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IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.4 install guide (including Cygwin and obtaining an evaluation)

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IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.4 install guide (including Cygwin and obtaining an evaluation)

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I updated my installation guide for IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.4 (April 2019). Tip #1 is to not do a default install, rather follow the steps. Since I suggest installing the Developer Edition and then changing the rhapsody.ini file afterwards, this guide works for setting up machines for my UML and SysML with Rhapsody training. I've also used it for helping some big clients to get a package installer sorted. Note: My helper profile is continually under development and hence steps to obtain and get working my vary. Email me if you want the latest or have issues.

I updated my installation guide for IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.4 (April 2019). Tip #1 is to not do a default install, rather follow the steps. Since I suggest installing the Developer Edition and then changing the rhapsody.ini file afterwards, this guide works for setting up machines for my UML and SysML with Rhapsody training. I've also used it for helping some big clients to get a package installer sorted. Note: My helper profile is continually under development and hence steps to obtain and get working my vary. Email me if you want the latest or have issues.


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IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.4 install guide (including Cygwin and obtaining an evaluation)

  2. 2. Obtaining and downloading • You can download the installer from Rhapsody from IBM’s download trial page (easily found in a google search of ‘download rational rhapsody’): dex.html • All the Rhapsody editions share the same installer. To download requires you to create an IBM ID/password but this is easy to do WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  3. 3. • Choose to download the 8.4 client • • If you’re doing a set-up for Rhapsody software or systems training then talk to your delivery partner about version to choose Decide which version to download WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  4. 4. Obtaining and downloading • On the next page select marketing preferences and click I Confirm (presuming that you do) • You can download either using a Java- based Download Director or via http WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  5. 5. Download Rhapsody installer .zip and evaluation key • Download the installer .zip (for V8.4) and the Rhapsody_Eval_Key.dat (so you can test the installation) • E.g. Using http download option, click on I agree to start download WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM p.s. The above assumes that you have no constraints that would prevent use of 64 bit Rhapsody, e.g., you’re not using a 32 bit MSCCI integration for SCM. My assessment now is that 64 bit 8.4 is not a bad choice, if you can get away with it
  6. 6. Editions vs. Versions • IBM® Rational Rhapsody® is packaged (i.e. sold) as 4 Editions. Each edition uses a different core Rhapsody license: • Developer for C/C++/Java (or Ada or C/C++/Java/Ada) ◦ A Premium Edition for software and systems. Includes full behavioral and State Machine (and other) code generation and a real-time framework (OxF) for deployment of code to Real-time Operating Systems. License package includes Jazz-server back-end, Design Manager (/dm) or Model Manager (/am) usage ◦ There are 1) C/C++/Java, 2) Ada, and 3) C/C++/Java/Ada Developer Edition packages. Tip: If using a token pool with Developer and Ada is not in play then you might want to check you’re drawing Developer C/C++/Java tokens rather than C/C++/Java/Ada • Architect for Software Engineers ◦ A lower cost software edition. A stripped down version of Developer, code-centric. Some code generation but no real-time framework or state machines/RTOS support • Designer for Systems Engineers ◦ A Premium Edition for systems engineering. Uses a subset of Developer features, i.e. you can execute models but only for animation purposes. License package includes Jazz- server back-end, Design Manager (/dm) or Model Manager (/am) usage • Architect for Systems Engineers ◦ A lower cost Edition. Doesn’t have any model execution, i.e. it’s just the modelling tool without any system simulation or code generation capabilities WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  7. 7. Things to know • Things to know: 1. All Rhapsody Editions use the same installer to install. 2. All Rhapsody Editions use the same underlying file format. 3. Editions are the same tool with different features turned on and off. 4. The choice of Edition launched is based on a command-line option given to the rhapsody.exe. 5. The rhapsody.ini file in the installation direction specifies the Default Edition to launch when you click to open a Rhapsody model on the file-system. 6. If you install Developer then shortcuts to the other Editions are also installed (in the Start menu). 7. Rhapsody will try and consume the license for the Edition launched. If it can’t then it won’t open. 8. The SysML profile is not separately licensed. All Editions have the SysML profile and could be used for systems engineering. WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  8. 