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Grants Portfolio

  1. 1. Portfolio
  2. 2. Logo Design Exhibits & Displays Brand Development Signage & Wayfinding Print Design
  3. 3. Coastal Development Working Waterfronts Welcome • Nova Scotia has 13, 300 km of coastline. • A working waterfront is more than just a wharf. • 70% of Nova Scotia’s population lives in coastal • Working waterfronts include the facilities and services communities. that ocean industries and communities need to access Nova Scotia has made coastal management • Coastal residential development has increased over the sea. a priority. the last 50 years. • Working waterfronts support a variety of economic and social activities. • Within 2km of the coast, 80% of the land is largely Your input is needed to help us address undeveloped, while 11% is intensely developed. • A significant number of coastal communities that the coastal issues that matter most to • 45% of Nova Scotia has municipal plans and /or land depend on working waterfronts are in decline. Nova Scotians. use bylaws in place. /coast /coast
  4. 4. Everyone has a Role Emergencies to Play in Emergencies Happen Fast Emergencies happen all the time and usually Individuals and Families with little or no warning. Would your family Prepare for emergencies – be ready to know what to do? look after yourself and your family for 72 hours. Now is the time to get ready. Know the Risks First Responders In Nova Scotia, be ready for wild fires, Fire, police, ambulance hurricanes, floods, winter storms, power Train for and respond to emergencies. failures and storm surges. Municipalities & First Nations Emergency Managers Make a Plan Plan for and manage bigger emergencies Your plan should include emergency and in their area. family contact information, instructions for a safe place to meet, how to turn 1 2 off water and gas, arrangements for 3 1 pets and alternative travel routes. 4 5 2 3 Provincial Government Emergency Management Office Helps municipalities and Mi’Kmaq communities get ready for emergencies. Provides coordination Prepare a Kit and resources for the response when extra Be prepared to be self sufficient for help is needed. 72 hours. Your kit should include water, non-perishable food, wind-up radio, flashlight, first aid kit, copies of important papers, medications, blankets and cash. Federal Government Public Safety Canada Assists the province during emergencies when extra help is needed.
  5. 5. Over 20 years experience We provide a full range of services. Cedar Landscaping has a talented team of designers and landscapers. Consulting with you will help us understand your preferences, concerns, budget and timeline. Over You will get a professional evaluation about your property from a landscape professional’s 20 years experience point of view. When the planning is done and the project is underway, Cedar Landscaping will pay attention to detail and quality to ensure that your landscaping is done right the first time. Here are some of the services we offer: Landscaping Services: Winter Services: Excavation Services: • Aeration • 24 hour service • Bobcat & mini-excavation • Lawn & garden maintenance • Snow & ice removal • Drainage repairs & upgrades • Full landscaping design • Salting • Excavate for small foundations • Master landscaping plans • Walkway clearing • Tree & stump removal • Tree/shrub pruning • Snow hauling • Fence posts & big foots • Spring & fall cleanups • Driveway preparation • Sodding & top dress Other Services: • Trenching for underground services • Flagstone walkways & patios • Waterproofing foundations • Water & sewer • Interlock walkways & driveways • Concrete & exposed aggregate walkways • Septic fields • Retaining walls & decorative and driveways • Auger services stone walls • Basement concrete repair • Hardscapes/Masonry • Pressure washing Member of Satisfaction Guaranteed Landscape Nova Scotia • Water features • Concrete preparation & installation • Retaining walls and • Exterior painting Better Business Bureau • Auger services • Decks & outdoor structures • Bobcat & mini-excavation • Concrete repair & construction • Decks & outdoor structures • Drainage repairs & upgrades • Flagstone walkways & patios • Full landscaping design • Interlock walkways & driveways • Lawn & garden maintenance • Spring & fall cleanups • Aeration • Sodding & top dress • Tree & stump removal • Snow removal Free Estimates Phone: 902-802-0970 Free Estimates Member of Landscape Nova Scotia 902-802-0970 and the Better Business Bureau
