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Props, Pops & Poses Amanda C.'s Engagement Session Inspiration!


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5 tips on engagement photos from George Street wedding consultant Amanda C.

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Props, Pops & Poses Amanda C.'s Engagement Session Inspiration!

  1. 1. Props, Pops & Poses: Amanda C.’s Engagement Session Inspiration! No matter what the topic is, it’s always great to get advice from the ones who came before you — the ones who’ve been there, done that and came through with flying colors! Believe it or not, the same goes for engagement photos! That’s why we’re putting the spotlight on spunky and sweet Amanda C., one of George Street’s Wedding Consultants, for this week’s segment of Props, Pops & Poses! Not only is Amanda happily married to her best friend, soulmate and road-trip buddy (so cute!), but she’s also excited to share the tips and tricks that helped her plan her own e-session! Best of all, she put together this adorable collection of inspirational photos that showcase what she’d plan if she could do it all over again!
  2. 2. 1. Dreamy and romantic, or vibrant and colorful? Spill the details on what “look and feel” you envision for your ideal engagement session! Vibrant and colorful! When my now-husband and I were preparing for our engagement photos, we planned for a winter session in Chicago. We wanted a more rugged, urban-contemporary feel to the photography, so we could capture the spirit of our favorite city! In fact, we used city signs and graffiti in our photos to announce our wedding date! We’re a goofy pair and love to have fun no matter where we are, so our e-session was filled with lots of silly laughter and energy! Who doesn’t love running around Chicago in early February with their best friend? 2. Location, location, location!! If you could pick any spot to shoot your e-session, where would it be?! Our e-session was featured a few staple Chicago locations — Millennium Park, Adler Planetarium, Loop El Stops and so on. If I could go back and change it in anyway, I’d scope out some cool architecture and windows for pretty settings! Since we planned ahead for a few photos in the park, we still achieved a good mix of natural outdoor and urban shots. In my dream session, I’d love for us to venture off in a hot air balloon overlooking the city! (Do they even do that? Somebody really ought to get on that!) 3. A little bit of color can go a long way! What stunning shades best characterize your engagement style? With the crystalline snow and the dark, edgy cityscape, we incorporated pops of maroon and caramel in our photos for a little warmth! We also coordinated our clothes to complement one another and our features. We didn’t want anything too busy — no prints or patterns — because we knew the graffiti and street signage would be bright and loud on their own! We definitely weren’t trying to compete with that! The best part is that those colors carried over into our Labor Day wedding — navy, vermillion red and warm caramel with beige accents gave a nod to the patriotic holiday and fall colors! 4. Sweet signs, a picnic for two…there’s no doubt props can add an extra dose of pizzazz to any engagement session! What props — if any — would you include in your session? I love props — they add so much personality to your session! We included a few paper airplanes and pinwheels in our own engagement photos, which we also incorporated into our wedding decor. Also, I used my hat (very practical for Chicago winter!) to take some cute shots in the
  3. 3. reflection of The Bean in Millennium Park. The props in our e-session definitely helped prep our guests for a fun, lighthearted and whimsical wedding day! 5. Engagement photos are all about capturing that newly engaged glow! During your dream e-session, would you plan to strike a pose or simply live in the moment? When my husband and I shot our e-session, we decided to take a few posed photos — but honestly, we spent most of our time walking around the city and looking dreamily into each other’s eyes! One of my favorite pictures (and moments) took place in front of a yellow graffiti wall. A car had honked at us while driving by, and the photo shows me laughing, while my then- fiancé turned his face to look at the car. It’s a moment that was totally unexpected and unplanned, and also represents who we are as individuals and why we work so well together. It’s important to understand that posing doesn’t have to feel or look forced — and of course, every couple looks best when they’re relaxed and losing themselves in each other’s eyes!