8. Installing Developer 1/2 • For the reasons given on the previous page, the steps here install Developer and then give instructions on how to modify the installation. This means that the installation will have maximum flexibility and can be switched around between Editions (assuming licenses are available and necessary permissions). • Selecting Developer Edition in the installer installs the shortcuts for all the Editions, and also gives more options for compiler checking. • Often a goal for a company may be to reduce the cost of licenses. Different strategies may be deployed for this. For example, installing the low cost Architect for Systems Engineers version for most users, and providing instructions on how to launch the Designer shortcut from Start menu for those that need it. Some organizations will simply deploy the same Edition to all machines to make it simpler. For large organizations they may have a token license pool. The token pool would need to include the particular editions for them to be usable from the pool. WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  9. 9. Installing Developer 2/2 • Further advice should be sort when wanting to mix opening the same project with different software language editions, e.g. using Developer in C with Designer Edition, as Designer will assume models are C++ under the hood, or assume Animation settings • Also, you may want to take care with switching between Rhapsody Architect for Software and Rhapsody Developer, as the former introduces restricts to modeling that may present themselves through settings/properties. Use of Rhapsody Architect for Systems (for general modelers) with Designer Edition (for those wanting to do simulation), however, works quite well. It all depends what you want to do and the size of the community that you want to support WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  10. 10. 64 vs 32 bit • Rhapsody has both a 64 bit and 32 bit versions. Both 64 and 32 bit versions are downloadable from the evaluable link. • Don’t be blasé about thinking that it is better to install the 64 bit, rather check what you need (as uninstalling will take time). Some integrations will not work with 64 bit. In particular, those that require 32 bit DLLs such as MSCCI integrations to certain SCM tools). See: • Both the 64 and 32 bit versions of Rhapsody work with the RTC Client (64 bit) for model management (Rhapsody Model Manager) and hence I’d consider it reasonable to use the 64 bit version for 8.4 onwards • The main benefits of 64 bit are speed. Also, as Rhapsody generally works by reading model into memory, so a tiny minority of customers will be able to increase the size of their models to monolithic proportions with the 64 bit version, should they wish WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  11. 11. Things to be installed • These instructions provide guidance on installing Rhapsody Designer for Systems Engineers Edition (64 bit) with: ◦ Simulation support for animating and executing systems models using the Cygwin gcc compiler toolchain (to support system simulation). ◦ Also installed are a number of key Add-Ons. In particular the Gateway Add On which provides synchronization of requirements with Rational DOORS, Word and Excel documents. ◦ Use of an open-source SysMLHelper add-in that shows ability to extend Rhapsody using Profiles and/or a Java API. This is used to varying degrees in training provided by MBSE Training and Consulting Ltd, hence this needs to be installed for training • Rhapsody is usually released every 6 months. The Rhapsody version assumed here is 8.4 (released 23 April 2019) with iFix 001 (but check for latest). • Cygwin gcc is a set of Open Source tools. It is not provided by IBM or part of the IBM toolset, rather it is one of the compilers that Rhapsody supports. Microsoft Visual Studio is also supported. Cygwin delivers the open source standard Red Hat GNU gcc compiler and gdb debugger on Windows. WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  12. 12. iFixes • iFixes are what IBM calls patches to Generally Available (GA) releases. A summary of Rhapsody iFixes can be found here. However, it may not be up to date so you should check out Fix Central!: • Tip: A carefully formed google search will usually help you find IBMs Fix Central website. If you are forming a deployable package, then consider these in your package (you don’t need to be a customer access Fix Central) WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  13. 13. Fix Central • Do a search for IBM Rational Rhapsody iFixes on Fix Central: WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  14. 14. Fix Central • Select the latest iFix for 8.4 and click Continue WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  15. 15. Sign in • Sign in if not already signed in (or create an IBMid) WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  16. 16. Download the • Click to download the WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  17. 17. Download the Readme.html • Click to download the Readme.html • It contains detailed instructions on installing the iFix (which involve more than just running the installer) WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  18. 18. Downloading the Cygwin gcc compiler installation files INSTRUCTIONS TO GET FILES NEEDED WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.CO M
