Photography evaluation


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Photography evaluation

  1. 1. Comparisons to Professional PhotographyWith this photo the key to this photo was to capture the game in action and with it being asports match all the shots are all going to be action shots. With this the photographer isgoing have to use natural light to show this image and the direct sunlight gives a very clearand crisp image to look at. The light highlights the cricket ball very well and is easy to seewhat the two people are focusing on. To create an interesting image the photographerneeds to create an image that fills the frame and also shows more than the obvious that theviewer should be looking at with this you can see in the background the advertising thiscould have been used intentionally but also it gives a more understanding into the people inthis image and also generates interest into what the advertising means.But also filing the frame also means not just putting the image in centre if you split theimage into 9 squares you start to create a more interesting image to look at as well as filingout the image. The rule of thirds gives the photographer something to look at and alsocreate a more dynamic image. Looking at this photo it shows a lot of techniques used and itcreates meaning in this photo with the fact that this photo was planned or timed it waswaiting for the right moment and it captures a great image of despair of the batsman edgingthe ball and the concentration of the wicketkeeper watching the ball to catch into his glovesbut with the main focus of the game the background is what makes the picture the grassand advertising shows that this is a professional match as well the very well-kept grass andthe different colours of it as well.The colours of the ground make the image very bright and colourful image despite the factthat the players are wearing white colours. The colours of the pitch and the grass creatingthe images brightness and also it makes the whites focus more on the players to look at it’sa very well taken image and the action shot is very well timed.
  2. 2. To compare of the images I took for the project and the professional image the first obviousthing is the player playing the shot and as well as this the fielders in action as well but as yousee the framing is very similar the focus is on the players in the field with the difference ofthe image main focus is on the batsman and wicketkeeper whereas on this photo I wasfocusing on the field in play. The second similarities is that both images have backgroundsthe professional has the advertising boards and the grass the same for this but thedifference is the tress this already shows that my images is showing that this game is avillage game and the small differences are what a person can pick out if they were trying toknow if the games were professionalThe third is the colours with both pictures have the players have whites on and also thegrass is very prominent in the pictures but they help with making the sole focus on theplayers in the photo the colours are very simple but improve the image and also stand outvery clearly in the dark background of the trees .the rule of thirds is very noticeable in thisimage the main focus areas do not happen in the middle at all the focus are on the left andright hand sides of the image which uses the framing very well.The similarities are mostly the same even the shots are very similar as well but if youcompare mine to the professional is that is much more focused on the players reaction tothe ball whereas mine is more based on the field in the play and using the fielders as well toshow the focus on them as well as they await the ball to come towards them. He is also veryclose into the batsman where as I am using the best position that I can find without gettingin the way of the batsman eyesight.
  3. 3. Problems with PhotoshootAs the main issues of the photoshoot is going to be the fact that this is not going to pre-planned or having an idea of what I want because this is a game that is going to unfoldinfront of me and it’s my idea of being ready of picking up shots that can be very interestingto look at. The main way of improving on this that I will have to many shots with variety andthen see which photos will make into the final edit as this is not a photoshoot with a setplan the issue of this will be tackled well but the timing will be critical if I want the best shotpossible.The next issue will be with traffic as many cars come along to watch the cricket and it willalso block some areas of where I can stand to shoot my images as well with it I can’t alsoblock their view as this would be ignorant of me. To get improve this I found areas wherethe cars could not get to so I was not in their way or in the batsman eyesight either but thisalso restricted the areas that I could take my photos but with this the main area of filmingwould be where the players were sitting around because it had one of the best views fromthe front on view without getting in anyone’s way in the processThe next issue was the sunlight the day was very overcast and the sun did come out for briefspells and some of the images were coming out blurred and with no lighting to help me theimages were becoming hard to take and as well as that the trees in the background werecreating massive shadows of the players and the sun was also setting in that direction aswell. I had to wait for the sunlight to pick up on the ground to take the images with thisusing the light source detector it could also help brighten up the images which made a lot ofhelp in the final images as well when the picture was taken.The final issue was time as I was playing in this match as well I could not play with a phonein my pocket so I had to wait for when we had finished fielding before I could start to takethe pictures so the more time it took the less time with the natural sunlight I would get totake the photos. The solution was that we finished the innings early and thankfully with itbeing the time of year when the sunlight lasts most of the day it would not be much of anissue unless the weather took a turn for the worst.
