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  1. 1. Script<br />
  2. 2. There is a range of shots establishing the location, such as the waves, the pier and the fair ground, intermitted with shots of the man standing at the pier, and holding a necklace in his hands. The necklace becomes a symbolic recurring motif throughout the video. This opening reveals the end of the narrative before we see what has happened prior to what is being shown and previous events. The aim of this is to intrigue audiences, creating a sense of mystery and suspense. <br />-Musical Intro-<br />
  3. 3. We are then taken to footage of the boy seen earlier in his car. He is driving alone in the front, looking pensive.<br />There is a shot of the necklace hanging from the interior mirror, reiterating the important motif.<br />There is then a shot of the girl, who puts her arms round the man from the back seat whilst he’s driving. He looks around eagerly to see her but the back seats is empty and we understand it is just his imagination.<br />I long what summer brings<br />Sunlight through open windows<br />Highlighting a lack of need for any kind of worry<br />
  4. 4. FLASHBACK-<br />The man and the girl are in a living room, cuddling, laughing and kissing. We see the necklace again hanging round the girl’s neck, explaining the significant object.<br />Goes back to the present, we see a shot of him getting out the car when he’s arrived at his destination, and then walks away from the car. <br />I watched the time expire<br />Remove the carpet from my feet<br />On my living room<br />And with it all I want to keep the safety of my youth<br />I don’t want to go<br />
  5. 5. The boy is now shown walking towards the camera and singing the lyrics directly into it. Perhaps motioning to correlate with the words.<br />He walks past a café and catching sight of it stops in his tracks and looks at it, triggering a flashback of him and the girl.<br />When I hear that bell<br />Signal fire in my head<br />From out of this perfect slumber comes crystalline fear<br />The ring pulses in my ear<br />Hot blood pumping through my brain<br />Flash grenades remove my senses<br />I know I’m never going to hear the laughter<br />from these streets<br />I don’t want to go<br />FLASHBACK-<br />Him and the girl are sitting in a café talking and laughing. Romantic and in love. Happy.<br />
  6. 6. And evening’s on the wind<br />Morning content to close its eyes<br />I catch a fleeting glance of someone I recognise<br />But cannot apprehend the lies a decade in our eyes<br />An eminence of faith<br />Of prospects unbeknown to me<br />He walks over to a bench and sits down, he sees someone that he thinks is the girl. He goes to try and talk to her and taps her on the shoulder, she turns around and it’s a different girl.<br />
  7. 7. He lights a cigarette<br />The glinting die is cast at noon<br />A child is left<br />A man is held in one resounding need<br />A signal fire in my head…<br />A signal fire in my head…<br />And with it all I want to keep the safety of my youth<br />I don’t want to go<br />Repetition of the beginning.<br />