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XIMB - Asish Kumar Tripathy


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Published in: Education, Technology
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XIMB - Asish Kumar Tripathy

  1. 1. Godrej LOUD – My Big Dream The academic percentage of which was the sole criteria to judge a candidate for job as well as highereducation till some years ago has now changed. Now a days organizations look for a more dynamicindividual who are winners in every aspect of life be it sports or personality or communication. So ifsomeone wants to differentiate himself/herself in this large pool of talented crowd he needs to have agreat overall profile. If we look at the data of the percentage of students in top B-schools of the countryor in top multinational organizations maximum people are from CBSE or ICSE board. It is very difficult fora state board student from states like Odisha, Bihar, and Jharkhand to beat the competition. Does thismean they are not talented enough? The answer is an obvious NO. If we analyze properly we will get toknow that the major reason for this is no great extracurricular and not up to mark communication skill.So what is the reason for such problems? I have completed my SSC and HSC from a small village school of Odishastate board. There were many guys in my batch who were extremely talented players in the sports likeBadminton and Table tennis. But due to the unavailability of proper equipment, infrastructure and spotsaccessories they were not able to practice so usually they get demotivated which ultimately leads to lossof interest from sports as a result they are not able to show case their talent at the district, state andnational level. There were many meritorious guys in my batch who had the required knowledge but were notconfident enough to participate in inter school events due to lack of good communication skills. Itaffected many of them during undergraduate post UG in getting a good job in corporate and evenduring admission into a prestigious institute for MBA. Now the biggest question WHAT I CAN DO ABOUTTHIS????
  2. 2. My big dream:Since I and many of my friends have faced these difficulties I have always wanted to do something aboutthis. Now with the help of Godrej-LOUD I am planning to fulfill my dreams. These are the basic thingsthat I am planning to do with the 1.5 lacks from Godrej-LOUD:I am planning to take 4 schools of my village area to provide them with basic sports facilities and toprovide some students with required classes for personality and communication skill development.Analysis of the expenditures:1 – Providing sports facilities:  One TT table (Rs6000), 2 bats and 5 balls (Rs1000) per school. Total cost = Rs7000*4 = Rs28, 000 for 4 schools.C – Badminton:  2 rackets (Rs500) , 1 net(Rs500), One packet cork(Rs200) per school. Total cost = Rs1700*4 = Rs6800 for 4 schools. So total cost in this section = Rs (28000+6800) = Rs34, 800.2 - Providing personality development and Spoken English classes:Here I am planning to take 2 students from each school of standard XI and X each year who will undergopersonality development and spoken English classes. These students will be selected by the teachers ofthe school. The basic criteria is that the student should be a meritorious and needful of money(poorfamily).  2 students from each school will be provided with the financial support to undergo personality development and spoken English classes twice a year during summer and winter vacations. Cost for two students per year = Rs10000 (Rs5000 each for summer and winter vacation)*2 = Rs20000. Total cost for 4 schools = Rs20, 000*4 = Rs80, 000 per year. So the overall total cost = Rs (34,800+80,000) = Rs1, 14,800. Remaining amount = 1, 50,000-1, 14,800 = Rs35, 200. This amount will be divided among these 4 schools so that they can utilize this amount to subscribe to English comics and short story books at regular intervals. The interested students can issue these books from the school on weekly basis. From the remaining amount each school will get Rs8800 which can be utilized for the above purpose.
  3. 3. This is the big dream of my life as there are dreams of many other students associated with this.I know this is a small step of mine but I hope if this will be a success then many more hands willcome out for such donations. Here I am just trying to give an equal platform to all the studentsirrespective of Geographical and financial class so that at least some of them can fulfill theirdreams in life. We always live for ourselves but if we can give some time from our busy schedule tothe society, which has given so much to us will give a great internal satisfaction to us. Submitted by, Asish Kumar Tripathy XIMB-2012-14 Batch