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Helpful tips on how to start an HR Analytics project


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Lyndon Sundmark and Hendrik Feddersen ,both long-standing HR professionals and absolutely passionate about HR Analytics, would like to offer their personal recommendations. What follows are some helpful tips written for HR data scientists and their HR counterparts to get an HR Analytics project started.

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Helpful tips on how to start an HR Analytics project

  1. 1. , ‘ìrst read wicîels/ on the subject of - 7€ measurenìents and metrics to i _ understand the subject. lt will help -_ r you to develop a conceptual “’ t framework and identify what needs Δ to be done. t‘)! L; Consider three cîifrîerent categories of metrics: 1. HR Activity: What is going on in . _1-/ HR and how HR is changing? Always a good place to start. " y 2. HR Operation: How efficient and ’ 1 effective is HR? Km 3. HR Methodologies: Analytics ‘T—‘ , y__%__, embedded deep in the way HR performs. Rarely seen in HR. .. '*"' ' I'Iì' ”»‘ I'« 1. Why are you doing this? Why begin the journey? Driven by the organisation or by its Executive? 2. Do you need 'permission' to innovate or improve HR or is it autonìatically expected? 3.. Where is your role ‘vis-é-vis‘ HR? 4. What has already been done with respect to HR metrics, analytics and v reporting? l " 5. What skill set is required? I‘ 6. Have you defined and documented your ‘ » . metrics? " 7. What questions are likely to be asked? 8. Are you {Jutting maximum effort in analysing the metrics .7 "flleHH-î-I-‘f Îm Pîgnlkuuv‘ u; ai . {IE€. I.IJIII. I.I: I. F'Èî. |l. |lìîîlîîî€l IIIIJI JHIIJIIIII 5|IHHIÙÌEÌIÌIÎI 51 *I': .I vnIrIW-I _. lIIc5:‘i; "AIvI; IInl0,-I H: gz4rlg: llgul= l;.