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  8. 8. Easy to Moderate: Wilderness: • Lake Martha Loop (.9 km) • Wetlands Trail (1.5 km) Thompson Lake • Hothouse Hill Loop (.9 km) • Barrens Trail (1km) • Drumlin Field Trail (1.2 km) • Red Spruce Loop (2 km) • Post Road Trail (2.5 km – 1 way) Black Bro o k ail nds Tr • Murphy Lake Trail (.3 km) Wetla Red S p r u c e L oo p Clark Lake Uniacke Lake/ Lake Martha Barrens Trail thouse Hill Ho fax R oad li Lo dsor–Ha a hy Lake n Field Trail Drumli rth Murp Post R Win op e Trail a o ad Trail Old Murphy Lak Lake Moop Parking 1 L o ad d Winds o xR Ol r– Ha Old a lif a x R o a d W in d so r – H a l i f Entrance Exit 1 Norman Lake You are Here 09-01 Uniacke Trail Base Map @50% Red Spruce Loop Lake Martha Loop Barrens Trail Lake Martha Loop continues Parking & Museum via old Windsor–Halifax Road 15 km/h Drumlin Field Trail SIGN1 SIGN V01
  9. 9. Who We Are Established in 2007 as a sister company to ATS Services Ltd. (1998), we are specialists in weather and environmental monitoring sensors and systems. ATS Technology Systems Inc. partners with several world-class manufacturers of professional sensors. We offer instrumentation that fulfills the requirements of national weather services as well as the World Meteorological Organization. We are able to offer solutions ranging from basic monitoring to fundamental research. Our team possesses extensive skills in meteorology; our technicians are highly qualified and remain current with a range of systems through ongoing training. The real-time collection of weather and environmental data supports the safety and economic well-being of all Canadians. We pride ourselves in providing effective solutions to our customers instrumentation needs. Our instrument solutions are utilized by a variety of industry sectors and government agencies .ca including the: nology • Aviation Sector ech w.atst • Marine Sector • Highway Sector ww • Wind Energy Sector • Research Sector • Others We pride ourselves in responding quickly and positively to our customers needs. Our philosophy is to remain flexible and forward thinking while engaging our customers in the solution to their needs. We are well positioned to be your provider of choice for weather and environmental solutions. Our Services Our Products The dual ATS combination of Technology Systems Inc. and Services Ltd. allows us to be Few things can change and impact our businesses and our lives as quickly as the weather. uniquely positioned to provide a complete range of solutions to our customers. We are proud to offer instrument solutions for a full range of applications from quality manufacturers. From the high Arctic to the east and west coasts, our expertise includes the sales, installation, main- tenance and training related to environmental sensors. Additionally, ATS offers a host of services • Automated weather stations – AWOS, RWIS, HazMat, hobbyist to facilitate safe and efficient operations within private industry and the public sector including: • Air quality monitoring systems Weather Services • Dataloggers • Surface, upper air and marine weather observing and reporting • Humidity sensors • Forest fire meteorology • Marine data buoys • Road weather information systems • Micro Rain Radar • Forecasting and briefing services • Particulate monitoring and sampling Micro Rain Radar • Sales, installation and maintenance of permanent and portable meteorological systems • Precipitation gauges • Present weather sensors Consulting • Pressure sensors Marine Data Buoy • Climatology consultation, data quality assurance and certification • Software • Research/development of meteorological systems and operations • Solar radiation sensors • Research/development of air traffic service operations • Temperature sensors • Training program review and evaluations • Upper air sounding – GPS sondes and ground stations • Curriculum development • Visibility and present weather sensors Wind Profilers (Sodar) Training • Wind Sensors – ultrasonic and mechanical Dataloggers/Software • Surface meteorological observing and reporting • Wind Profilers – sodar • Meteorological briefer training ATS Technology Systems Inc. exclusive international distributorship • Ice service specialist rights allow us to provide our customers with the most suitable • Meteorology for forest fire behavior equipment at the best possible price. Contact us for assistance in • Observer/communicator determining the right solution ranging from an individual requirement • Approach Unicom to large scale projects. • Airside Vehicle Operators Permit (AVOPS) • Radiotelephone Operator’s Restricted Certificate • Train the trainer • Airports/aviation safety • On job training • Certification Personnel Placement and Program Resources for ource logy • ATS maintains a pool of trained, multi-station certified air traffic and meteorological observing staff who are available to other agencies and operations to offset staff shortages Your S Techno • Staff recruitment, selection and placement itoring • Temporary or long-term staffing of air traffic service positions Mon mental Expertise Ultrasonic Anemometers E nviron and s Inc. 13 a ology.c
