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'Radio News: No. 7, 20 November 1992' by Grant Goddard


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Issue no. 7, dated 20 November 1992, of 'Radio News' weekly newsletter for the UK radio broadcasting industry, written and published by Grant Goddard in November 1992.

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'Radio News: No. 7, 20 November 1992' by Grant Goddard

  1. 1. RRRRRRRRR MIIAAMM DDDDDD III OOOOOOOOO NHN NW EEEEEEEEE WWW WWW WWW SSSSSSSSS RRRRRRRRR AAAAAAAAA DDDDDDD III OOOOOOOOO NNN NW EEEEEEEEE WWW WWW WWW SSSSSSSSS RRR RRR AAA AAA DDD DDD III 000 000 NNNN NW EEE WWW WWW WWW sss No. 7 RRRRRRRRR AAA AAA DDD DDD III 000 000 NNNNN NW EEE WWW WWW WWW SSS RRRRRRRRR AAAAAAAAA DDD ODD III 000 000 NNIOOINNNN EEEEEEEEE WWW WWW WWW SSSSSSSSS RRRRR AAAAAAAAA DDD ODD III 000 000 NNNNNNNNN EEEEEEEEE WWW WWW WWW SSSSSSSSS RRRRRR AAA AAA ODD DDD III 000 000 NW HNNNN EEE WWW WWW WWW sss 20 NOV 92 RRR RRR AAA AAA DDD ODD III 000 000 NNN NNNN EEE WWW WWW WWW SSS RRR RRR AAA AAA DDDDDD III OOOOOOOOO NW NW EEEEEEEEE ~ SSSSSSSSS RRR RRR AAA AAA DDDDD III OOOOOOOOO NW NW EEEEEEEEE ~ SSSSSSSSS THE WEEKLY UPDATE ON THE ilK R..A.DIO INDUSTRY FOUR BIDS FOR HIGH WYCO~E Four applicants, including one backed by the GWR Group, have submitted bids to the Radio Authority for the new High Wycombe licence to serve South Buckinghamshire on 1170 AM. Beech Radio was formed in 1989, following amalgamation with rival bidder Bucks AM. The GWR Group, whose 210/Reading AM/FM stations fringe the High Wycombe area, holds 20% of the company's £250,000 capital, the remainder raised through the Business Expansion Scheme and from the bid's directors. Eight full-time staff, with three DJs, produce 13 hours/day of live prograrrrning with a classic hits format, including a nightly one-hour magazine show, supplemented by an overnight relay of 210. MD Mark Flanagan, ex-PD of Southern Sound/Brigbton, is breakfast DJ, and local resident Barbara Windsor presents a Sunday morning request show. Chairman John Stepbenson is experienced in satellite coomunicatioos, Deputy Chairman Roger Marshall has worked in the cable TV industry, and the station's Advisory BBC The BBC captured the major radio awards at the third annual Broadcast Promotion & Marketing Executives conference, winning seven Golds, five Silvers and two Bronzes. Radio One led the field with five Golds for its Madonna and Michael Jackson posters, the 31 Days In May competition, the Race Through The 90s social action campaign, and its Pop Art Show. Radio 4 won Golds for its Hearing Is Board includes the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire. South Buckinghamshire Radio targets 25-55 year olds with easy listening music, local news and discussion prograomes. The group combines some shareholders involved in earlier unsuccessful bids by Ruby Radio and Magic FM for the nearby Windsor licence, awarded earlier this year. The group's £~m share capital is subscribed by Buckinghamshire Broadcasting (30), Ruby Radio (30%), 3i (27%), Chairman Sir Hugh Cunningham, and other local investors including Jan Leeming, John Craven, Laurie Holloway, Mary Parkinson and Marion Montgomery. The station1 s 15 staff will include Simon Yates and Paul Davis, DJs with Sunrise/Hounslow, and joint Executive Directors Brian Cullingford and Gurmit Hunjan. 