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Alliance general overview power point

  1. 1. Jacob E. MossU.S. Department of State September 14, 2012
  2. 2. Old Issue, Renewed Momentum Why Now?• Development of new stove technologies and fuels• Development of cheaper and more accurate monitoring tools• Demonstrated successes in the field• Private sector interest in Base of Pyramid• Availability of innovative financing (carbon, micro, impact investment)• Strong empirical evidence on health and environmental effects• Policy interest in near-term climate mitigation opportunities• Ownership and excitement at national country level• Convergence of players and new approaches
  3. 3. Launch of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves“By upgrading these stoves, millions of lives could be saved andimproved. This could be as transformative as bed nets or evenvaccines.” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, September 21, 2010
  4. 4. The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves Every day, 3 billion people (500 million households) Problem rely on solid fuels to power their rudimentary stoves, leading to 2 million deaths annually, wasted productivity, and environmental degradation. Vision Universal adoption of clean and efficient cookstoves and fuels. Save lives, improve livelihoods, empower women, and Mission preserve the environment by creating a thriving global market for clean and efficient cookstoves and fuels. Goal 100 million households adopt clean and efficient cookstoves and fuels by 2020. 4
  5. 5. The Alliance convened the sector to develop a cohesive strategy to ignite change. More than 350practitioners and other experts 11 expert Working Groups 6 months of engagement Strategy report released in November 2011! 5
  6. 6. A three-pronged strategy has been developed to spur the clean cookstove market. • Finance clean cookstoves• Understand and motivate the user as a customer and fuels at scale• Reach the last mile • Access carbon finance• Finance the purchase of clean cookstoves • Build an inclusive value chain and fuels for clean cookstoves and fuels• Develop better cookstove • Gather better market intelligence technologies and a broader menu • Ensure access for vulnerable of options Enhance Strengthen populations (humanitarian) Demand Supply Foster an Enabling Environment • Promote international standards and rigorous testing protocols, locally and globally • Champion the sector to build awareness • Further document the evidence base (health, climate, and gender) • Engage national and local stakeholders • Develop credible monitoring and evaluation systems 6
  7. 7. The Alliance and ISO have made strongprogress toward global cookstoves standards.• International Workshop Agreement meeting in the Hague – a group of more than 90 stakeholders from 23 countries reached a consensus on an International Workshop Agreement document in February 2012. Guidance in final stages of editing and will be released by early June.• International Standard – The Alliance has begun discussions with the American National Standards Institute regarding their possible role as the U.S. secretariat for the cookstoves standards process, which will continue under the International Organization for Standardization framework.• Continuous improvement in acceptable standards – The Alliance will define a baseline by end of 2012 and continue to increase the bar on acceptable standards every few years.• Health-based Guidelines – Alliance supporting parallel World Health Organization process, with guidelines expected by end of 2012 7
  8. 8. The Alliance will be operational in five priority countries by year end. East Africa region (Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda), StakeholderFocus Countries – sessionsTransformational Role Ethiopia, Bangladesh, held in a Vietnam dozen countries and draft action plans in place forActive Countries – Ghana, Nigeria, Indonesia, prioritySelective Engagement Guatemala, Mexico, Peru countries. China and India are envisioned to have unique leadership roles within the Alliance. *Countries to be finalized after all stakeholder consultation meetings. 8
  9. 9. We are deploying a two track approach to enabling markets in priority countries. Capacity Development Standards andSector Support: Testing Consumer Technology and- Mobilize Research Manufacturing Resources- Champion Sector Entrepreneur Reaching the- Knowledge Hub Engage Training Last-Mile- Catalyze sector Governments and broker partnerships Access to Finance- M+E (all types)- Strengthen Evidence Base Market Innovation IntelligenceActivities for the public good that Tailored support that focuses limited benefit the entire sector resources on driving scale 9
