10 page design document for shanty town2


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 10 page design document for shanty town2

  1. 1. 10 page design document for Shanty TownDesign by Tom HughesFor Xbox live arcade, PSN, WiiWare and SteamRating 18+Ship Date TBDGame Story:Rico is the second hand man for the drug baron O Turbrao. Youcommand the favela taking out rival gangs and using drugs to rule thefavela. But a change of heart leads you to create your own secret armyand lead your men to defeat O Turbrao using the equipment that youcan buy by selling drugs and robbing in the city or any passing citizenwho is not from the area. You buy the weapons using the money youhave claimed and getting ay of the locals to join your side to start tocreate an army to start claiming land to which you lead the finalassault to defeat O Turbrao and his army to rule the Favela or will OTurbrao have an informant that has watching your every move? Willhe succeed or will Rico planned his own surprise?Game Play:In Shanty Town the player is Rico the second hand man to the mostviolent drug baron who has ever lived in the Favela O Turbrao. Ricostarts to feel O Turbrao is starting to become to violent and secretlyyou have started a small business and a few men are willing to help inthe cause the task is to gain money to buy for weapons and alsoconvince the locals to join your side to get rid of O Turbrao and makethe favela a safe environment for the people. The game play will belike Grand Theft Auto and stronghold combined. The game play willbe up to the player to choose if they want to complete tasks or staybehind and build up your army. But some missions can be decoys for
  2. 2. O Turbrao to attack your base and steal money and weapons whileyou’re away so certain missions do have repercussions. Othermissions could be to hard for the player and can be killed in theprocess and means that they do have to restart from the lastsuccessful mission. Once the missions are completed in which youhave the choice of 30 to complete you can then take on the O Turbraousing the army and yourself you command your army to victory but iffail the favela will remain under rule and the game will have restartthe boss level again from the start.Game flowThe first set of missions will be very easy for the player as at mosttheir will only be a couple of the enemies their at the first set ofmissions as the game along more enemies will be added and also themissions will be more difficult for the player also if you die in themission you will not be able to complete the mission again as yourchance of the mission as ended. The player can attack the boss at anygiven time but the smaller the army the less chance you will defeat OTurbrao the earliest you could defeat him would be after you havecompleted at least ¾ of the missions to earn enough reputation torecruit members and also have enough money to buy weapons for thearmy. As the game progresses you gain more power, which meansyou, can start to use the people to get the money and weapons andalso to gain more members as the game goes along you have morepower and the weapons become more powerful to the final level theyou have be able to buy armour for yourself and some of your moreskilled shooters.Character(s) and ControlPlayer Character:Rico: you start of a pre-set character but once you gain money youcan change your style of clothing from rags to designer clothing andhaving a smarter hair cut form an afro as well as Clothing you can usethe money you gain to buy better weapons and Armour for you and
  3. 3. your army to build the strength of the army is important for the finalbattle when you need to use wit and skill to defeat the enemy.With the equipment you can buy there are disadvantages such andsome guns are heavier than other so this can slow you down or thearmy down if they are carrying a heavy gun but the gun is morepowerful and can shot through thin walls. Where as a light gun meansyou can run quickly and aim faster but the range and power are muchmore decreased. With grenades they have effect on the personmovement or weight but you are only limited to 2 unless you buy theutility belt which then you can equip up to 7.The player controls every single action in their army as well as howthey go about completing the mission every single action is caused bythe player and they must navigate their way to victory.Main gameplay concepts and platform specific featuresThe player engages in a world of where you have to build up yourresources and then attack this is not a straight forward shot them-upstyle game it requires thinking and planning in how you will createyour empire and how you will use the men you have to form a style ofattack that will be most effectiveThe sequence of the play is broken into different parts that you haveto complete but all in one map so the game doesn’t suddenly jumpfrom one place to another the missions are all based in one area. Thegame itself is much like a strategy game in which you have to gaincontrol of the whole area much like other games e.g. (Stronghold) andalso a bit like Grand Theft Auto the game will other a much differenttype of strategy game like never before it offers much more scenariosin which if you complete or fail different outcomes will happen to youand the enemy and can alter the game itself you cannot go back to themission again once you have done it or failed it unless you do thegame again some missions are harder than others so it understandingwhat missions to do that will mean you either progress quicker or letthe enemy be able to overrun you.