  19. 19. Cygwin • Locate the Cygwin home page: WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  20. 20. Download setup.exe • Download and run the setup-x86.exe. Choose the 32-bit installer (I’m suggesting this just for consistency with existing installs) • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  21. 21. Choose a download source • Choose Download Without Installing • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  22. 22. Select local package directory • Choose a location for the installation files (your choice) • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  23. 23. Select your internet connection • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  24. 24. Choose a download site • Choose a mirror site (probably doesn’t matter which one but a UK site may feel better) • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  25. 25. Expand the Devel tools category • Ensure you’re viewing by Category • Expand the Developer tools tree. We need to select the specific components we want WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  26. 26. • Toggle to install the following: • 1. gcc-g++: GNU Compiler Collection (C++) • 2. gdb: The GNU Debugger • 3. make: The GNU version of the ‘make’ utility • Click Next > Select packages WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  27. 27. Resolving dependencies • Cygwin will identify the dependent components automatically • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  28. 28. Progress • The download will start. Wait for it to complete WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  29. 29. Installation complete • Click Finish when download is complete WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  30. 30. Locate the download files • The files will have been copied locally. If you want to use these to install on multiple machines then this folder hierarchy can be transferred. You will also need the setup-x86.exe installation tool, hence you could copy this also to the machines that need it WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  31. 31. Installing Cygwin gcc compiler using the setup-x86.exe INSTALLING USING DOWNLOADED FILES WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.CO M
  32. 32. • Double-click to launch the setup-x86.exe again • Click Next > Cygwin Setup WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  33. 33. Choose a download source • Click Install from Local Directory • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  34. 34. Select root install directory • Keep the default C:cygwin root folder • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  35. 35. Select local package directory • Now browse to the folder where you downloaded the Cygwin files to in the previous section (it should remember) • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  36. 36. Click packages to install • Select gcc-g++: GNU Compiler Collection (C++), gdb: The GNU Debugger, and make: The GNU version of the ‘make’ utility (as before) • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  37. 37. Cygwin Setup – Resolving Dependencies • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  38. 38. Progress • Installation will commence WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  39. 39. Installation complete • Click Finish WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  40. 40. Optional: Testing gcc and make are installed • Launch a Command Prompt and browse to the C:cygwinbin folder • Type gcc followed by return. A “no input files” message should appear • Type make followed by a return. A “No targets specified… ” message should appear WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  42. 42. Extract the files • The Rhapsody installer is packaged as a compressed file. Unzip the file to a local folder by right-clicking and choose Extract All… for the • … then click to Extract on the dialog that launches WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  43. 43. • Right-click the setup.exe file and choose Run as administrator (this can help avoid issues with permissions) • Choose language, e.g. English (United States) and click OK Run setup.exe (as administrator) WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  44. 44. Welcome to the wizard • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  45. 45. Software license agreement • Assuming you do, click I accept the terms in the license agreement • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  46. 46. Choose Edition • Ensure IBM Rational Rhapsody Developer is selected (even if you’re going to use one of the other Editions – this will install all the Editions in the Start menu) • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  47. 47. Choose languages • Select C++ and C (the assumption is that we are installing for systems engineering purposes only (C++) but since the Cygwin compiler includes C we may as well check the box) • Choose Development environment and RTOS setting and click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  48. 48. Destination Folder • A number of options are now possible that may choose depending on your admin rights and Windows User Access Control (UAC) – see next slide • Choose to Install for All Users WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM Rhapsody can’t be installed in a single location under “Program Files” due to system restrictions. Fundamentally, Rhapsody will need to install some installation folders in an area that has read-write access (this is important)
  49. 49. Silent installation options • Information on silently installing Rhapsody is in the on-line Help: • m.rhp.installing.doc/topics/rhp_c_iu_silent_sw_installation.html • E.g., You can use "ALLUSERSINSTALL=1" to install read-write part in ProgramData and read-only part in Program Files WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  50. 50. Installation choices (for information only) • Either, 1. Install for single user, not in one location (default) • Or 2: Install for all users, and Program Files • Or 3: Install in one location WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM The read-only area goes into Program Files and read-write area goes into C:/Users/<username> The read-only area goes into Program Files and read-write area goes into C:/ProgramData/ The read-only and read-write areas goes into same folder but folder cannot be in Program Files, e.g., C:/Rhapsody84/
