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Our project aims to bring modern relevance, to the life stories and teachings of these ancient voices.
As activists and journalists venture to the Amazon to cover human rights violations and environmental injustices, the public, if reached at all, is often exposed to tales of indigenous anger and protest.

But rarely do we set out to explore what we can learn from traditional cultures. Rarely do we fully appreciate the diversity of thought and rich traditions of these remote communities.

To allow them to share their wisdom in a time of so much need for new role models and inspiring stories and to preserve this living encyclopedia of life in nature, of hardship and of endurance, and the wisdom gained in the process.

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  1. 1. Ancient Voices Healers of the Rainforestlumbia and Peru reveal the mysteries of ancient plant-based medicines and A Documentary Film and Social Enterprise by Jose Marcio Dias and Gustav Alsina
  2. 2. re me mb e rs w he n the w a s f ille d w it h a n im a ls .he re me mb e rs w he n the a n b la c k w it h c r u d e o il.e e ms to re me mb e r h in g , [ b u t ] M a r in a is o n e la s t C o f á n w o m e n w h o r e m e m b e r howa y o f he r a nc e s to rs .” --San Francisco Chronicle Cover Photo Credit Marina Aguinda Lucitante, an elder of the Cofán tribe in Ecuador. ©Mitch Anderson
  3. 3. Photos to usethroughout
  4. 4. Executive Summary Brining the unknown world of plant-based healing and spirituality as told by the elders who keep the traditions alive A study of the culture and life stories of the people in the background of the world wide expansion of shamanic traditions and ayahuasca based spiritual practices. The elders who started it all, their lives, their stories, their families, their faces, their medicine and the message they leave for us in the hopes of a better future. In all shaman traditions, there are those elders who become the most known shamans, the healers whose life may become similar to a rock star’s lifestyle. Travel, fame, dinero. And then there are those who hold the traditions, who do the dirty work in the background
  5. 5. Our project aims to bring modern relevance,to the life stories and teachings of theseancient voices.As activists and journalists venture to theAmazon to cover human rights violations andenvironmental injustices, the public, ifreached at all, is often exposed to tales ofindigenous anger and protest.But rarely do we set out to explore what wecan learn from traditional cultures. Rarely dowe fully appreciate the diversity of thoughtand rich traditions of these remotecommunities.To allow them to share their wisdom in atime of so much need for new role modelsand inspiring stories and to preserve thisliving encyclopedia of life in nature, ofhardship and of endurance, and the wisdomgained in the process.The project is to make a series of documentary films, focusing on the elders that helped themovement begin. We will explore the lives and the knowledge of several simple and humble folk,who through their work and life in the depths of the jungle in places like Mapia in the state of AcreBrasil, a sustainable community of shamans from 8 to 80 years old resides.Like in the high mountains in the Andes, curanderos of all ages offer their services to those luckyenough or brave enough to seek.With segments on the Santo Daime elders from communities in Mapia and Alto Santo, anexploration of miraculous healings and stories of transformation and strength, then on to Peru,where the traditional shamans hide in healing communities in the jungle, living a lifestyle ofharmony with nature and with the Cosmos.Then on to Colombia, to meet with (Mauricio’s Elders), and learn about her magical healing potionsand how she keeps her community from loosing its identity in face of the imperialistic culturalinvasion and then an exploration of elders of european decent who devoted their lives to learningthe healing practices of ayahuasca and of the medicine plants and plant teacher.
  6. 6. StoryboardOur project starts in Amsterdam, where we will document the story of and European woman who had her death given as certain by doctors because of a tumor, and who found the rainforest tradition of the santo daime and ended up getting cured from her tumor and is still alive today, more than 20 years after.From there we travel on to the Daime communities in the rainforest where dozens of some of the most amazing and brilliant forest people live, some of the elders who still are alive and kicking hold secret cures to old problems as it was proven by my own daughter’s cure of asthma because of a simple, casual conversation I had with a “caboclo da mata” (an old man from the forest – a forest person).The Daime was started because its founder Irineu Serra, got in contact with a healer, “curandeiro” in the rainforest back in the beginning of the 20th century, 1918 to be exact.This curandeiro was a medicine man, one of the lucky holders of the secret knowledge of this water of life, fortunate to have inherited this sacred concoction from the Andes… and that’s where we head next, to Peru, to meet Don Mateo and his sacred teachings of the cactus plants and the Ayahuasca medicines and then on to Colombia to visit with an Ayahuasca community.
  7. 7. CrewOur crew will consist of Gustav Alsina, an accomplished film maker, producer and set designer and Marcio Dias, film maker and medicine person who has been working with the Santo Daime, Peruvian and Native American medicine churches for over 20 years and other supporting crew, as a sound person and production manager/assistant.Consultants:Mariciu (Colombia)Freddy (Peru)Demotier Souza (Brasil)