  4. 4. The game will offer more realistic camera shots so you can see theprogress of the enemy to see how they are progressing and using thisto build up an army to able to defeat O turbraoPart 6: Game WorldThe game takes place in a run down favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  5. 5. The favela will be bleak and ill-developed to coincide with the natureand violence of it’s inhabitants. Since the player is free to roam theworld within the favela, not much of the rest of the city will be seen.Although the favela is very large and separated into 5 differentsections, so there will be plenty of scenery for the player to explore.Also, if the player manages to become the leader of their faction, theywill be able to explore some of the city outside the favela, which holdsnicer scenery than the slum. Below are several pictures of real lifeslums, which will give you an idea of what the favela would look like:Part 7: InterfaceThroughout the game, the player will be presented with a HUD(Heads Up Display), which will include a health bar, an icon to denotewhat weapon is being used and how much ammunition is left, and amap showing the player the location they are in and an arrow leadingthem to the next point of interest (missions, characters, new weaponsetc.).The player will also have a menu available at the push of a button,which will show them what missions are available, the weapons intheir inventory and a larger version of the map.The inventory will be of the same layout as the inventories in a gamesuch as Resident Evil, in that the player can select their weapon orcombine them with other smaller weapons, such as a Molotov cocktail
  6. 6. from a napkin and a bottle of alcohol. An example of this inventory ispictured below:The heads up display will be in the same fashion as the heads updisplay in other sandbox games such as Grand Theft Auto, with themap, ammunition and other icons. An example is pictured below:Part 8: Mechanics and Power-UpsThe game will have many choices and possible endings for the playerto choose. The player can choose a faction/gang to join at a youngage. When this gang is chosen, they can either stay with them, betraythem further down the line and join another one, rat them out to thepolice, rise up to overthrow their current leader or other assortedchoices. These choices hold many possible implications or endings.For instance, if the player overthrows their leader, the game ispractically complete and the player will be free to roam around thefavela as they see fit without being challenged. If they choose to joinanother gang, they can keep on betraying their gangs and move on thenext one, thus allowing the player to explore as they see fit but stillmaintain the same level of challenge.The only real power-ups in the game are new weapons, whichincrease in power as the game goes on. Throughout the game, theplayer will progressively rise from a small pistol with unlimited ammoto heavy machine guns and rocket launchers. Other power-ups alsoinclude rising skill level, which means the player can bribe or havemore power over police and even their own leader. An example of thistype of power up is seen in games such as Skyrim or Fallout, wherethe player can increase the ability to sneak around and persuadeenemies as their skill increases. This example is pictured below:
  7. 7. Part 9: Enemies and bossesEnemies mainly come in the form of rival gangsters. Police can alsobe considered enemies but will only attack if you provoke them or ifyou have recently committed a crime. If this happens, they will arrestyou and you will have to bribe them to be released. Rival gangsterswill attack you if they see you in their territory or if you are trying tocommit an act of crime against them. Their immediate response willbe to shoot at you. Whilst one of them won’t be much harm, as moregangsters are alerted to your presence, they will start to converge onthe player, and without backup of fellow gangsters, the player willmost likely die.Bosses mostly come in the form of rival gang leaders or the playersown gang leader in the event that they try to overthrow them. Bossesare typically much more powerful than normal enemies and can useheavier weapons such as rocket launchers and large miniguns. Theboss will take longer to defeat and the player will have to use astrategy rather than merely shooting them repeatedly.Part 10: Cutscenes, Bonus material and CompsCG Cut scenes will be presented every time the player finishes amission or starts a new one. In the cut scenes, a character will informthe player of what their mission is and send’s them off on it. At theend of the mission, the cutscene will show the aftermath of themission, whether it be good or bad. Longer missions may also featurecut scenes that link between different objectives.Extra material will come in the form of different vehicles andcostumes that the player will be able to unlock once they collect
  8. 8. enough money which they earn through missions. The game isongoing, so the player will have to keep completing side missionsafter they have completed the main storyline if they want to affordmore expensive material.Since the game is very similar to other sandbox games, they will beour main competition. Especially Grand Theft Auto 5 which is due tobe released soon.