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  2. Submitted by:- Hemant Arun Thakare Enrollment No :- D/21/059 Course code :- DE-206 Submitted to. :- Er. S . S. Chopde sir Date of submission:- 12/10/2022 2
  3. INTRODUCTION • Boiler Act contain the Law related to registration and inspection of steam boiler • This Act may be called the Indian Boiler Act 1923 • This is applicable to all boiler (water tube &fire tube ) Boiler • All boilers owners are required to follow this legislation In a strict sense . 3
  4. AS PER THE DEFINITIIN OF IBR Boiler is closes vessel in which steam is Generated for external to itself but does not Include pressure vessel if.. Capacity exceeding 25 liters.. Desingn &working pressure less than 1kg/cm2 . Water is heated below 100°C . 4
  6. DUTIES OF PERSON INCHARGE :- • To chech wheather the all boilers are registered or not. • To check all the boilers are according to the Provision of act. • To check the boiler and its mounting and accesories Periodicaly . • Advise the owner regarding the maintenance and and inspection of boiler. 6
  7. LOGO OF THE IBR :- 7
  8. REGISTRATION OF BOILER :- • Boilers have to be registered before they can be use. • The owner of the boiler shall give an application for the same . • The inspector shall examine the boiler and find the maximum pressure at which the boiler may be operate. • The employes shall not use for pressure higher than the That permitted by the chief inspector. 8
  9. INSPECTION OF BOILER :- a) Checking Registration Number of the Boiler. • b) Carry out thorough visual inspection of boiler inside and outside after proper cleaning. • c) Checking defects like crack, erosion, corrosion, bulging, pitting, deformation of pressure parts etc. • d) Checking of thickness of pressure parts. • e) Checking of Mountings and Fittings. • f) Witnessing Non-destructive Testing if required 9
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  11. PENALTIES OF ILLEGAL WORK :- • Any owner of boiler who. In any case in which a certificate or provisional order is required for the use of the boiler under this act • Uses of the boiler either without any such certificate or order being in force or at higher pressure than the allowed therby. Shall be punishable with fine which may extended five hundred rupees . • Uses or permits to be used a boiler of which he is owner and which has been transferred from one state to another such trans having been reported as required by section “6”
  12. ADVANTAGES OF IBR :- • As the complete system is manufactured using IBR approved materials, the Risk of an explosion is Minimized. • As approved by IBR, there will not be Legal complications which in turn ensures peace of mind • IBR design and construction compliance ensures longer tube life & lesser breakdown • Finally, Overall Safety Assurance. Indian Government-certified third party inspection 12
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