'lhe Radio Wye bid dates from March 1990 when local Christians decided they were "concerned about some aspects of the existing media", according to group spokesperson Jeff Curtis . He says the station "will be owned by Christians and run as a full community service with the interests of the community as its first priority". The station's twelve paid staff produce a format that combines easy listening music with significant local speech content, including a half-hour evening news programme. £230,000 start-up capital is raised from gifts and interest-free loans provided by local individuals, businesses, charities and churches. MD Mark Austin sold his local business interests to devote his time to community work and is presently Sales & Marketing Manager of Whickham Wanderers FC. Any profits made will be distributed to local charities. The fourth bid, South Bucks Broadcasting, is headed by Aylesbury resident Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, though no details were available at press time. The Radio Authority will announce its decision within two rocmths. PROMOTION WINNERS Believing TV advert and the trail for its On The Hour series. In the commercial sector, Capital FM/London achieved the most, winning a Gold for the Chris Tarrant show's Bang Game, two Silvers and two Bronzes. Two further Golds were won by Piccadilly Key 103/Manchester for its Name 1 Em & Claim'Em promotion and BRMB FM/Birmingham for Ten Years Of Walkathon. The judges failed to find Gold winners in four of the fourteen radio categories, following a switch to award by merit rather than the first past the post system of previous years. The two-day London conference attracted 400 delegates. RADIO CONTACTS BEECH RADIO Hedgerows, Hyde Heath, Amersham, Bucks HP6 5RH. tel: 0494-775523 John Stephenson, 0273-49425:> Mark Flanagan (applicant for High Wycombe licence) SO(ft'H BOCKIriGHAIISHlR RADIO CO Taplow House, Taplow, South Bucks. tel: 062tl-73337 Brian CUllingford, 0895-254247 Gurmit Hunjan [applicant for High Wycombe licence] .SOOTH BUCIS BROADCASTING Town Hill Farm, Chilton, Aylesbury, Bucks HP18 9LR. tel: 0844-208196 Sir Henry Aybrey-Fletcher [applicant for High Wycombe licence] RADIO WYE 5 East Drive, Totteridge, High Wycombe, Bucks HP13 6JN. tel: 0494-472100 Mark Austin, 0494-524857 Jeff Curtis [applicant for High Wycombe licence) RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX llA1 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 f radio news 1992 'I
  2. 2. ~ "r"" .;.•;~ Z".. EBENEZER. NOT SO GOODE? A complaint against Radio 1FM over drug references in The Shamen's chart-topping single Ebenezer Goode has been upheld by The Broadcasting Standards Council. The BBC's defence that the song contains warnings against drug abuse was rejected by the Council, who concluded "the words of the song are sufficiently clear to a large number of the audience", though it has no legal powers to impose an airplay ban. Iflf listener Hr Whiffen of Devon bad complained that the record promoted the use of the drug Ecstasy, but the BBC argued that a decision to ban the song would only attract additional publicity. In announcing its verdict, the Council cited its Code of Practice which says programmes must not encourage "tolerance towards the taking of drugs in Britain or the view that taking them was socially acceptab.hl" . Another recent complaint against IFM submitted to the COlHlcil by three PVC manufacturers about a traIl for News '91 that had camtented "fear is fashion gear made of PVC" vas partially upheld. And a complaint against a Moray Firth Radio/Inverness phone-in host's camtents about the Duchess of York was upheld, having already been considered and upheld by the Radio Authority. But the Council dismissed a complaint about a sex scene in an afternoon radio play, on the grounds that "the portrayal of sexual activity was unlikely to have caused widespread offence iIIlX>IlgSt the Radio 4 audience". , .,~ : as CHRISTMAS CRACKERS The OK's largest chain of temporary stations, launched by Radio Cracker to raise funds for Third World charities, takes to the air Sat 28 Nov for one month. Eighty-five individual licensees, all broadcasting to very local areas between frJ and 101 FM, will use the slogan ''Tune In, Pay Out" to heat the £!m raised in the first marathon broadcast last Christmas. A launch cere!OClny, to be held two days earlier at the top of London's BT Tower, will he attended by Radio Authority Chairman Lord Chalfont and IFM DJ Steve Weight who will report on the event live in Simon Bates' show. The