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Rufty Senior Center The Importance Of Land Conservation

An outline of the purpose and operation of the LandTrust for Central NC

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Rufty Senior Center The Importance Of Land Conservation

  1. 1. The Importance of Land Conservation Michele d’Hemecourt The LandTrust for Central NC 704-647-0302
  2. 2. DAVIE IREDELL DAVIDSON RANDOLPH ROWAN CABARRUS STANLY MONTGOMERY RICHMOND ANSON …working with private & public landowners to protect special natural areas, family farms, & rural landscapes of the central Piedmont…
  3. 3. What is a Land Trust?  Land trusts are local, state or regional nonprofit organizations directly involved in protecting land for its natural, recreational, scenic, historical or productive value.
  4. 4. Properties by the Numbers  Total of 121 conservation properties  80 conservation easement  14 EEP easements  27 fee simple properties  16,447 acres protected  2,943 acres owned in fee
  5. 5. “I recognize the right and duty of this generation to develop and use out natural resources, but I do not recognize the right to waste them, or to rob by wasteful use, the generations that come after us.” President Theodore Roosevelt, 1900
  6. 6. History of the land trust movement First land trust : Trustees of Reservations, MA (1891) First N.C. land trust Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy (1974) 2005 N.C. land trusts 23 private non profit organizations 2 Statewide 11 > 3 counties, 7 1-3 counties, 3 less than 1 Umbrella Organizations State Level – Conservation Trust for NC National Level – Land Trust Alliance
  7. 7. Methods of Land Conservation • Donation of Conservation Easement • Purchase of Development Rights • Donation/Purchase of Fee Simple Interest • Assists
  8. 8. Conservation Easements  voluntary agreement between a landowner & a qualified conservation organization  In perpetuity  Bundle of Rights – Certain of those rights are given up (development, subdivision, etc.)
  9. 9. “For Conservation Purposes” 1. Public outdoor recreation & education 2. Protection of a significant habitat or ecosystem 3. Preservation of a historic property 4. Preservation of open space  Pursuant to a clearly delineated gov’t policy & will yield “significant public benefit”  For scenic enjoyment of the general public & will yield “significant public benefit”
  10. 10. Process 1. _____ Initial contact with landowner & Site Visit. 2. _____ Determine whether the property fits in with the LandTrust’s mission, goals, and long-term plans. Is property potentially acceptable as a conservation property? 3. _____ Advise the landowner to retain legal counsel and work with their accountant / tax advisor. 4. _____ Any potential management issues? Evaluate the risks and benefits of the property. 5. _____ Bring the easement to the appropriate Committee (Priority, Two Rivers, or Uwharrie) 6. _____ Obtain and review title information. Is property owned outright or accompanied by a mortgage? 7. _____ Review boundary surveys or legal descriptions 8. _____ Draft the easement 9. _____ Appraisal 10. _____ Clear title insurance and determine title insurance needs 11. _____ Baseline documentation 12. _____ Obtain Board approval 13. _____ Finalize the easement 14. _____ Set a closing date 15. _____ Sign and Record the easement
  11. 11. Tax benefits  Estate Tax Benefits  Federal Income Tax Deduction  State Income Tax Credit
  12. 12. Why is Land Conservation Important?
  13. 13. NC agriculture and forestry is a vital part of our state’s economy  400 year tradition  Agriculture & Forest # 1 & and # 2 industries by cash receipt = > $60 billion (Tourism is #3 at approximately $15 billion)  Average farmer is 56 years old and total < 2% population  20% of work force (1 out of 5)  25% of our economy is dependent on natural resources
  14. 14. Economics of Conservation  Ecosystems and urban forests offer significant value to communities. Salisbury's tree canopy affects both our quality of life and our pocketbook. Catawba College's 189- acre ecological preserve is a case in point. It is not only a valuable educational resource; it also saves the city of Salisbury money by helping to purify the air and water. The total stormwater savings for the city is $3,479,301, according to an American Forests analysis. In addition, the preserve improves our air quality. In fact, the analysis estimates that the preserve removes annually 641 pounds of carbon monoxide, 6,573 pounds of ozone, 1,122 pounds of nitrogen dioxide, 4,809 pounds of particulate matter and 2,084 pounds of sulfur dioxide, for a total dollar value of $35,343. (Excerpted from an article by Dr. John Wear)
  15. 15. Major Environmental Issues in NC  Growth / Sprawl  Pollution – Air and Water Quality  Global Warming  Loss of Open Space / Farmlands / Forests
  16. 16. Rowan County North Carolina A county committed to excellence!
  17. 17. C ooleemee C leveland S pencer E ast S pencer S alisbury G ranite Q uarry F aith C hina G rove L andis R ockwell K annapolis G old H ill
  18. 18. Where does Rowan County Stand?  There are 3,142 counties in the United States  Rowan County is raked 18th WORST in Ozone Air Quality in the entire United States  3,124 out of 3,142
  19. 19. What is Sprawl?
  20. 20. Statesville High Point Mooresville Kannapolis Lexington Salisbury Concord Charlotte
  21. 21. What can you do for the LandTrust? 1. Offer to help. Land trusts are notoriously under staffed and cover broad areas. 2. Join you’re the LandTrust. - $35 per individual - $50 per family - This entitles you to invitations to annual meetings, outings, and a guaranteed subscription to newsletters so you can keep up with land trust activities.
  22. 22. Saving the places you love
  23. 23. Kannapolis Lands Project
  24. 24. Two Rivers Preserve The Blount Farm South Yadkin Wildlife Refuge Lomax Farm Fox Farm Pickler’s Bluff Davis Buffer Crowther Property The Point Bittinger Farm
  25. 25. Two Rivers Preserve µ Davie County Ya H dk y6 w in R 01 iver 50 o y1 S ut hY w H ad ki n R iv 01 er Davidson County y8 w H Rowan County Bittinger Acquisition Legend Protected Land Alcoa Property Bittinger Property
  26. 26. Cooleemee Plantation
  27. 27. Catawba College Ecological Preserve
  28. 28. Catawba College Ecological Preserve
  29. 29. Eagle Point Park
  30. 30. Gold Hill Rail Trail
  31. 31. Pisgah Covered Bridge
  32. 32. Michael Braun House
  33. 33. Clarke Creek Blue Heron Rookery
  34. 34. John Bunyan Green Farm
  35. 35. Dunn’s Mountain
  36. 36. The Knox Farm