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2015 Global Palm Oil Production by Country


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Data from oil world database, June 2016. The graph shows total palm oil production during 2015 reached 62 million tonnes. Malaysia and Indonesia accounted for 84% , totaling 53.3 million tonnes. The third largest producer of palm oil is Thailand, followed by Colombia, Nigeria, Ecuador, Guatemala and Papua New Guinea.

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2015 Global Palm Oil Production by Country

  1. 1. 33.4m 53.3% 19.9m 32% 1.8m 3% 1.2m 2% 0.94m 1.5% 0.53m 0.8% 0.52m 0.8% 0.5m 0.8% 3.6m 5.8% Global Palm Oil Production 2015 – MMT Indonesia Malaysia Thailand Colombia Nigeria Ecuador Guatemala Papua/NGuinea Other Indonesia & Malaysia = 84 % market share Data: oil world June 2016 database.