  8. 8. Project ComponentsThe project will produce a series ofdocumentaries, registering anddocumenting these fascinating lifestories. It will also produce up to 4coffee table style photo books,computer screen savers and stockfootage as well as recordings ofsongs and icaros from these elders.All profits from the products will bededicated towards a social securityfund for the health and support ofthe communities that are featured.
  9. 9. A N C IE N T V O IC E S : H e a le r s o f t h e R a in f o r e s tWhat if a film Be Changed, Bring Change Powerful documentary films have the unique ability to transport us to distant realities and expand our ould do more? perception of the world. Emotions run high, as we empathize with those in need and rejoice with those who succeed against the odds. Whether we are persuaded by Al Gore of an Inconvenient Truth, or witness the extreme artistry of Man on Wire we are invariably changed by the documentary experience. After the film we rise from our seats eager to discuss new understandings with friends. A few of us are compelled to “do something,” but often struggle to figure out exactly how to engage. Before we know it, the energy evoked through the film fades and our own lives rush back into focus. So as filmmakers, we asked ourselves how could we could make better use of these powerful emotions? What could we do to bring lasting benefits to the communities and people of Ancient Voices? “ V oices diences beyond awareness and entertainment cipation hange. ”
  10. 10. The shifting role of film Entertain Society Inform society Transform society
  11. 11. A N C IE N T V O IC E S : H e a le r s o f t h e R a in f o r e s tg documentary film producers and audiences with the social entrepreneurship community. The How it works: 1 Watch the 2 film Support a business 3 Preserve a culture Filmgoers join forces directly with the elders to support research, sustainable harvesting and fair trade of rainforest resources. With the rise of social media and the preference for video content online we have seen advocacy organizations attempt to bridge the gap. Videos are developed to inspire audiences to sign petitions or make donations. And in the case of Disney Nature, a portion of proceeds are donated directly to an environmental non profit. Ancient Voices takes a bold leap forward by directly linking documentary film producers and audiences with the social entrepreneurship community. In this full circle relationship, investors support the making of the film, filmgoers support the launching of a social enterprise, community members create profitable businesses, and sustainably harvested rainforest products are then sold on global markets. Filmgoers not only enjoy the film, but they feel a strong sense of connecton and
  12. 12. People Vibrant Cultural Traditions raweconomically viable alternatives to the curr Profit Planet Equitable Community Enterprises Healthy Rainforest Ecosyste
  13. 13. A N C IE N T V O IC E S : H e a le r s o f t h e R a in f o r e s tRainforests contain an amazing abundanceof plant life. Whats most exciting is thatscientists and researchers have only justbegun to uncover the medicinal qualities ofthese plants, which offer new approaches tohealth and healing.Ancient Voices explores this vast untappedresource through the perspective ofindigenous elders.
  14. 14. A N C IE N T V O IC E S : H e a le r s o f t h e R a in f o r e s tl indigenous communities. But the key to successful sustainable harvesting lies in local ownership and operationavities within the trunk, which can be harvested by tapping or drilling holes into the wood. It has long been emp M e d ic in e E ne rg y C ra ft
  15. 15. A N C IE N T V O IC E S : H e a le r s o f t h e R a in f o r e s tt.ity and protects ecosystems.ies real and viable alternative methods and markets of harnessing their resources in sustainable programs whicater income and profits to the land owner and country than any other unsustainable land usage. Raintrees harv ”
  16. 16. About the AmazonThe Amazon Rainforest, also knownas Amazonia or the Amazon Jungle,is a moist broadleaf forest thatcovers most of the Amazon Basin ofSouth America.More than half of the forest iscontained within Brazil, the rest of itin Peru, Colombia, Venezuela,Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Surinameand French Guiana, covering fiveand a half million square kilometers,or 1.4 billion acres.The Amazon represents over half of
  17. 17. Socially Responsible Investors Mission Driven Organizations Investments Grants Film Production & Marketing Audiences Film Societies Ticket Sales Awards RAW Business Development RAW Community Enterprise
  18. 18. Why Now?This project is timely because of thenature of its subject. We feel asense of urgency in documentingelders that have been around thedifferent traditions for so long, whodevoted their lives to it andaccumulated great wisdom fromdoing so. Their heritage is one thatbelongs to all of humanity, theirstories can inspire and transform ageneration so lost and devoid ofgreat examples to look up to.
  19. 19. BudgetInsert
  20. 20. Short Final Pitch with logo and large imageThe fact is this project can no longerwait, as we continue to wait andsave money to start our filming,other elders pass away or get sickand we loose access to manymemorable stories and lifeexperiences that will no longer beaccessible to future generations.
  21. 21. A N C IE N T V O IC E S : H e a le r s o f t h e R a in f o r e s t