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2,4 Dr Nasra Ali Presentation on Resource Mobilization for Public Hospitals


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Presentation on day 2 of the First National Conference on Health Leadership, Management & Governance

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2,4 Dr Nasra Ali Presentation on Resource Mobilization for Public Hospitals

  1. 1. THE KENYA REDCROSS The National Conference On Health Leadership, Management and Governance Dr. Nasra Ali Kenya Red Cross Society
  2. 2. Background Our MissionTo work with vigour and compassion through our networks and with communities to prevent and alleviate human suffering and safe lives of the most vulnerable.Created by an Act of Parliament Cap 256 of the Laws ofKenyaAuxiliary to the GoK, mandated to aid Government inresponse to both Natural & Man made disasters.Has a network of 70,000 volunteers, 8 Regions & 64Branches countrywide.
  3. 3. KRCS Core Areas Disaster Management: Preparedness & Response, DisasterRisk Reduction.Health and Social Services: Both communicable and noncommunicable Diseases, MNCH, Blood Safety, & SocialServices. Water and Sanitation: Hygiene promotion & sanitation, Watersupply & irrigation. Organisational Development & Dissemination. Refugee Operations : Dadaab camp Grant Management : Global Fund Management Business: Hotels, E-Plus
  4. 4. Need KRCS responsibility to be the leadhumanitarian agency of choice forGovernment & other stakeholders. Respond to disasters in the shortesttime possible through 64 branches, 8regions & HQ networks. Positioning of stock at KRCS Headquaters. KRCS warehouse with prepositioned stock. Prepositioning of NFIs for up to30,000 families. Support to 5 million Kenyans affectedby both natural and /or manmadedisasters annually. Opening of an IDP house funded by Norwegian RC.
  5. 5. Challenges No donor wants to give grants to an organization that lacks Credibility, Accountability, Transparency, good leadership and Governance. KRCS had to address the following three challenges: System and structures KRCS HQ 10 years ago Organizational Image Governance and HR KRCS HQ, Nairobi in 2012.
  6. 6. Funding Strategies and Sources Government support – land,  Capitalizing on tax exemption •Capitalizing on opportunities opportunities Local initiatives •Self-awareness to create a  Self-awareness to create  Community contribution unique niche niche a unique  CDF  Private sector - media •Systems and structures that  Systems and structures appeals K4K, Amani build credibility that build credibility Support from Red Cross •Fostering partnerships Movement  Fostering partnerships Partnerships with •Diversification  Diversification Development Partners Income generating activities  For profit – hotels, logistics centre, ambulance service
  7. 7. Partnerships Civil Society -Academia UN UNICEF, WFP Public Donation (Kenyans for Kenya) Kenya Red Cross Donors Local and International NGOs AU, DFAA/USAID GOK EU/ECHO All line Ministries OTHER WORKING GROUPS :WaterKFFSGDRRASAL WGCapacity Development WG
  8. 8. Efficiency in our work Donor fatigue & competition globally. KRCS advocating for food production & notfood aid. Now empowering communities for sustainability. EG: Distribution of seeds, provision ofgreen houses, farm implements & irrigation. Results of a Drought Recovery in Rhamu, Mandera. Seed distribution in Lower Eastern. Ikutha Water project funded by Finnish Red Cross
  9. 9. Tana River Project – Out PutSome mature capsicum ready for harvest Bee Hives in Mulango, Madogo A completed shallow well in Bura Watermelons also ready for harvest
  10. 10. Innovation: The K4K Initiative Kenya Red Cross Society Kenya Commercial Bank Safaricom Foundation Media Owners Association Gina Din Ksh1 Billion in cash and in kind in a period of six weeks.
  11. 11. Investing & Increase in Value  Bold step in investments and property development, among them, the Red Court hotels and E-Plus ambulances.  Funds now generated from KRCS E-Plus state-of-art ambulances business activities ploughed back to the humanitarian work.  Business arm of KRCS run by professionals. The Boma Hotel in Nairobi, fully owned by KRCS.
  12. 12. Infrastructural GrowthDadaab Office Nyando office ongoingBungoma Multipurpose Hall Isiolo office
  13. 13. The Logistics Centre
  14. 14. From RedCourt to The Boma
  15. 15. E Plus Services E-Plus ambulance service personnel Inside state-of-the-art ambulance vehicleInside state-of-the-art ambulance vehicle E-Plus state-of-art ambulances
  16. 16. Leading organizations know that exceptional business performance is driven by superior talent. People are the difference. KRCS