Research into professional photography


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Research into professional photography

  1. 1. Research into Professional PhotographyLooking into a Photographic editor Altaf Bhat and looking into whathe wants in a cricket picture how that Cricket matches can producesome of the best images you get you have a wide range of shots thatrange from the bowler bowling the ball, to batsman playing a shot orcelebrating a century to dives into creases. A cricket Photographercan have a wide range of variety of shots that can capture a match infull flow that show the raw passion of the game with joy and angerjust by the expression of how a shot is played or the signals theyshown when celebrating or frustration.I chose his selection because his style is similar into what I amplanning for the photoshoot because he wants to have the expressionon the people and how they interact with each other and how thephotographs can show the progression of the match and this is what Iam exactly doing at the moment and how I want my photographs todo to tell the progression of the game.The images come from the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup in India whenthe hosts won the tournament and Altaf Bhat spoke to all thephotographers for Reuters and saying what he wants in the pictureand be able to present online to show to people. The Photographsbelow show all forms cricket from triumph to sorrow in the crowdsface in defeat all the images below are what I want to achieve in myPhotography shoot in the coming days.The triumph of India this is showing the passion have for winning thetournament
  2. 2. The image shows that people are moretall than wide so having the image horizontal makes a more dramaticpicture if shows it from the frontthe wicket of the batsman but the way the head is looking down inthe way of the wicket and the disappointment in the players actions
  3. 3. The fielder felling the heat and chucking the water bottle with the capstill open it gives the picture a lot more meaning to show hisfrustrationthe fan anger and annoyance that their team is not doing well thecrowd play a big part in sports photography
  4. 4. the glory of the century and emotion that he shows in celebratingmake’s it a powerful image