/parks-rec- culture/parks/plan-grow- play.html Email any feedback about the Parks Master Plan to C A LU C R e v i e w : T h e H i l l s i d e - Q u a d r a N e i g h b o u r h o o d A c t i o n Committee is the City of Victoria- recognized land use committee for the Hillside- Quadra Neighbourhood. All of the city’s neighbourhoods participate in a land use process for developments—the C A L U C ( C o m m u n i t y A s s o c i a t i o n L a n d U s e Committee) process. One of the main roles of the CALUC is to facilitate the dialogue between applicants and the community in order to identify and resolve issues Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhood Action Committee Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhood Action Committee is a group of volunteers that works on issues related to land use, transportation, and parks in our neighbourhood. (continued next page)
  7. 7. Neighbourhood Action Committee Continued Winter 2016 Page 7Hillside-Quadra News Meet the news team Co-Editors: Tracy Byrne Rowena Locklin Assistant Editor: Helen Cowley Design & Layout: Teresa Cowley Committee Members: Kelly Greenwell The Hillside-Quadra News is a forum and information source about projects, issues, meetings, events, history and people in Hillside-Quadra and surrounding area. Hillside-Quadra News is produced through Quadra Village Community Centre. The deadline for the next issue of the HQ News is Sunday, November 6 2016. Scan for our website. r e g a r d i n g l a n d u s e applications. This process determines how developers notify and meet with the community about a proposed development and how the community provides feedback to the City of Victoria (staff and elected officials). Earlier this year, city council tasked staff with reviewing this process with the land use committees. Land use committees and staff have been meeting regularly and a report will be provided soon to council. The former chair of the H i l l s i d e - Q u a d r a N e i g h b o u r h o o d A c t i o n Committee, Doug Rhodes, was on the initial committee involved in the drafting of the CALUC process in 2005, and members of the HQ-NAC are committed to ensuring it r e m a i n s r e l e v a n t a n d responsive to the needs of the community and developers. H o w Y o u C a n G e t Involved: One of the best ways to be involved is to attend one of the monthly NAC meetings – upcoming Monday, January 9 at 7pm and at the Quadra Village Community Centre. If you are unable to attend a meeting and would like to know more or be involved in any neighbourhood land use or transportation matters, please contact NAC via e-mail. NAC is currently recruiting volunteers to help with community meetings held as part of the rezoning process. If you’re interested in land use issues, and can help out on an occasional basis, we’d love to hear from you. Contact: or m / h i l l s i d e - q u a d r a - n e i g h b o u r h o o d - a c t i o n - committee T h e H i l l s i d e Q u a d r a N e i g h b o u r h o o d A c t i o n Committee (NAC) is a sub- committee of the Downtown Blanshard Advisory Committee (DBAC) (the not-for-profit that is our neighbourhood’s Community Association and runs the Quadra Village Community Centre) and is comprised of a group of volunteers that works on issues related to land use, transportation, and parks in our neighbourhood. Anyone with a connection to our neighbourhood is welcome to come to meetings or join our email list. We meet at the Quadra Village Community Centre at 7:00 PM the first Monday of each month from September to June, except we meet on the second Monday when the first Monday is a holiday. Email List: The HQ-NAC maintains an e-mail list and sends out regular updates. If you would like to subscribe to t h i s l i s t , p l e a s e e m a i l with SUBSCRIBE TO LIST in the subject heading.
  8. 8. Winter 2016 Page 8Hillside-Quadra News New Daycare Centre Provides Culturally Appropriate Programs for Preschoolers By Joanne Alexander, Family Navigator X a X e S Ŧ E L I Ṯ Ḵ E L Daycare Centre would like to acknowledge we are on the shared traditional lands of the Kw Xwsepsum (Esquimalt) and Lekwungen (Songhees) families. We acknowledge the ancestors and raise our hands to give thanks for welcoming us in to live, work, and learn within their ancestral lands. We are pleased to announce that XaXe SŦELIṮḴEL Daycare Centre opened its doors on September 6, 2016. We celebrated our Grand Opening on October 26, 2016. We were honoured to have the grand opening blessed with a traditional ceremony lead by Chief Andy Thomas and his wife Mary-Anne. XaXe SŦELIṮḴEL Daycare, which means “sacred and precious” in the Sencoten language, recognizes that children are gifts from the Creator and that these youngsters will be our future l e a d e r s . X a X e SŦELIṮḴEL ̵ Daycare Centre programs offer a culturally appropriate space for children of all Nations to grow and identify with their Aboriginal roots. Our Centre provides a “hands on” approach to learning and programs are designed to enhance children’s creativity, interdependence, independence and self- expression. Members of staff at XaXe SŦELIṮḴEL Daycare encourage children to think for themselves, make decisions and work towards positive o u t c o m e s . T h e y a l s o acknowledge that each child is unique and they work with the child’s own patterns of social, emotional, spiritual and physical development, giving each child the opportunity for success in the academic world. The Aboriginal Head Start Association of BC and XaXe SŦELIṮḴEL Daycare have partnered together and the daycare will run a satellite Aboriginal Head Start program with the main office in Duncan, BC. Our program will consist o f t h e s a m e s i x c o r e components incorporated by the Aboriginal Head Start Association of BC: Culture and Language; Education; Health; Nutrition; Social Support; and Parent Involvement. The core components will be highly influenced by the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). The PAC is in its infancy but we look forward to parents’ involvement and to working with all the families involved in the centre. Members of staff feel very hopeful about what the future holds for the D a y c a r e C e n t r e . T h e involvement of the PAC has been strong and very well received by the families. As the Centre staff and families start to settle into our new home, we look forward to bringing in wisdom keepers and storytellers, and to participating in cultural a c t i v i t i e s w i t h i n t h e community. We were fortunate to be able to take our group of three to five year olds to Goldstream Park recently to see and to learn about the Salmon Run. This is the first of many cultural activities the children will experience. The Daycare is equipped to entertain 50 three to five year olds and 12 infant toddlers. Currently, our infant toddler room is full and we are in the process of filling our three to five year old spaces. If you would like more information about our daycare, please feel free to contact us at 250-384- 3211 ext. 2401. Families on the way to the XaXe SŦELIṮḴEL Daycare Centre (photo provided)