Tower provides Cracker with a BT uplink to the Astra satellite from its Harrow studio, where news bulletins and an overnight sustaining service are produced for the rest of the network. "Cracker is a tremendous challenge to young people," explains Christmas Cracker Trust National Director Rev. Steve Chalke. ''They not only raise money but learn about the business of broadcasting, and they are heing led in the initiative by a network of local church groups". The local stations would he very pleased to receive donations of music product to he played on-air and auctioned or raffled to raise funds for charities. Advertising is also available to local music shops and venues. Contact the National Office on 021-633-0873 for details of your nearest station. CAPITAL RESULTS Capital Radio preliminary results for 1991/92 show a fall in group pre-tax profit to £8.Bm from the previous year's £9.8m, and advertising revenue down in real terms. But the plc has healthy cash balances of £19.5m, including £1. 5m net profit made from the sale earlier this year of London's Duke Of York Theatre. ''This has been a difficult year," admits Chairman ran Irvine. ''The results reflect the continuing depressed state of the economy and, in particular, a very short term advertising market". Despite increased competition in the London radio market, Capital FM has maintained its lead position and increased its listening share to 18%, foor points ahead of its nearest rival. Capital Gold ranks fifth with 9%, a position it is seeking to R.ADIO DIARY improve with a huge TVI press and bus-side campaign in the current RAJAR survey period. The stations' improved listenership has not prevented stagnation of their advertising and sponsorship income, whose 3% increase in money terms Irvine credits to national sales that account for two thirds of the total. 23 JOy THE TELEPHONE IN BROADCASTING conference at Sedgwick Centre, Aldgate, London. £40 registration. IDfo: The Radio Academy, PO Box 4SZ, London WlA 4SZ tel: 071-32}-3837 28 BOy RADIO CRACKER 85 local stations start one month of FM broadcasting to raise funds for Third World charities. Info: Oasis (West Midlands), Cornerstone House,S Ethel Street, Birmingham B2 4BG Tel: 021-633-0873 7 DEC INDEPENDENT RADIO ADVERTISING AWARDS at Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London tel:071-799-1565 8 DEC WOOLWICH YOUNG RADIO PLAYWRIGHTS COMPETITION (LBC/IRDP) Presentation of Finalists at The Purcell Room, South Bank, London. Info: Woolwich Building Society, Watling Street, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7RR tel: 081-298-5488 12 la Rt2!tyeegMV..loth. Anniver5aI"1..~atron LllJl~,h.A1~SA'{9.1,J~on. Ipgivj4uahp1a£i' £AI tahle,ior te!;l £423. Jnfo: o ""F, ;ux'lst"/tOndon ' -W1A -~Ztel:071-m-3837 ". . . ..... . ... _.' '.. 14 DEC RADIO CEREDIGION new Aberystwyth commercial station starts broadcasting on 96.6/103.3 FM. Info: Unit GE, Science Park, Cefnllan, Aberystwyth tel: 0970-626626 16/17/18 DEC VIVE LA RADIO conference in Paris of Association Rationale des Radio 1 JAR RADIO AUTHORITY new tariff rates for licences come into force. Info: Radio Authority 5 JAR SEVERN ESTUARY closing date for licence applications for first regional FM station serving 1.6 million adults in Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, Bath, Somerset &West Wiltshire. Into: Radio Authority. 12 JAR ABERDEEN closing date for re-applications for AM & FM licences serving 230,000 adults, starting 29 Jul 1994. Info: Radio Authority 24/25/26/27/28 JAR MIDEM RADIO at Palais Des Festivals, Cannes, France. Info: International Exhibition Organisation, Metropolis House, 22 Perey Street, London WlP 9FF tel:071-528-0086 25 JAR RAJAR first audience research figures from joint BBC/lLR system released publicly RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HA1 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 ~ radio news 1992 page 2 ', '., '('