  4. 4. Photo roll problemsWith the issue of the players being a quite a few distance and not having the greatest ofzoom lens the images of the players were very hard to see and also hard to make out detailin the players and the ball is very hard to see. The way that I improved this was that in theedit I can crop out the the ground and close in on the main focus of the image so it will bemuch easier to see and as well be able to make out any movement of the players as well asthe positions they are in during the shot or bowling of the ball to make the photo easier tosee and understand.The issue which is linked with the first issue is that with the images being zoomed in to getthe best picture the images came out very blurred and when the sunlight was not availableit made the images really hard to see to view so the way to do this was to go into the editand make the images brighter by playing with the colours or of the images are blurred sobadly then it would be worth making it black and white so the worry of the blurred imagewill be easier to view.The next issue is that with the fact that people that were watching the match in the cars andit meant I could not get much of a variety of positions of where I could take the photos somost of the photos were taken from the same position so the variety was no much. To dothis I could easily move the image or focus on one area so it shows it looks like the photoshave much depth and change that doesn’t stay in one area but that the viewer gets to see amore variety of shots that is on offer to see.The final issue was light as stated earlier in the photoshoot problems this was a veryannoying issue to overcome in the photoshoot so with this the photos in the role were veryhard to see as well as some people becoming out of focus the further the way they were italmost becomes impossible to see. The way I did this was to brighten up the images but aswell as that was try to make the background really dark and focus on the players and theoutfield so it helps improve the photos quality once the edit is finished.
  5. 5. Fitness for PurposeImage OneThe strengths of this image is the use of compositions that are used in this image as thewide difference enhance the image well and also it focuses more on the stumps andsightscreen and not focusing on the background as much the stumps in the middle is thefocus of attention but you look through that and start to look towards the objects further indistance which creates a more interesting photo to view the image is very symmetrical aswell. The use of edits focuses on the detail in the stumps and the field brightening the verydark outfield in the original image as well and to darken the background to see where theviewer is meant to focus on.The main weakness of this image is that it is very grainy and becomes very hard to look at ina very close up way as it starts to almost becomes hard to see the stumps in the backgroundso the main issue was trying to fix this issue with the most of trying to darken thebackground it’s the only main issue in this photo.Overall I would give this image a8/10 due to the image being grainy.
  6. 6. Image TwoStrengthsI felt that this is easily the best image without any details being an issue the strengths arethe colours of the board really stand out and become the main focus of attention the wayhow the numbers to side are just fading away and gives it the sense of the score is not theissue.WeaknessesThere is really no weakness in this image it is a flawless image which also gained a lot ofpositive feedback.Overall the score would be 10/10Image 3StrengthsThe main strength is the photo is showing the game in full flow and it also highlights theconcentration in the fielders and batsman but it shows a almost professional image with thebackground of trees showing up really well and making the trees darker the image gives areal boldness to the image
  7. 7. WeaknessesThe image like the first is very grainy and it’s very hard to see the people in the field the ballis almost like a blur or a red smudge as the camera quality does not show this very well at allso the main issues like the first is the camera itself not the image or editing as this wouldhave been a great photo to look at and see.Overall the score would be 7/10Image 4StrengthsThis may not be the best image to look at but I feel the edits make the picture a lot moreinteresting to look at with the edits I made it have a yellow background which reallyenhances the image really well and makes the shadows and the equipment really stand outmore in what is a otherwise pointless image.WeaknessesI don’t think there is many weaknesses in the photo itself the only issue I have is that theshadows look a bit to much like the room is very dark and the natural light doesn’t showthrough very well it’s only a minor issue.Overall the score would be 9/10
  8. 8. Creative CommonsFor the images I need to put the creative commons on my image I have to find which one I wouldallow to be used for my Photography for this I wanted to the use the Attribution-Sharealike (CC BY-SA) for the photography as I want it to be open to everyone.This license lets others copy, share, remix, tweak and build upon your work even for commercialpurposes, as long as they credit you and where they make modifications to your work to create anew work, they license the new creations under identical licence terms. This licence is oftencompared to “copyleft” free and open source software licenses. All new works based on yours willcarry the same licence, so any derivatives will also allow commercial use. This is the licence used byWikipedia, and is recommended for materials that would benefit from incorporating content fromWikipedia and similarly licensed projects.