  10. 10. Healthy Beginnings: Enhanced Home Visiting Program Evaluation Highlights Enhanced home visiting inspires healthy beginnings for Nova Scotia families. All children deserve a healthy start in life. Nova Scotia’s Healthy Beginnings program helps families get the support they The evaluation revealed that families are Parents said April 2010 need to give their children the best start for a bright future. using the knowledge and skills gained • they feel less isolated; through the program to provide better • they are better informed about resources support to their families. Examples include in the community engaging with their children (reading, making toys, playing, telling stories with • and are more confident about using About the program Evaluation and key findings them), using positive and age-appropriate those resources. “I’ve learned about things The Healthy Beginnings: Enhanced Home The program was evaluated in 2009 discipline, and providing safer and Some women reported that the program that I had no idea Visiting Program empowers parents to in three health districts—South Shore, healthier environments. has been instrumental in improving their about…To know that help their children thrive in their first three South West, and Annapolis Valley. mental health, which has had a positive all of this stimulation The program enhanced families’ ability years of life. It is designed for families facing The results show that the home visiting impact on the health of their children and interaction with les communautés de la Nouvelle-Écosse. to cope with stress in their lives. Parents comme challenges, such as program provides direct and positive and families. your child will make les Services de la santé publique dans reported being more patient with their est de • poverty benefits to families. An overwhelming your child have a higher du gouvernement fédéral et assuré par children; more able to deal with difficult cadre majority of families who participated self-esteem, be interested de développement de la petite enfance • unemployment situations; and less anxious about parenting. avons in the evaluation (98%) expressed Find out more in school, interested in The program helped couples and families Le programme est financé par l’Initiative uisqu’une • lower education satisfaction with the program. “It was such a great support relate in positive ways to build healthier To read the full evaluation report, go to activities…[is] absolutely méliorer dans la communauté. • social isolation to have someone be there Families reported gaining a wealth of relationships. the Department of Health Promotion amazing.” programme • or family violence. when we had questions à les diriger vers d’autres soutiens offerts lement pour compétences, à atteindre des objectifs et practical information and supports to and Protection website at The program builds on parents’ strengths or concerns…We are very Through the program, parents gained bien et pour les aider à acquérir de nouvelles help them build knowledge and skills “It’s not just about the to celebrate what they are doing well and thankful for this program.” confidence in parenting and in their parents pour célébrer ce qu’ils font déjà in areas such as kids; it’s also helped us to help them learn new skills, work toward ability to advocate for their children For more information about Healthy Le programme mise sur les forces des • child growth and development have a better relationship Beginnings: Enhanced Home Visiting, activités. » goals, and connect with other supports in and themselves. The increased confidence with [each other] because r davantage l’isolement social ou la violence familiale. • positive discipline of parents also translated into enhanced contact your local Public Health Office. the community. of some of the things that stime de soi You may also contact the provincial le chômage, un faible niveau d’éducation, • child learning self-esteem and feelings of independence, qui font face à des défis tels que la pauvreté, The program is funded through the federal we’ve been taught in the ettra d’avoir • safety which motivated some participants to go Department of Health Promotion vie. Il est offert à l’intention des familles Early Childhood Development Initiative program about rewarding c votre back to school and seek better jobs. and Protection at 902 424-4807 or pendant les trois premières années de leur and is delivered by Public Health Services • and healthy eating. ourselves as parents.” ette d’aider leurs enfants à bien se développer ute cette à domicile améliorées » permet aux parents in communities throughout Nova Scotia. royable Le programme « Partir du bon pied : Visites . Il est hoses que Au sujet du programme avenir brillant pour leurs enfants. familles à obtenir le soutien dont elles ont bes Le programme « Partir du bon pied » de la N partir du bon pied Tous les enfants méritent Les visites à domicile améliorées inspirent les Faits saillants de l’évaluation les familles néo-écossaises à Les visites à domicile améli Partir du bon pied