  51. 51. Destination folder • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM If you’re packaging Rhapsody and the IT policy is to install for all users, option 2, then further steps may be required to get windows to show the C:/ProgramData folder and make the IBM subfolder writable to users (see later slides)
  52. 52. Development environment paths • Rhapsody will now check your registry to see what compilers are installed. • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  53. 53. Development environment paths • Rhapsody should’ve automatically found the C:cygwin compiler folder and marked it with a green tick (if not, you may have a problem) • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  54. 54. Add-on installation • A number of add-ons we need are not installed by default. Choose to install all add-ons by right-clicking on the root • For example, click This feature, and all subfolders, will be installed on the local machine WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  55. 55. Add on choices • Click Next > WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM In the screenshot on the left I’ve chosen to install everything on the basis that if there’s a license I’d be to use the feature without needing to re-install. Also, for training, it may be needed
  56. 56. Notes on Add Ons 1/3 • Important: Some of these add-on products require separately purchased licenses. In case you’re interested: • Rational Rhapsody Gateway Add On - Requirements Traceability connects Rational Rhapsody to IBM Rational DOORS®, IBM Rational RequisitePro®, and other requirements authoring tools provided by other vendors for requirements traceability throughout the lifetime of a project, and to navigate online between the design and the requirements. Basic export to Rational DOORS and Rational RequisitePro is included in base products. Advanced bidirectional Rational DOORS and Rational RequisitePro synchronization, impact analysis, coverage analysis, and integration with other authoring tools is included with the IBM Rational Rhapsody Tools and Utilities Add On. • Rational Rhapsody XMI Toolkit - XML Metadata Interchange imports and exports model information to or from other tools and is part of the Rational Rhapsody Tools and Utilities Add On. • Systems Engineering Add On provides functions to assist in the development of SysML and Harmony profile projects. WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  57. 57. Notes on Add Ons 2/3 • Rational Rhapsody TestConductor Add On provides model-driven testing to automate testing tasks; defines tests with code and graphically with sequence diagrams, statecharts, activity diagrams, and flowcharts; and runs the tests interactively or in batch mode. • Rational Rhapsody Automatic Test Generation Add On is the engine in the Rational Rhapsody Testing Environment that verifies the functionality of the system. It uses the UML model information and the generated source code as the basis for analysis and to create executable test cases. • Automotive, AUTOSAR system authoring and behavioral design and AutomotiveC profile provides support for development of applications including behavior for AUTOSAR with Rational Rhapsody Developer for C and includes the AutomotiveC, AUTOSAR, and FixedPoint profiles. This includes the AUTOSAR profiles for designing AUTOSAR with Rational Rhapsody Architect for Software in the C and C++ languages, and Rational Rhapsody Architect for Systems Engineers and Rational Rhapsody Designer for Systems Engineers. WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  58. 58. Notes on Add Ons 3/3 • Rhapsody Model Manager is an add-on that extends the Rational Rhapsody application to support connecting with the Rhapsody Model Manager (RMM) Server (Jazz/am application). Rhapsody 8.4 was released in alignment with the Jazz server release (see • Design Manager Importer enables transfer of OSLC links from the repository-based Rhapsody Design Manager solution to the new file-based Rhapsody Model Manager (which is based on RTC file-based work-flows). Note: If you’ve never installed Jazz/dm servers in your organisation then you could safely skip this WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  59. 59. Specify license path • If you already have DOORS installed and are using the same FlexLM server to host Rhapsody then select I will supply license information later (as you will already have the TELELOGIC_LICENSE_FILE variable set-up with the server name) • If this is a fresh install on stand-alone machine then you may need to use the evaluation license to test the install so browse to this file instead. Click Next > when ready WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  60. 60. Ready to install the program • De-select create desktop shortcut. We don’t want this as we want to launch Designer Edition rather than Developer by default (or accident). Click Install WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  61. 61. InstallShield Wizard completed • Installation will commence and complete (circa 5 mins). Wait for the installation to complete WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  62. 62. InstallShield Wizard completed • Click Finish when done (alas, we are not yet finished!) WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  63. 63. Troubleshooting • Note: Failure to install correctly, e.g. dll’s not being registered, may be the result of failure to install all the necessary visual studio re-distributables: visual-c-downloads. This can result in issues with Gateway and/or reporterPlus: http://www- WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM In theory the installer should detect this, and install the necessary prerequisites if you run the setup.exe. However, in some cases it may be necessary to download and install manually
