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2015 Global Edible Oils and Fat production


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Data from oil world database, June 2016. The graph shows global edible oil and fat production during 2015 reached 202 million tonnes. Palm Oil accounted for 62 million tonnes, Soya 45 million, Rapeseed 26 million and Sunflower 15 million. Other oils make up 53 million tonnes and include: Cotton Oil, Groundnut Oil, Seasame Oil, Corn Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil, Butter as Fat, Lard, Fish Oil, Linseed Oil and Tallow.

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2015 Global Edible Oils and Fat production

  1. 1. 62,563 31% 45,200 22% 26,256 13% 15,208 8% 53,467 26% Global Edible Oil /Fat Production 2015 – Tonnes 000’s Palm Oil Soya Rapeseed Sunflower Other* 4 major oils / fats = 74 % market share Data: oil world June 2016 database *Volume made up of 13 other major fat sources e.g cotton