'Radio News: No. 5, 6 November 1992' by Grant Goddard


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Issue no. 5, dated 6 November 1992, of 'Radio News' weekly newsletter for the UK radio broadcasting industry, written and published by Grant Goddard in November 1992.

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'Radio News: No. 5, 6 November 1992' by Grant Goddard

  1. 1. t , t RRRRRRRRR AAAAAAAAA DDDDDD III OOOOOOOOO NNN NNN EEEEEEEEE WWW WWW WWW SSSSSSSSS RRRRRRRRR AAAAAAAAA DDDDDDD III OOOOOOOOO NNN NNN EEEEEEEEE WWW WWW WWW SSSSSSSSS RRR RRR AAA AAA DDD DDD III 000 000 NNNN NNN EEE WWW WWW WWW sss No. S RRRRRRRRR AAA AAA DDD DDD III 000 000 NNNNN NNN EEE WWW WWW WWW SSS RRRRRRRRR AAAAAAAAA DDD DDD III 000 000 NNNNNNNNN EEEEEEEEE WWW WWW WWW SSSSSSSSS RRRRR AAAAAAAAA ODD DDD III 000 000 NNNNNNNNN EEEEEEEEE WWW WWW Io.W'.I SSSSSSSSS RRRRRR AAA AAA DDD ODD III 000 000 NNN NNNNN EEE WWW WWW Io.W'.I SSS 6 NOV 92 RRR RRR AAA AAA DDD DDD III 000 000 NNN NNNN EEE WWW WWW WWW SSS RRR f<RR AAA AAA DDDDDD III OOOOOOOOO NNN NNN EEEEEEEEE ~ SSSSSSSSS RRR RRR AAA AAA DDDDD III OOOOOOOOO NNN NNN EEEEEEEEE ~ SSSSSSSSS THE WEEKLY UPDATE ON THE UK RADIO INDUSTRY SATELLITE STATION IN MOONLIGHT FLIT Satellite radio station Quality Europe FM [QEFM] suddenly moved its whole operation from Gloucester to Surrey last weekend under the auspices of a newly-formed company, leaving its former company in liquidation with outstanding debts. Raymond Pearson, director and former MD of the original company Radio Cheltenham Ltd, said the station faced "a difficult situation in such a corner" and admitted he had been told by solicitors not to say anything about the liquidation. "There are certain things that have partly caused [the move] to happen," he commented, '~ut I wouldn't want to get into a situation discussing that - at this time." Asked why the canpany had been wound up, the station's Programme Controller/Head of Sales Roy Litchfield replied that it had become defunct and was no longer necessary. ''We are carrying on with QEFM Ltd, just the one company, at the moment," Litchfield explained. "Two other companies have been formed as well, QEFM Easy Listening Ltd and QEFM Country Ltd, to take account of what will happen in the future". Radio Cheltenham Ltd was formed to apply for the Cheltenham commercial radio licence advertised by the Radio Authority last year. The consortium operated two Restricted Service Licences in the area and launched QEFM with a 24-hour easy listening format on the Astra satellite as part of their campaign, though they failed to win the Cheltenham licence. Litchfield attributed the weekend flit to Camberley to "lack of space" in Gloucester but subsequently said: ,~ place where we were sitting was a private house and the poor bugger couldn't get the rest of his mortgage sorted out, so we didn't have too much choice other than to move". Asked what would happen to the unpaid creditors of the old company, Litchfield said: "I don't know. I've no idea. It's nothing to do with me". QEFM's new home is thought to be the studios of former satellite station Radio Nova International whose 1988 launch, attended by the then Minister of Broadcasting Timothy Renton, ended in failure. Nova's owner, Cbris Carey, launched two more satellite stations, Pirate Radio and Club Radio, that failed and announced recently a new plan to rent Radio Luxembourg's 208 AM channel for a country station. QEFM had its own plan to launch a satellite country music channel, which Litchfield says looks "very promising" and could be on the air "very quickly now with major American backing". In a separate deal that coincided with last weekend's move, a London-based canpany called Rock Shop Radio has bought airtime on QEFM to advertise its mail-order CD service daily between 8.3Opm and 5am. This replaces an overnight service called Radio Nova run the previous month on airtime bought by ex-Nova International Programme Controller Keith Lewis. "It didn't work: financially. It was a complete dead duck," explained Lewis. "All the so-called marketing people [at QEFM] who said they were going to do this, that and the other quite frankly never did a bloody thing." QEFM's claim last year to have "an audience of seven million regular listeners" was greeted with scepticism by the radio industry, since this would make it Europe's most popular radio station. The winner of the Cheltenham licence, planning to launch as C0603 next March, has booked advertising in the local press to emphasise it has no connection with the liquidated Radio Cheltenham Ltd. MIDL.AN"DS SELLS WNK STAKE Following ten BOOths of negotiatioo, flidlands Radio plc has sold its 45 share in Rorth Loodon a..mity station WIII to a amsartilB of black entrepreneurs. 