  65. 65. Read the Readme.html for the iFix • Follow the instructions for installing the iFix. The following slides provide the steps that I do. • Note: I have skipped keeping the back-up of RTCIntegration and RMM folders in the following slides as, if I wanted to revert the iFix, I could just re-install from scratch WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  66. 66. Launch cmd.exe as an administrator WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM • Unzip the • Browse to and run C:WindowsSystem32cmd.exe with administrator privileges to open a command prompt (don't use cmd.exe that is located under C:WindowsSysWOW64)
  67. 67. Run setup.bat • Using the command prompt, switch to the directory containing setup.bat and run setup.bat WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  68. 68. Start the installation • Click Update > to proceed WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  69. 69. Install and finish • Wait for it to complete and then Finish WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  70. 70. Wait for further mods to complete • The Cmd window will proceed with some further modifications WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  71. 71. Check the patch installed ok • Check that there are no errors or warnings • Make a note of the log file location before closing the window WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  73. 73. How to unhide ProgramData folder • If you chose option 2, to Install for All Users … • … then the read-write part will have been installed into C:/ProgramData, which may be hidden by Windows. You may need to set the Windows the Folder options to Show hidden files, folders and drives WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  74. 74. Giving read-write to the ProgramData folders used • If you installed for All users (option 2) and you are not an Administrator for your machine then you will need to talk to your IT department to give Users Full control, of the C:ProgramDataIBMRationalRhapsody8.4x64 contents • You don’t need to do this if you installed with the default installation location WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  75. 75. Locate the rhapsody.ini file • With Rhapsody closed, locate the rhapsody.ini file in the Rhapsody installation folder • If you installed for all users then this will be in C:/ProgramData/IBM/Rational/Rhapsody/8.4x64 • Create a Copy as a backup (a good habit to get into) • Important: If, for some reason, you edit the rhapsody.ini but cannot save it then it is probable that you will need to go back to the previous two slides on making sure that you have Full control of the 8.4x64 folder contents WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  76. 76. Locate the rhapsody.ini file • Click to Edit in Notepad WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM Be careful not to edit the rhapsody.ini file while Rhapsody is running as the rhapsody.exe will try and write to it, and you don’t want to corrupt it
  77. 77. Change the DefaultEdition • The DefaultEdition is the edition that is launched when you double-click on a project (.rpyx) file in Windows, as opposed to opening a project from Rhapsody. In this instance it is assumed that the default edition for training is Designer for Systems Engineers (which supports simulation) • Locate the DefaultEdition property in [General] section and change it to SystemDesigner WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  78. 78. Add two recent project related properties • Add the lines NumberOfRecentFiles=8 and MaxDisplayLength=-1 to the [General] section of the .ini file • This becomes useful when you have same named projects in your recent projects list in different folders (which is common in training as labs are in different folders, -1 means unlimited length of characters) WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  79. 79. Allow the Add New Property button • Optionally, add the line AllowAddNewProperty=true to the [General] section WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM This is a bit Advanced, but does become useful when working with NewTerm stereotypes and wanting to show different default display options for new terms vs built in types
  80. 80. Change the DefaultEdition and ProjectsDirectory • So that Rhapsody create new projects in a particular folder, create the folder and add a ProjectsDirectory= line to the [General] section: • This means that the New Folder dialog will initially default to this folder (rather than an installation folder) • Note: For training you might want to set this as the Desktop rather than a My Documents folder, ProjectsDirectory=C:Users<username>Desktop. For my own installation, I usually use a version specific folder, ProjectsDirectory= C:Users<username>DocumentsRhapsody84Projects • Exit Notepad and Save the changes to the .ini file • WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  82. 82. Test the default edition setting • Browse to the C:ProgramDataIBMRationalRhapsody8.4Samples SystemSamplesTollRoad folder in the read-write part of the install • Double-click the TollRoad.rpy file to open Rhapsody • Click No when asked if you want to upgrade unit format WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  83. 83. Test the default edition setting • The project will open. Verify from the title bar that Designer for Systems Engineers launches as the default edition (not Developer) WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  84. 