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Farmageddon Slideshow

  1. 1. cv<br />cv<br />O’Donnell Clark & Crew<br />supports<br />FOOD FREEDOM!<br />Find us onFacebook at<br />Food Freedom Oregon<br />& on Twitter <br />@FoodFreedomOR<br />
  2. 2. cv<br />cv<br />Trivia<br />cv<br />Question: Where in Oregon is it legal to buy raw milk? <br />A. At a farmers market<br />B. Nowhere<br />C. From a farm<br />D. At a grocery store<br />Correct Answer: C.<br />Explanation: Only if the farmer has three or fewer cows, nine or fewer goats, or nine or fewer sheep.<br />
  3. 3. Our Team:<br />Matt Lowe<br />Matt doesn’t just represent farmers, he is a farmer! At least on a small scale. Matt lives on a farm, where he raises goats and chickens, and sells the eggs to his co-workers. He understands the legal and regulatory issues facing farmers and other food-related businesses.<br />
  4. 4. cv<br />cv<br />Trivia<br />Question: You are driving in rural Oregon. You see a house with a yard a few cows and a few goats. There is a sign in the yard that says, “Raw Milk for sale: $2 a gallon.” You buy a gallon of raw milk. Is this legal or illegal? <br />cv<br />A. Legal<br />B. Illegal<br />Correct Answer: B. <br />Explanation: It is illegal for a farmer selling raw milk to advertise his raw milk. <br />
  5. 5. Our Team:<br />Matt Lowe<br />Matt Lowe<br />Matt is a business and transaction attorney, advising clients on the range of issues facing business owners and non-profit trade and charitable organizations. <br /> <br />Some of Matt’s clients include:<br /><ul><li>Aurora Farms
  6. 6. Gatto & Sons
  7. 7. A&J Salad Company
  8. 8. Several local restaurants
  9. 9. The Urban Farm Store
  10. 10. Willamette Valley Specialty Seed Association
  11. 11. Aloha Produce
  12. 12. Oregon Perennial Company
  13. 13. Oregon Flowers, Inc.
  14. 14. Oregon Flower Growers Association
  15. 15. Lombard Foods
  16. 16. Families with land use issues
  17. 17. Old World Foods
  18. 18. Western Forestry and Conservation Association
  19. 19. Oregon and Washington farmers
  20. 20. Pacific Restaurant Equipment
  21. 21. Stirling Wine Grapes
  22. 22. Garden Laboratory Charter School
  23. 23. Local fruit and other farmers</li></li></ul><li>cv<br />cv<br />Trivia<br />Question: You are driving in rural Oregon. You see a farmhouse house with two cows and a few goats in the yard, but no sign advertising raw milk for sale. While you are pondering, the farmer crosses the road to sell you a gallon of milk. Is this legal or illegal?<br />cv<br />A. Legal<br />B. Illegal<br />Correct Answer: B.<br />Explanation: It is illegal for a farmer to sell raw milk off the premises where it was produced. <br />
  24. 24. Our Team:<br />Gilion Dumas<br />Gilion Dumas<br />Gilion has substantial experience in commercial, real estate, and tort litigation. Since 1992, Gilion has represented businesses and families, including:<br /> <br /><ul><li>farmers
  25. 25. food producers
  26. 26. restaurant owners
  27. 27. wine growers
  28. 28. coffee roasters</li></li></ul><li>cv<br />cv<br />Trivia<br />cv<br />Question: The only food banned from crossing state lines in the United States is raw milk. True or false? <br />A. True<br />B. False<br />Correct Answer: A.<br />Explanation: States regulate the sale of raw milk within each state. But the federal government has banned the sale of raw milk across state lines. <br />
  29. 29. Our Team:<br />Gilion Dumas<br />Gilion Dumas<br />Gilionhas gone to trial and litigated lawsuits for agriculture and food-industry clients involving:<br /><ul><li>land sales
  30. 30. partnership dissolutions
  31. 31. product warranties
  32. 32. equipment failure
  33. 33. flooding
  34. 34. crop insurance
  35. 35. supply contracts
  36. 36. property lines
  37. 37. timber trespass
  38. 38. land use
  39. 39. easements
  40. 40. condemnations
  41. 41. probate
  42. 42. employment
  43. 43. management contracts</li></li></ul><li>cv<br />cv<br />Trivia<br />cv<br />Question: How many types of raw milk are there in the United States? <br />A. 1<br />B. 2<br />C. 3<br />D. 4<br />Correct Answer: B.<br />Explanation: There are two types of raw milk – raw milk destined to be pasteurized and raw milk meant to be consumed raw. Raw milk destined for pasteurization is seldom tested and is usually the “raw milk” blamed for health problems when it is not, for some reason, properly pasteurized.<br />
  44. 44. Our Team:<br />Peter Janci<br />For Peter and his wife Vanessa, a finished work day means time to relax together. They often try to explore something new in their kitchen. Having a mutual love for the city in which they live and work, Peter and his wife enjoy exploring Portland’s culture at music venues, restaurants and social events.<br />
  45. 45. cv<br />Trivia<br />cv<br />Question: There is a significant difference between the terms “pastured” and “cage-free” when describing poultry. True or false? <br />A. True<br />B. False<br />Correct Answer: A.<br />Explanation: “Cage-free” or “free range” means only that the animals have access to the outside. Poultry can be “cage-free” and still only be on sand, dirt, or even concrete. In contrast, “pastured“ poultry are housed or ranged on pasture and eat a diet that includes grass, legumes, and insects. <br />
  46. 46. Our Team:<br />Peter Janci<br />Peter is our rising star. He represents and advises individuals, non-profits and, small businesses in disputes against the government, large corporations, and national institutions.<br />Check out Peter’s food freedom blogs at:<br /><br />
  47. 47. cv<br />cv<br />Trivia<br />cv<br />Question: It is commonly believed that pastured poultry is significantly better for you than eating conventionally raised poultry. Is this belief true or false? <br />A. True<br />B. False<br />Correct Answer: A.<br />Explanation: Pastured poultry has 21% less total fat, 30% less saturated fat, and 28% fewer calories vs. conventionally raised poultry, and pastured poultry has 50% more vitamin A and 100% more Omega-3 fatty acids than its conventional counterpart.<br />
  48. 48. cv<br />cv<br />Trivia<br />cv<br />Question: What year was it commonly known that pastured poultry laid much healthier eggs than their conventionally-fed counterparts? <br />A. 2005<br />B. 1988<br />C. 1956<br />D. 1932<br />Correct Answer: D.<br />Explanation: In 1932, the USDA tested a chicken diet solely based on soy or wheat meal. The effect was unhealthy or diseased eggs. These problems immediately disappeared after the chickens resumed their pastured diet.  <br />
  49. 49. cv<br />cv<br />Trivia<br />Question: In Oregon, it is illegal to buy meat slaughtered by a farmer and not a USDA slaughterhouse, but it is legal to slaughter your own animal for your own consumption. If a person goes to a farm, buys a live cow, and has the farmer butcher it for him to give him the meat, has the law been violated? <br />cv<br />A. Legal<br />B. Illegal<br />Correct Answer: A. <br />Explanation: Under the law, this technically counts as the person slaughtering his own animal for his own consumption.<br />