'I'be deill, reportedly worth .are than £100,000, places OOIItrol of the three year-Qld statiOD in the hands of seven directors under new cbainEn Ranny Cotter CBE. Ridlands' 1990/91 accoonts bad set an extraordinary item of £169,000 against the a.pany's ill-fated investment in WI[, and a further loss of around £35,000 was suffered in the first half of 1991/92. WIl'S advertising revenue for 1990/91 was reportedly only E131,OOO, the llajority raised ftal local sales. 'I'be ex-pirate has been hampered by its shared FIt frequency with London Greek Radio that gives each station belve hours a day on-air in four-hour tranches, and by OOIItinued COIIpetition froll Iorth London reggae pirates. In its only JICRAR audience survey, WII attracted a 0.1 share of radio listening in its 1.1.. target area, and its intentioo to be included in the current RAJAR research has been scappered by the cost. 'I'be statiODI S Iorth London lioena! expires in 1994, and the Radio Authority has pledged to re-advertise it next Septe.ber as a single station, foccing at least one of the incmIbents off the air. WIII:'s staff curreut.ly includes Progr_ Caltroller Zak, ex-Manager of defunct London sw.! pirate LiiR, and daytiE presenter Bernie flichaels, better known as ex-Radio 1 and Carol.iDe DJ DWe Peach. RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HA1 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 ~ radio news 1992 page 1
  2. 2. CAPITAL Capital Radio MD Richard Eyre has launched the notional concept of a fourth national commercial radio channel, enabling advertisers to book campaigns across the entire network of local stations. The idea builds upon the success of the Network Chart Show and IRN Newslink, both of which are broadcast by most commercial stations and marketed centrally by Capital's saleshouse MS&M. Eyre said the radio industry trade association AIRC had agreed to develop further networked progranming, in the form of both whole shows and individual features, that would be available to sponsors and advertisers. The Radio Authority has issued its first policy statement on Digital Audio Broadcasting [DAB], the new CD-quality radio transmission system destined to succeed AM/FM by the end of the century. Its sixteen-page document suggests that DAB receivers could be available as early as 1995, though they are likely to be priced at whatever premium the market will bear for the first few years, as was CD in its early days. Most of the existing natiOllal and local AM and FM stations will be simulcast for several years on the new system, though there will be additional capacity for new DAB-only services that could provide consumers with an incentive to purchase the receivers. The Authority is demanding RAIDERS Pirate radio interference is causing severe problems for listeners to legal South London rock station Raiders FM, presently broadcasting for one month as part of a campaign to win a permanent licence. Raiders FM, itself an ex-pirate, took to the air on Thursday 29th October from its Thames-side studio using the assigned 87.7 FM frequency, but was almost inaudible in central London by the weekend because of pirate interference. '~re's a rave station from North London on 87.8 and a reggae station on 87.9," explained Raiders' drivetime DJ Mike SUIIIJlers. "The frequency [allocated to Raiders] is wrong. They should have given us something nearer the middle of the [FM] dial". Raiders' MD/Chief Engineer Dave LAUNCHES INR.4 ,~ opportunity exists for you to hecome closely involved in the