84. Test launching the Gateway • Return to the Rhapsody project, right-click in the browser and choose Rational Rhapsody Gateway > Open WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  85. 85. IBM Rational Rhapsody Gateway launches • The Rhapsody Gateway user interface should launch. This is a good test that it is installed and licensed (it is part of the Tools & Utilities Add On) • Select File > Exit to close it (or click the X in top right to close the Window) WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  86. 86. Open the Features for the DefaultConfig • Return to the Rhapsody TollRoad project and expand the Components category to locate the DefaultComponent > DefaultConfig configuration • Right-click the DefaultConfig and choose Features • Click on the Settings tab WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  87. 87. Change the Environment setting to Cygwin • Scroll down to the locate the Environment setting. Change the setting from MVSC to Cygwin WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  88. 88. CPP_CG::Cygwin::CPU • Go to the properties tab for the DefaultConfig and filter by ‘CPU’ to locate the CPP_CG::Cygwin::CPU property. If you chose to install 64 bit Rhapsody then this will be set to x64. Our Cygwin version is 32 bit, however • Clear x64 bit from the value WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  89. 89. Change the Environment setting to Cygwin • Scroll down to the locate the Environment setting. Change the setting from MVSC to Cygwin • Click OK • Locate the simulation tools menu bar. Click the Smart Build icon to invoke the compiler and start the build WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  90. 90. Create a new folder • Click Yes when asked whether to create a folder for the build • The build should start (you may get warnings about animation library that are raised by the linker) WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  91. 91. Verify animation toolbar appears • A console window should appear (don’t close it). Return to Rhapsody and an animation toolbar will have appeared. This indicates the installation is good to go • Click the red Stop button in the Animation toolbar to close the simulation. The console window should disappear WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  92. 92. Duplicate section warnings from compiler • Removing ‘duplicate section’ warnings • When the application builds Rhapsody will link with a library installed. This will work but if there is a mismatch between the compiler used you may get duplicate section linker warnings. WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  93. 93. Create Execution Environment • To remove the warnings you need to recompile the framework with your installed Cygwin compiler version • To do this choose Simulation > Create Execution Environment WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  94. 94. Check that warnings are removed • Wait for the environment to rebuild itself (this can take a while, 5-10 mins) WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  95. 95. Verify linker warning are removed • Choose Full Build to rebuild the TollRoad’s DefaultConfig configuration again and verify Linker warnings are removed (in the Log pane of the Output window) • Click the red button in the Animation toolbar to close the simulation. The console window should disappear • Close Rhapsody (and Save the changes) WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  96. 96. Browse to the Start menu • Open a File Explorer and browse to the Start Menu for Rhapsody • C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsIBM RationalIBM Rational Tools • A number of shortcuts are provided underneath here WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  97. 97. IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.4 64bit subfolder • Go into the IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.4 64bit subfolder WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  98. 98. Create a desktop shortcut for Rhapsody DiffMerge • For the useful shortcuts we’re going to create a copy on the Desktop and pin to the taskbar to make them easy to launch • Right-click Rational Rhapsody DiffMerge and choose Send to > Desktop (create shortcut) WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  99. 99. Create shortcut for Designer Edition • Locate the Rhapsody shortcut in the 8.4x64 > Rational Rhapsody Designer for Systems Engineers subfolder • Right-click the Rhapsody shortcut (in the correct folder!) and choose Send to > Desktop (create shortcut) WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  100. 100. Rename shortcut • Press [Window+D] to switch to the Desktop • Rename the Rhapsody shortcut to Rhapsody Designer for Systems Engineers 8.4 64bit to make it clearer which edition this is launching (a similar approach could be taken if you wanted to use Architect for Systems Engineers) • If desired, right-click and choose Pin to Taskbar WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  101. 101. Finally, test the shortcut • Launch the shortcut your going to use (e.g. from taskbar) to ensure that the Designer for Systems Engineers Edition is launched • Phew, we’re done. Have a cup of tea ;-) • Note: The shortcut for launching Designer for Systems Engineers ends rhapsody.exe" –system_designer –lang=cpp • The shortcut for launching Architect for Systems Engineers edition ends rhapsody.exe" -system_architect -lang=cpp WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  103. 103. Go to • Go to to find the link to the profile on GitHub (plus latest information on changes). • Locate the latest release on Github (or the version for that matches the training material you’ve been given – so that screenshots will match). WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  104. 