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Hr Analytics Guru by Hendrik Feddersen and Lyndon Sundmark


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Lyndon Sundmark and Hendrik Feddersen ,both long-standing HR professionals and absolutely passionate about HR Analytics, share their views on what it takes to be an HR Analytics Guru. Please follow us at LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Hr Analytics Guru by Hendrik Feddersen and Lyndon Sundmark

  1. 1. . -W ‘ . . «, . . ‘- I HR ANALYIICS GURU WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A GURU? Hendrik Feddersen and Lyndon Sundmark both with longstanding HR experience share their views. 1. HR ANALYTICS IS AT THE INTERSECTION OF THREE BODIES OF KNOWLEDGE: HR Management: sets the context of the analytics. Data Warehousing: knowing how to process and store data efficiently. automating collection and cleaning data. Statistical Analysis. Interpretation and Presentation: helps in translating the HR question into appropriate analyses and communication of results. 2. FIVE FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES: A good HR Analytics person will have the above bodies of knowledge and know their intersection. Good communication and collaborative skills are essential. The indepth expertise in your organization is likely to exist in HR, IT. and Decision Support. You will need to collaborate with these groups. Follow us at @ 53 HR Analytics is about metrics and measurement. Good metrics definitions. both narrative and formulaic, and their documentation are key. The extent of HR Analytics can be vast. Having a defined model or framework can help you navigate towards your future efforts. Patience is key. While quality preparation of metrics is important, the real value is in the analysis and interpretation.