  10. 10. Critical research is well underway along with tools to catalyze action and momentum within the sector. Filling in the evidence gaps … Developing online communities of practice … • Child Survival RFA (April): ~ $1m with match provided by NIH • Climate Mapping RFP (July): ~ $500k • Gender and Livelihood Research (July): ~ $250k • Testing Center RFA (July): $1.3m • Capacity building and working capital funds RFA to be launched in October ~ $3m • RFA for new business models ~ $1m and in person Clean Cookstove Conference in Asia next Spring. 10
  11. 11. Nearly 400 Partners and Growing Donor Countries Private Sector Donors NGO and MFI National PartnersCanada Afghanistan BangladeshDenmark Burkina Faso CambodiaFinland China ColombiaGermany El Salvador EthiopiaItaly GhanaIreland Guatemala KenyaMalta Laos LesothoNetherlands Malawi MexicoNorway Nepal NigeriaSpain Rwanda South AfricaSweden TanzaniaUnited Kingdom Peru Viet NamUnited States Uganda
  12. 12. The Alliance continues to Champion the Issuethrough variety of supporters, channels and events. Julia Roberts during Alliance Video recording 12
  13. 13. U.S. Commitment High-level Diplomacy• High-level diplomatic outreach to engage new country partners• Incorporating cookstoves into high-level bilateral and multilateral dialogues of the U.S. government• Outreach to engage new private, multilateral, NGO, and other partners for the Alliance• Engaging U.S. embassies and missions to support Alliance activities in their countries, as appropriate• Engaging high-level U.S. officials in support of Alliance activities• Engaging new U.S. government agencies as appropriate• Leveraging U.S. government research commitments to engage other research institutions globally
  14. 14. Original U.S. Commitment: 5+ years, over $50M Mostly Applied Research on Cookstoves DOE NIH Health EPA Stove CDC Health Technology USAID Research Testing Evaluation Research ($9.0M) ($24.7M) ($6.0M) ($1.0M) ($12.5M)• Ongoing & new Develop low- • Expanded stove • Haiti market Evaluating research and emission, high- testing lab to building effort cookstove clinical trials efficiency stoves conduct • Researching programs to better• Develop • Combustion extensive in- strategies to understand their improved research house testing influence public health measuring • Sensors, fans, • Regional stove behavior benefits devices monitors testing related to• Expand • materials workshops adoption of epidemiologic • Leading stove clean cooking studies standards effort stoves and fuels
  15. 15. Year 2 USG Commitments Financing, Research, Emergency Relief, & Operations Overseas Private State Dept. CDC Health USDA and Peace Investment and USAID Evaluation NOAA Corps Corp (up to ($2.2M) ($1.2M) $50M)Debt financing or • Provide 30,000 Evaluating Technical expertise Expanded effortsinsurance over 3 stoves to 200K cookstove on key policy to facilitate theyears to support drought-affected programs to better questions related construction,clean cookstove individuals in the understand their to biomass-based purchase of, andprojects (e.g., Horn of Africa public health cooking fuels, proper use ofmanufacture, sale, • Behavior change benefits forestry, and near- improvedpurchase) research term climate cookstoves in 11 benefits countries
  16. 16. Recent State Dept. ActivitiesSec. Clinton at cookstoves exhibit Transitioning from traditional to Sec. Clinton at cookstoves exhibit (Chennai, 2011) clean stove (India, 2011) (Beijing, 2012)Special Rep. Balderston at Beijing Special Rep. Balderston at clean Univ. of Chemical Technology cookstove demo (Joburg, 2012) Special Rep. Balderston building (Beijing, 2012) cookstove (Guatemala, 2012)
  17. 17. Summary US Government Messages• Under Secretary Clinton’s leadership, the U.S. has helped the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves position the cookstoves sector to achieve unprecedented global progress.• The U.S. has made an unprecedented, whole-of- government commitment to the Alliance (10 agencies).• Every U.S. agency is meeting or exceeding its original commitment.• The updated United States commitment to the Alliance will be announced on September 24 in New York City.