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XIMB - Goutam Khadanga


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XIMB - Goutam Khadanga

  1. 1. My Dream : The rapper wants to make it big !! Goutam Khadanga a.k.a G-Kay XIMB
  2. 2. My Dream• I want to publish a rap album of my own• The album would have 8 tracks, sung in English and featuring other languages if need be• Music video for two of those tracks would be made and published
  3. 3. Breakup of Expenses• Recording Studio Charges : Rs 30,000• DJ Charges : Rs 10,000• Music Video Expenses : Rs 50,000 X 2• Miscellaneous(travel, lodging, etc) : Rs 10,000
  4. 4. Tme to Scream• Please find the link to the video and the original composition I made on 15th Aug, keeping in mind the spirit of Godrej Loud & Independence Day• 4Ao&• Wanna sing along?? Move to next slide to catch up with the lyrics
  5. 5. Tme to ScreamYeah..G-Kay on the GrillXIMB..Godrej Loud..Double 6 I-day Freedom TuneLets RollDo you feel free enoughThen shout out loudIf you dream enough (3 times)And if you dream enoughThen scream out your heartwhat you need nowAsk yourself what your heart truly lovesGive yourself a chance before you give it upPush yourself to the limits you’ve never beenStop cryin……………………cuz its time to screamNow!!