creation of new material," Eyre told potential clients at the Radio '92 Conference, "whilst respecting the fact that editorial control will ultimately remain ours." He cited features such as "mum's coffee break, shopping list time, drivetime features, kids home from school" that could be offered within INR4 as "national radio advertising executed through local radio." Eyre argued that radio was still under-utilised hy advertisers and pledged his commitment to growing the medium's share. DAB BY 1995? that one or two of these extra channels be allocated to new national commercial stations, to redress what it calls "the present imbalance" between the BBC's six such networks and the commercial sector's three. '~robably the worst management headache," said Radio Authority Chief Executive Peter Baldwin, "is sub-dividing the terrestial and satellite [DAB] bands, first, between publicly-funded services and COIIIDercial services and then between national, regional and local so that a complex array of services of varying coverage and economic viability can be acCOl1lOOdated". Because DAB technology requires each transmitter to be shared by five or SCUPPERED BY Sherry said he had reported the interference on Saturday to the OTI, who are responsible for action against illegal broadcasters. "Presumably they will sort it out in the fullness of time," said Sherry, though he had had no response from the OTI by mid-week. He was concerned that the problem would reduce the impact of Raiders' campaign. "Quite a few people were catqJlaining about it," Sherry said. ''We had numerous phone calls in the studio from our listeners saying they couldn't hear us". Asked if there had been a good response to Raiders' programmes, Mike SUllIIIers answered: ''No, and I put it down to the frequency and pirate interference". Dave Sherry, who had worked as CONCEPT '~re iso't a developed advertising market in the world where radio takes as little as 2% of the total cake," he admitted. ''Maybe we in radio have made too many mistakes over the last twenty years. Or maybe you in agencies have." And he responded to criticisms that Capital exploits its predominant position in the commercial radio industry to the detriment of smaller stations. "Over the years, Capital has -shown its own fair share of self-interest within the 2%," he said. "I'm telling you now that that is a charge you are going to find it very difficult to stick on me." six stations, the system is unlikely to be eCOllomically viable in rural areas where there are fewer than three local services, and where AM/FM will have to continue. To add DAB, the Authority suggests each station budget an additional 60% of its present FM transmission costs. The document asks the Government to establish a "national forum" to plan the introduction and development of DAB, since transmission facilities will have to be shared by BBC and coomercial stations. By 2007, DAB is expected to have replaced most FM transmitters in the 87.5-108 waveband, and will be available direct from satellite on new channels around 1.5 GHz. PIRATES ~J/engineer for 80s soul pirates JFM and Solar, believes London needs a permanent rock station. ''We've got two soul/dance stations," he explained, "and another station that was supposed to be jazz but which is now a jazz-funk/soul/dance station. But we haven't got anything to cater for people who like rock music, which is the father of all musics". One Raiders FM insider noted how ironic it was that the low power output and aerial height allowed under the station's temporary licence make its signal substantially worse than that achieved in its pirate heyday. other London stations, including KISS FM, encountered similar interference from pirates on launch. RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HA1 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 , radio news 1992 page 2
