Assignment 8 – individual presentation! a2


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Assignment 8 – individual presentation! a2

  1. 1. Assignment 8 – individuAlPresentAtion! Gledis Dedaj
  2. 2. exPloring different toPics! 1. Education 3. Animal Rights 2. Technology Are the RSPCA really doing Will taking away GCSEs all they can to help animals? cause more students to Is the vast development of fail? technology harmful? Should animal testing be Are people becoming too lazy? permanently banned How will this affect everywhere?employment in the future? Should fur be allowed? 4. Cultural Diversity 8. Fast Food Chains toPic Is diversity a positive aspect Are they the main cause for the s! of London or does it cause further segregation? worrying number of obese people? 6. Paparazzi 5. Building on Burial Grounds7. Conspiracy Theories Are paparazzi becoming Is it morally right to build over old to extreme and too burial grounds or old plague pits? Are the government part of a invasive? secret society that withhold Does this explain paranormal activitiesinformation from the public in To what extent should in supposedly haunted buildings? order to control us further? celebrities be allowed privacy?
  3. 3. toP three toPics! 1. ‘Building on BuriAl grounds ’2. ‘AnimAl rights’3. ‘culturAl diversity’
  4. 4. Building on BuriAl grounds• Episode 1: ‘Haunted or Hoax?’ – Are buildings that sit on old burial grounds haunted? 50 Berkeley Square is considered one of the most haunted town houses in the world. (30 mins)• Episode 2: ‘Plague Pits?’ – Is it morally right to build over old plague pits or should they be kept as historical land marks? (30 mins)• Episode 3: ‘Do you know your history?’ – Do people know the history behind where they live and do they have a right to be told? (30 mins)
  5. 5. Building on BuriAl grounds• WhAt tyPe of documentAry is it? This is an informative documentary as I want to show people what literally lies beneath their city and raise more awareness about the importance of historical background. This documentary is also designed to leave the viewers wondering weather or not buildings are actually haunted and whether this is linked with what is buried underneath. This documentaries will also question the existence of ghosts.
  6. 6. AnimAl rights• Episode 1: ‘RSPCA, do they really care?’ – Do these animal protection organisations actually do their job efficiently? (30 Mins)• Episode 2: ‘Animal Testing’ – Should testing on animals be permanently stopped all over the world? What can we do to help? (40 Mins)• Episode 3: ‘Fur Is Murder’ – Should wearing fur just for fashion purposes be banned? (40 Mins)
  7. 7. AnimAl rights• WhAt tyPe of documentAry is it? This documentary is designed to raise awareness about how animals are treated not only in this country but all around the world? It asks important questions about the well-being of animals and if anything is really being done to stop abuse. It also questions popular organisations like the RSPCA and whether they are doing all that they can to protect all animals.
  8. 8. culturAl diversity• Episode 1: ‘Does diversity equal division?’ – Do they work well, is there social harmony and how do they differ from culture specific communities?• Episode 2: ‘Different cultures’ – This episode will study different cultures separately and show why certain cultures clash.• Episode 3: ‘Do they have a right?’ – Should people of different backgrounds be allowed to express themselves? E.g. Women who wear headscarves. Is diversity a positive thing for London?
  9. 9. culturAl diversity• WhAt tyPe of documentAry is it? This is an explorative documentary as it goes into depth about how different cultures live together in harmony in London. It looks at the positives of diversity and also the negatives, and through this it will also inform the audience about what it takes to accept different backgrounds.