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Top 10 Palm Oil Consuming Countries 2015


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Graph showing top 10 countries for palm oil in 2015. Palm oil remains the number one source of oil and fat. The largest consumer of palm oil is India, consuming 9.2 million tonnes annually. This is followed by Indonesia with 7.3 million tonnes; Indonesia is also the largest producer of palm oil. The EU 28 collectively consumed 7.2 million tonnes and China 5.8 million with Malaysia 2.9 million completing the top 5. Pakistan 2.5 million, Nigeria 2.3 million, Thailand 1.7 million, Bangladesh 1.3 million and USA 1 million complete the top 10. Total global palm oil consumption in 2013 was 61 million tonnes.

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Top 10 Palm Oil Consuming Countries 2015

  1. 1. 9.2m 15.2% 7.3m 12% 7.2m 11.9% 5.8m 9.6% 2.9m 4.8% 2.5m 4.1% 2.3m 3.9% 1.7m 2.8% 1.3m 2.1% 1m 1.8% Top 10 Palm Oil Consuming Countries 2015 – Tonnes & % of Total Consumption India Indonesia EU 28 China Malaysia Pakistan Nigeria Thailand Bangladesh USA Total palm oil consumption 61 million tonnes Data: Oil world June 2016 database. Top 10 on graph total 41.2 MMT of palm oil, accounting for 68% of total consumption.