  3. 3. CLASSIC FR's Friday evening review show Classic Verdict is sponsored by the Clerical Medical Investment Group in a new six-month deal. The station's Sunday night classical cabaret show debuts this month, broadcast live from Smollensky's Balloon Bar ***** David MelIor's offer to present CAPITAL RADIO's weekly Westminster report , was politely refused but his media assault continues with a guest spot on RADIO 4's The Radio Programme (Sun 8th 3.30-4pm) ***** Stephen Mitchell is appointed Managing Editor of BBC RADIO HEWS ***** BAY RADIO/Morecambe becomes the tenth station to sign with NTL for transmission facilities during the last year ***** Croydon's hospital service RADIO RAYDAY needs a volunteer station engineer 081-689-9200 ***** BBC RADIOS YOR( & HUMBERSIDE need a Researcher 0532-441188 x244 ***** The station with the most unwieldy name, BBC RADIO BED~ WITH HERTS & BOC[S, needs Producers and Reporters for its Luton, Milton Keynes, Aylesbury and Bedford studios 0603-284385 ***** CSV re-advertises a Radio Project Officer vacancy for its Glasgow E-Force at BBC SCOTLAKD 041-204-1681 ***** RADIO l's annual listener feedback show Call The Controller is to be made by independent producer Unique for the ' first time next January ***** Saturday night (7th) insomniacs can hear the Blues Brothers recorded live at Birmingham Town Hall on RADIO 2's Night Ride (2-3am) ***** Tom RObinson presents RADIO 4's new weekly men's magazine programme The Locker Room (Sat 6.50-7 .2Opm) which he describes as "a rough guide to manhood" ***** RADIO 5's Afropop Worldwide (Sat 7th 9-1O.15pm) plays contemporary Cuban music ***** Michael Bolton answers listeners' questions (hopefully including How Am I Supposed To Live ·Without You?) in RADIO l's Rockline (Sun 8th 2.30-4pm) ***** Nigel Kennedy explains his decision to retire from live performance in RADIO 4's Kaleidoscope (Mon 9th 4.05-4.45pm) RADIO WAVES ***** Thu 12th is Erasure Day on RADIO 1 including an interview by Sirnon Bates (9-12. 3Opm) and a recording of the July concert at Hammersmith Odeon (8-1Opm) ***** A team from Chicago dance station WVAZ/V-103, including ten listeners, returned home last week after a 12-day OK tour broadcasting their morning show live from US bases. The 1992 Transatlantic Jam, funded by the US Defence Department, included concerts by Alyson Williams, Ex-Girlfriend and Portrait ***** BBC RADIO LEICES'l'ER celebrates its, and BBC local radio's, 25th birthday on Sunday 8th ***** Musical genius Julian Cope is the birthday guest on RADIO 4's Midweek (Wed 11th 9.05-11am) ***** The BBC RADIO COLLECTIOR has released two new cassettes, Blackadder III and Naked Radio ***** CHOICE FR's phone-in show Talktime With Tony Sewell returns on Wednesdays at midnight ***** ClPInL FR launches a London Short Story Competition in conjunction with London Arts Board 071-240-4583 ***** CHOICE FR's Soul Rite Out at London's Hippodrome, headlined by Boyz 11 Men, sold out all 2000 tickets within four days of its announcement on-air ***** LBC IEWSTALK has doubled its drama output, with a new weekday ten-minute slot at 1.5Opm in Frank Bough's show provided by Independent Radio Drama Productions ***** Were several COIII1Iercial radio MDs really invited by the BBC to discuss their views on the industry with the Radio Task Forces? ***** British emigre and ex-MTV VJ Julie Brown presents a syndicated Sunday night radio show for America's WESNXJD ONE ***** Outgoing BBC IDHJ) SERVICE MD John Tusa set out his manifesto for the station's future in a speech at the Royal Institute For International Affairs ***** Out to lunch? Which loss-making Home Counties radio group's Finance Department was staffed by a lone temp who claimed DO-one else was around for two whole days last week? ***** American syndicator RJI produces a weekly adaptation of Desert Island Discs, RADIO DIARY but with pop stars such as Talking Heads I Cbris Franz choosing ten records ***** Watch the LA Raiders match on Channel 4's American Football this Sunday as the team's Bob Golic also presents a Monday morning sports feature on Los Angeles' [QLZ/PIRATE RADIO ***** IFM's Janice Long, RADIO l's Bruno Brookes and KISS ~'s Mark Webster also work for new advert voice-over agency Speak that specialises in youth-orientated products ***** At the annual Prix Italia, RADIO 4 won three awards, for Cbris Morris' "On The Hour" spoof and two dramas "Unreasonable Behaviour" and ''The Maneater Of Malgudi", while RADIO 5 won an award for "Groosham Grange" as Best Children's Radio Programme ***** RADIO 3's new Finance Manager Ben Woolland joins from the Victoria & Albert Museum ***** A report by Datamonitor estimates that BBC RADIO could earn £17Om per annum if it carried advertising ***** 99 more redundancies at BBC PEBBLE IfiLL include radio staff in studios and OB units ***** BBC Head of Broadcasting Research Peter Menneer is to take early retirement ***** BBC RADIO scor.LAID presenter Lesley Riddoch has won a 1992 Cosmopolitan Achievers Award, given to women under 35 who demonstrate outstanding commitment in their field ***** BBC RADIO GLOUCF.STEBSHIR part-time receptionist Sue Wilson becomes presenter of the station's magazine show Evening Extra after unexpectedly standing in for a weekend DJ at short notice ***** New BBC IDHJ) SERVICE magazine Worldwide available on British Airways and Cathay Pacific flights ***** Rewind Productions has refurbished its Studio Two, recently used for production of RADIO 2's Cbris De Burgh Story and The Living Blues series, and offers discount rates to IARP members 071-485-4810 ***** IIIVICT! SUPERGOLIl runs a Fly A Relative contest this month asking listeners to justify a visit to a long lost relative, winning British Airways and Sealink tickets ***** 12/13/14/15 JOY CHOICE ~ FIRST SOUL & REGGAE DEVON WEEKENDER with PAs by Everis, Sinclair, Vivian Jones, Peter Huningale, Kreuz &Mike Davis. Tickets £80 inclusive of travel &accommodation tel:071-738-7969 13/14/15 BOY RADIO GUILD BROADCASTING & RADIO PRODUCTION WORKSHOP at Cavendish College with 20 hours intensive tuition tel: 071-580-6043/4074 13/14/15 BOY COMMUNITY BROADCASTING EXPO 1992 organised by The Public Broadcasting Association Of Australia at Albury Convention &Performing Arts Centre, Sydney. Info: (02) 310-2999 16 BOY RADIO CEREDIGION new Aberystwyth coornercial station starts broadcasting on %.6/103.3 FM. Info: Unit 6E, Science Park, Cefnllan, Aberystwyth tel: 0970-626626 17 NOV HIGH WYCOMBE closing date for licence applications for new ILR station on 1170 AM. Into: Radio Authority 17 BOY THANKSGIVING service for Sir Richard Francis, former MD BBC Radio, who died in June. 11.3Oam at St Paul's Cathedral. Ticket admission only from: Dr Marion Oakeshott, British Council, 10 Spring Gardens, London SWlA 2BN 19/20/21/22 BOY FIITH ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF COLLEGE BROADCASTERS at the <Xnni Biltmore Horel, Providence, RI, USA. Info: 401-863-2225 19 BOY A CELEBRATION OF MUSIC RADIO dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe, London with John Peel &Jonathan King. Tickets £15 in advance (£12.50 members) from: The Radio Academy, PO Box 4SZ, London W1A 4SZ tel: 071-323-3837 7 DEC INDEPENDENT RADIO ADVERTISING AWARDS at Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London tel:071-799-1565 RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HA1 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 f radio news 1992 page 3
  4. 4. CLASSIC FM claims that airplay of Gorecki's Symphony no. 3 in its Classic Verdict show helped the CD re-enter the Top 10 Classical Album Chart the following week ***** Manchester's GMR organised the second Norman Wisdom Golf Classic tournament to raise money for a local hospital's childrens unit ***** BBC RADIO LEICES'I'ER listeners donated RADIO WAVES money· to its charity appeal in return for having their favourite hymns sung live on-air by the Leicester Philharmonic Choir ***** Follow up to MELODY RADIO's tie-in Polydor album Melody Favourites is a new Decca mid-price release Melody Classics ***** SOOTHERI RADIO has made two new Board appointments, Progranrne Director Jeremy Scott and Sales AIRMAIL PR.INTED Director Hicki Hall, whilst losing Richard Morris and Robert Stiby ***** New Aberystwyth station RADIO CEREDIGIOR opens 16 Nov ***** The first London church to use radio advertising, St Martin's-in-the-Fields, is running a £2000 campaign on LBC ***** PAPER. RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HA1 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 f radlo news 1992 page 4