  3. 3. BBC Radio Leicester marked its 25th anniversary with a live rendition of Happy Birthday by a 25-piece choir assembled around the city's clocktower, each person representing one aspect of Leicester's multicultural community. The station was the first in the UK to use phone-in shows ***** Radio 5's Afropop Worldwide celebrates its fifth anniversary as a weekly syndicated show produced by America's National Public Radio and broadcast by 200 stations. Rykodisc release five CDs of live performances recorded for the show, starting with Kanda Bongo Man ***** Pirate interference to temporarily licensed Raiders FM/London has been successfully purged by the DTI ***** Sad to report the death of BBC Hereford & Worcester Manager John Pickles, after a short illness, on the same day as BBC local radio's 25th birthday ***** Radio Netherlands is providing foreign radio stations with three c~ilations of new Dutch pop and classical acts ***** Last week's Genesis concert in aid of the Prince's Trust was relayed to local stations using SMS satellite and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) phone lines for the first time ***** Fri 27 Nov is Mayday on 30 local stations running individually recorded interviews with Brian May and- competitions organised by ERI/parlophone Regional Promotions ***** Radio 2's Ken Bruce Show offers a prize trip to Graceland to a winning listener sending in their favourite Elvis tune ***** The o-i=ioo for Racial F.qaality is inviting radio entries for its Race In The Media Awards (071-S32-5272) ***** Radio Authority Chief Executive Peter Baldwin's tenure is extended from 1993 to the end of 1995 ***** A coach load of car manufacturers were given a demonstration of DAB technology on the move, listening to tests fran BBC transmitters in Surrey on Band 111 VHF ***** Italian dance station Power RV1/Turin broadcasts a Saturday night show House To House RADIO WAVES And Back To Black fran London production company CMC ***** A survey of marketing staff in 44 commercial stations finds more than half think Radio 1 should go commercial. Are they hoping for jobs? ***** The impending Green Paper on the BBC's future does not apparently suggest closing Radios 2 and 5 ***** Unique Broadcasting is running promotional packages 00 14 stations to promote new Warner Brothers films, including The Body Guard, to 16-24 year olds ***** Spot the difference? The BBC's School, Children &Youth Progranmes Radio Dept. is renamed Children, Youth & Daily Sequences, Radio 5 ***** Dutch satellite station Power ~ seems to have dropped its DJs in favour of non-stop music ***** New research finds 11-12 year olds spend only an hour a day listening to the radio, but 19-20 year olds listen daily for four hours ***** BBC Radio Derby Progranme Organiser Alex Trelinski takes over as Manager next month when Bryan Harris retires ***** South London community station first Love is broadcasting on 101.8 FM with a temporary licence until the end of the month ***** BBC Local Radio boss Ronald Meil says his 39 stations have a target of 100% speech and no music at peak listening times ***** Pioneering 60s Scandinavian offshore pirate Radio Syd, now based OD land in The Gambia, has a new namesake in Spain, backed by a Swedish publisher targeting Swedes living in Marbella ***** How does Cboice ~'s evening presenter feel about the station's local news bulletin recommending listeners watch a BBC TV progranme that night? ***** Radio 2 and the Office Of Fair Trading publish a one-off free magazine Fair Play filled with consumer advice ***** Classic ~ is to hold Creatives ' Day workshops to help advertising agencies produce better radio commercials ***** BBC Radio Berkshire needs a breakfast show Presenter/Producer (081-749-7000) ***** Capital Radio seeks a PR Trainee (071-379-0333) ***** Sainsbury is selling gingerbread -.., -- ,,., + Pudsey bears in aid of the BBC Children In Need appeal (and very tasty they are too!) ****** Radio 4's In Business programme wins the Radio