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Chosen Song

  1. 1. Justification For Chosen Song<br />Alarms, by Pilots<br />
  2. 2. We began with two potential songs, both by the same band. The first being our chosen song, Alarms and the second, Kaleidoscope. The two are conflicting in style, tempo and feel. While Alarms is a slower, more melancholy song, Kaleidoscope is faster in pace and more upbeat in atmosphere. <br />It was therefore difficult for us to choose between the two as both presented us with very different approaches to the music video. As a result of this we had to compare pros and cons for each.<br />
  3. 3. Alarms<br />Pros:<br />Lyrics provide strong source for a narrative video.<br />Lengthy introduction allows chance to establish factors within video such as location.<br />Exemplifies versatility of our chosen band and skill with instruments, i.e. synths. <br />Unsigned band and permission to use song available.<br />Slow tempo allows easier opportunity for miming in video.<br />Emotional lyrics and theme potential attraction for audience as they like to be able to relate.<br />Cons:<br /><ul><li>Lengthy introduction, although potentially beneficial will need to be cut.
  4. 4. Audience research shows that slow songs can sometimes repel them from band/genre
  5. 5. Slower song good for narrative but offers less opportunity for visually stimulating performance scenes.</li></li></ul><li>Kaleidoscope <br />Pros:<br />Fast upbeat song will attract audiences who enjoy cheerful music as opposed to sad songs.<br />Energetic music allows for a visually interesting performance video.<br />Potential for concept video as opposed to narrative.<br />Cons:<br /><ul><li>There is less opportunity for narrative- more scope in alarms.
  6. 6. If performance pursued difficulties may arise in finding actors, setting and props.
  7. 7. Lyrics less ambiguous and audiences will not be able to relate to them- which in research was found to attract them to the genre.</li></li></ul><li>As both songs provided us with equally convincing yet differing opportunities, we chose to conduct research into our target audience and their preferences with regards to our song choices. <br />We brought together a group of young adults aged 17+ in order to obtain their thoughts and feedback. We discovered that although Kaleidoscope appealed to them, they were more intrigued by Alarms. They mentioned that the lyrics were ‘meaningful’ and ‘thought provoking’. We proceeded to ask our audience what came to their minds when they listened to the song. They replied by saying that images of a journey were provoked, and someone looking to their past. Both of which are in correlation with the songs lyrics.<br />Feeling that Alarms would appeal to our target audience more successfully and provided us with a better narrative opportunity we opted for this song.<br />