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XIMB - Rishi Basu


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Published in: Sports, Technology
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XIMB - Rishi Basu

  1. 1. My DreamRoyal Enfield Collection Name : Rishi Basu College : XIMB Roll : U112162 Ph : 8598806298
  2. 2. I Posses a Royal Enfield Thunderbird • I always had the passion for bikes • My first bike was Pulsar but I always desired to buy an Enfield • I dream of building a collection of Enfield bikes • Presently I am the proud owner of a Thunderbird
  3. 3. Why Enfield• In a way Enfield represents to me the image of India• It has been here since 1893 and its models have been the face of different generations starting from the legendary Bullet to the Classic and Electra• No other bike invokes so much passion and love and care as an Enfield• Just the sound of a Bullet makes my heart go crazy• It’s a bike that I can relate to. It does not stand for rashness but riding an Enfield feels like freedom• One just rides the bike and lets go of everything else, time and space flows by when I am on my bike and I can let go of all my tension. Its just me and my bike• Few legendary love stories of bike owners and their bikes
  4. 4. Various Bike Trips I have been on
  5. 5. Next Bike I want to Own Desert Storm (500 cc) • This is a dream machine, firstly it’s a 500cc model whereas Thunderbird that I own is 350cc • The color and texture of the bike is so beautiful that anyone will fall in love with it at the first sight • Later on I would like to include vintage models of Bullet and Classic in my collection
  6. 6. How Godrej LOUD Can Help• This bike costs approximately 1 Lakh 48 Thousand Rupees• As presently I am a student I had to put my plan of starting the collection on back burner• Godrej LOUD can help me to take the first step towards building my collection and fulfilling my dream
  7. 7. When My DREAM Comes True