Industrial Journalism of the Year prize ***** l~'s Help! (Sat 21 2-3pm) casts a sceptical eye over the charity fundraising gig phenomenon ***** Robert Palmer performs songs fran Ridin' High with the BBC Big Band In Concert on Radio 2 (Sat 21 7.30-9pm) ***** Radio 5's Afropop Worldwide looks at jazzjAfrican fusions (Sat 21 9-1Opm) ***** l~'s Rockline (Sun 22 2.30-4pm) Ruts Take That! in the hotseat for listeners' questions ***** Radio 2's The Singer & The Song (Wed 25 9.45-1Opm) talks to 60s hitmaker Emile Ford of What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For? fame ***** l~'s In Concert (Thu 26 9-1Opm) features Buffy St Harie at the Hammersmith Odean ***** Shirley Caesar joins Gloria Gaynor's Gospel Train (Thu 26 9.45-10.3Opm) on Radio 2 ***** l~'s Andy Kershaw appraises the CD reissue boom (Sat 28 2-3pm) ***** In Radio 2's new series Behind The Hits (Sat 28 7-7.3Opm) Ben E King reveals he recorded Spanish Harlem only because other audition candidates were stuck in a snowstorm ***** Gilbert O'Sullivan is in concert on Radio 2's Night Ride (Sat night 28 2-3am) ***** Richard MarK is 1PM's Rockline (Sun 29 2.30-4pm) guest ***** A Daily Telegraph survey of 12,000 readers found 88% listen to Radio 4 on longwave, 94% do not want the proposed all-news service, and 85% want it allocated to FM. But won't most of the ageing Telegraph readership be dead anyway by the time the new station arrives in 1994? ***** A new radio travel information service needs presenters. Tape & CV to: Jill Todd, 11th Floor, Alembic House, 93 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TY ***** WKBQjSt Louis PD Mark Todd was fired after his morning presenters put a couple on-air having sex next to their mobile phone. Todd was on holiday at the time ***** 300 staff at JBC/Jamaica are on strike over thirty proposed job cuts ***** • t"t_' MORE RADIO WAVES Feminist presents Angeles, outrages attorney Gloria Allred a weekly rant on [!BC/Los naming perpetrators of against women, called Read My Lipstick ***** Tempted to clone Selector? Software owner RCS was awarded $100,000 damages after the owner of KWOD/Sacramento was found guilty of bootlegging another station's system ***** RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HA1 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 ~ radio news 1992 page 3 [I
  4. 4. Aberdeen AM Aberdeen FM Leeds AM Leeds FM Southend/Chlmsfd AM Southend/Chlmsfd FM High Wycombe AJII Pembrokeshire FM Weymouth FM 230,000 230,000 1,230,()()() 770,000 1,530,000 770,000 ? 85,000 80,000 North Wales AM/FM 130,000 Carlisle FM 150,000 Glenrathes FM 260,000 Colchester FM 120,000 Alton FM 25,000 Slough/Windsor FM 390,000 Harlow FM 100,000 Morecambe Bay FM 180,000 Montgomeryshire AM ? Cheltenham AM ? Ceredigion FM 45,000 ADVERTISED CLOSED BIDS FREQUENCY RE-ADVERTISED LOCAL LICEJlllCES 8 Oct 92 8 Oct 92 4 Nov 92 4 Nav 92 6 Nav 92 6 Nov 92 1 Aug 92 1 Jul 92 8 Jun 92 12 May 92 27 Apr 92 7 Apr 92 7 Feh 92 22 Jan 92 12 Jan 93 12 Jan 93 9 Feh 93 9 Feb 93 9 Feh 93 9 Feb 93 29 Jul 94 1035 AM 29 Jul 94 96.9 FM 1 Sep 94 828 AM 1 Sep 94 96.3 FM 12 Sep 94 1431/1359AM 12 Sep 94 96.3/102.6FM .NEW LOCAL LICENCES 17 Nay 92 4 llm AJII 20 Oct 92 1 8 Sep 92 5 6 Nay 92 Regent Radio/Orchard Radio 25 Aug 92 3 1 Oct 92 Marcher Coast FM/Marcher Sound 28 Jul 92 4 7 Sep 92 CRFM 21 Jul 92 3 7 Sep 92 [no award] 19 May 92 6 2 Jul 92 Colchester FM/SGR-FM 28 Apr 92- 1 4 Jun 92 Wey Valley Radio 31 Mar 92 9 2 Jul 92 Tristar Bdcstng 24 Mar 92 1 7 Sep 92 Harlow Radio/Essex Radio 10 Mar 92 2 14 May 92 Bay Radio 18 Feb 92 1 4 Jun 92 RADIO IIAIDmI community spring 93 756 AM 14 Jan 92 5 6 Mar 92 (l) 603 AC Mar 93 603 AM 10 Dec 91 2 7 f'eh 92 RADIO CEREDIGI(JI community 14 Dec 92 96.6/103.3FM AIRMAIL PRINTED PAPER ~ *'.?:'fzy--,- - -,~,_ .....",~;_.,,...,•..,......,,,...,,,,",,_ _ _=c-~<==.,,,~.·-.,,,, 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HA1 4SP tel 081 427 5052 fax 081 851 2594 RADIO NEWS PO BOX ~ radio news 1992 page 4--