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Jake’s Organic Chicken Feed

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Jake’s Organic Chicken Feed

  1. 1. Jake’s Organic Chicken Feed Business Plan Jake’s Organic Chicken Feed is a high quality, organic, locally based alternative to conventional chicken feed. The organic grain base is unique in contrast to readily available local commercial chicken food. The combination of its ingredients increases chicken health and vitality leading to increased egg production, egg quality and improved egg flavor. Jake’s is more expensive than conventional feed and at this time is dispersed through individual sales via your garage in Lyons. One of the biggest obstacles to Jake’s is the cost. Cost containment may be achieved by using a closer source, bundling with another buyer, volume discounts, or other unknown opportunities. The other challenges are inherent with any startup company, lack of name recognition, market share, contacts and identity. There is no identity or advertising at this time. Due to exorbitant shipping costs you need to have direct sales locally and commercial sales in outlaying areas. Strengths
  2. 2. 1. Organic Product 2. Locally Based 3. Increased Chicken Benefits 4. Jill There is not an available ORGANIC product available in a survey of local feed stores. The Boulder market is an ideal place for backyard chicken growers as all of the local cities now allow limited chicken coops. This will be your core market consumer as these people are health conscious, have small flocks with limited feed needs and are able to pay the additional price. Plus if you are only paying $10/month in feed costs- who cares?? Due to storage problems and rodent control most people will buy limited amounts monthly. Your product can be a high status item. There is an increased awareness for locally based product that has a local face attached to the item. The food product increases chicken health and production producing a superior product. The owner, Jill Jacobs, is a photogenic, poised, well-spoken young woman who will make a great persona for the product. Growth Needs The product lacks visibility and has no sales outlets other than Jill’s garage. There is no identity, advertising or contact info readily available. Price is high (100% more than competition) 1. Increased visibility a. Web page 1. Get a address through Go-Daddy ($20/ year), and get a web page b. Creation of an identity with 1. Print- cards, logos, mailers, handouts, and feed bags c. Local involvement (increasing home chicken growing) 1. Web page tie-ins to local chicken info sites, schools, girl scouts, d. Interviews with local produce orientated magazines 1. Luckily there are many here that we can contact and you will need to become the voice of local backyard chickens e. Direct sales of eggs to local high profile restaurants –this results in more press
  3. 3. 1. Pound the pavement f. Tie-ins with Whole Foods 1. Whole Foods has a whole campaign geared towards local farmers. There are also in store appearances that might result in shelf space. f. Two chicken giveaways with food 1. At local farmer’s market booths you can give away baby chickens, sell food and pass out future contact info. This builds in a future market. There is also opportunity for profit connected with building chicken coops, (selling plans, kits, contracting, commission) Increased Sales Jake’s needs to increase its local market share of sales. It is best to focus on local sales, as shipping costs are unrealistic. This can be accomplished by 2. Increased direct sales by outreach to local growers a. Contact at fairs, animal shows, farmer’s market 1. This will be your strongest contact the first year. There are multiple county fairs here in Colorado that are easily reachable within a two-hour drive, and held within a 3 week period in Aug. By targeting chicken show days you can hit your target market of recreational growers that are able to pay for your product. Load up your little red wagon, your son, feed and info and go hit them. b. Tie in’s to, 4H, advertisements in selected rural church bulletins. 3. Placement in conventional feed stores The initial placement will be the biggest obstacle and you will probably have to do consignment. Jake’s is positioned in a great area that supports local farming and has the land area to do it. The local population is highly educated, affluent and pro organic, and due to Whole Foods training is conditioned to spending more for products. There is an increasing movement to home yard farming and using local meets and produce. We have to make home chicken growing cool. Potential thoughts How much do chicken houses cost? Is it possible to increase your business to a package of giving them two chickens, selling them a pre made chicken house, and then selling them chicken food for life? That way we create the market and a built in long-term customer.
  4. 4. This is the logo, which will be used on feed bags, web site and business cards. The feed bags are the limiting factor as they traditionally are burlap and for cost purposes a sticker could be used and placed on them, versus printing. An ink stamp was planned with contact info for the other side.