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Tempo - Mobile access with Governance


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Tempo - Mobile access with Governance

  1. 1. Lance ShawQ3 2012
  2. 2. The consumer Web is settingthe expectations 2
  3. 3. Mobile and Cloudtechnologies are givinglife to Enterprise Apps
  4. 4. CIOs are Under Siege Risks related to compliance and litigation Security threats from external and internal breaches Changes in work culture Demands for better business responsiveness
  5. 5. Balance Matters Value Liability
  6. 6. Changes in Work Culture Millennial B.Y.O.D Social Media
  7. 7. Demand for Business Responsiveness Productivity Time
  8. 8. “Enterprise Information Management Represents the Future of Data”
  9. 9. OpenText EIM Solutions
  10. 10. Welcome to the office - 2012 Now where did my team put that important business information? Box Dropbox SkyDrive SugarSync Google Drive ShareFile Huddle
  11. 11. What’s Missing? 16
  12. 12.  Permissions Metadata Audit Information Version History Information Management= Enterprise Basics 17
  13. 13. Consumer needs1. I need to access my content from anywhere2. Make it easy for me to share with other people Enterprise needs 1. We have to make sure its secure 2. We need to keep it under control
  14. 14. Secure Sharing & Sync for the Enterprise
  15. 15. File Sharing meets ECM Retention & RM Policies on objects Publish in repositoryAuditing, Versioning, Classification & Discovery Archiving
  16. 16. OpenText Tempo Editions Same product, different deployment configurationsContent Server Edition Express Edition Cloud Edition  Includes preconfigured,  COMING Q4 Add-on for Content limited use CS10  Beta begins in September Server 10  Tempo client UI only  Fully hosted solution Fully integrated repository  Packaged as virtual  Regionalized for data machine image for easy sovereignty deployment  Subscription model pricing  Can be upgraded  Available for OEM’s
  17. 17. So, who cares?
  18. 18. The impact on information management Huge amounts of proprietary and regulated data are leaking onto non-corporate devices Enterprise files on multi-tenanted public servers are potentially vulnerable to attack or unauthorized access. Some end users are backing up their laptops onto low-cost services that have not been verified as meeting corporate requirements.
  19. 19. What is IT Management to do? Three options:Allow users to do whatever they wantProvide an approved and controlled serviceTotally forbid the use of such services
  20. 20. Chief Information Officer My organization expects me to protect information and make sure it is readily available
  21. 21. How important is security to your company?“On the list of banned apps are public file-transfer services such as Dropbox;Horan says IBM fears that using such software could allow sensitiveinformation to get loose.”"We found a tremendous lack of awareness as to what constitutes a risk," saysHoran. So now, she says, "were trying to make people aware."
  22. 22. Legal counselIt’s hard enough producinginformation in response toe-discovery requests! Come on!
  23. 23. ECM Project ManagerWe’ve invested a lot of money in content management, the last thing we need is people circumventing our systems!
  24. 24. Business usersWe want applications that helpus get our jobs done – some ofus might even pay out of ownpockets!
  25. 25. Value Risk Slide 30
  26. 26. Tempo @ EMPUse Cases: Mobile access to securepatient data, medical information andprocedural informationCompetition: Dropbox “Realizing that DropBox did not meet our security requirements, EMP purchased OpenText Tempo for secure file sharing from multiple devices. OpenText is a company we can trust with our secure data needs. We couldnt be happier with the solution.” - David Peppard, Chief Information and Technology Officer, EMP About EMP A privately-owned and managed group with over 700 emergency medicine physicians treating nearly 3 million emergency medicine patients each year in over 60 locations in North America
  27. 27. Demonstration
  28. 28. iPhone BlackBerry Android
  29. 29. OpenText Tempo Architecture Tempo Engine Content Server Tempo Module
  30. 30. Preview customer feedback “Tempo is very fast & “I have to say: Well done! handy!” Congratulations to everybody on the Tempo team. In my opinion Tempo iswhat Steve Jobs would have referred to as insanely great!” “The Tempo web interface is an easy and very intuitive interface” “Sharing is very easy to use” “Tempo is instant and convenient! The Windows desktop client is fast and intuitive and the Mobile iPhone app is very fast and user friendly.”
  31. 31. Safe, Secure, Easy File Sharing…Key Value Propositions Secure, enterprise-ready file sharing Very Simple to use – no (or little) training required Drives ECM adoption and leverages investment Ensures security and compliance of information is not compromised Fully integrated into Content Server
  32. 32. Tempo. Get in with the right cloud