104. Download the Source code zip • Download the Source code zip from Github WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  105. 105. Unzip and Copy folder • Unzip it to locate the SysMLHelper folder. • Right-click and Copy the folder to the clipboard. WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  106. 106. Paste into the Profiles folder • Paste the SysMLHelper folder into your Profiles folder. This will either be in: C:ProgramDataIBMRationalRhapsody8.4x64ShareProfiles (for an all user install of 64 bit 8.4) WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  107. 107. Test the profile • To test the profile launch Rhapsody and create a new project • Select the ExecutableMBSEProfile from the Project Type pull-down list WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  108. 108. Check the log window • When the project is created verify that the profile was added and that the Log window is showing that the Java plugin was successfully loaded WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  109. 109. Create a Use Case package structure • Right-click the project and choose MBSE Method: Requirements Analysis > Create a Use Case package structure • Click Yes to proceed WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  110. 110. Issues • Any issues then email me: fraser.chadburn WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  111. 111. View the results • The helper creates and opens a UCD WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  112. 112. Plugin overrides the double-click • Double-click the UCD and click Yes to create the AD WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  113. 113. Driver turns engine on • Add some receive action text… • … and an action WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  114. 114. Create new requirement • Right-click the action and choose MBSE Method: Requirement Analysis > Create new requirement WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  115. 115. Create the FunctionalAnalysisPkg > Full Sim • Right-click on the project and choose MBSE Method: Functional Analysis > Create the FunctionalAnalysisPkg > Full Sim WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  116. 116. Confirm creation • Click Yes and Yes to confirm WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  117. 117. Populate a ‘system’ block package • Change the Block name to ‘Vehicle’ and the actor name to ‘Driver_Vehicle’ • Click OK to copy the AD WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  119. 119. View the AD • A working copy AD is created WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  120. 120. Click Smart Build to build • Click Smart Build to build the simulation environment and check that compiler is working WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  121. 121. Simulation should launch • It should Build and Link WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  122. 122. Click Go in the Simulation toolbar • Click Go in the Simulation toolbar WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  123. 123. Check Webify is working • Open a Web browser and type localhost. Verify that Webify toolkit is working (and licensed) – e.g. screenshot below appears with a panel that allows events to be generated WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  124. 124. Click to Stop the simulation • Click to Stop the simulation • At this point we have some assurance that everything is working, e.g., ◦ Gateway launches and is licensed (also that the /RegServer is set correctly) ◦ Cygwin compiler is installed and working (to allow system simulations to be built) ◦ The SysMLHelper plugin works and Java plugin loads ok ◦ The Webify toolkit is working (and licensed) ◦ Thumbs up! (this is advanced stuff you now have access to play with) WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  125. 125. Who am I? Fraser Chadburn fraser.chadburn@ Live in Warwickshire, UK 12+ years as technical expert in Rhapsody • Work history: ◦ British Aerospace Systems & Equipment, Plymouth (fast-jet s/w) ◦ Raytheon Systems Canada, Vancouver (CAATS ATMS)* ◦ Xerox Technical Centre Europe, WGC (Multifunction devices)* ◦ WWG/Acterna, Plymouth (Telecoms)* ◦ DS&S, Derby (Rail)* ◦ Artisan Software Tools, Cheltenham (UML/SysML Tool Vendor)** ◦ Telelogic / IBM Rational UK, Warwick (Tool Vendor)** ◦ Independent trainer/consultant/contractor (MBSE)** • Other points: PGCE (Cambridge) WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.CO M
  126. 126. • Release history of Rhapsody 8 releases can be found here: Rhapsody release information WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  127. 127. System requirements for Rhapsody/Jazz • Up-to-date system requirements reports can be dynamically generated using IBM’s Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR) tool: • orProduct.html WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  128. 128. Further help on installation • You should not need this as steps are provided but for the record: • Rhapsody 8.4: hp.installing.doc/topics/rhp_c_iu_rational_rhp_installation.html • As an aside: If you want to try Rhapsody in Ada then install your Ada compiler first. The GNAT GPL compiler can be downloaded from: WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  129. 129. Installing more than one version at the same time • E.g. 8.3.1 and 8.3 • This has been done by Rhapsody techies for years, for demo and testing purposes. However, there are some caveats and generally it is bad idea if user does not have admin rights. Main issues are with add-ons, and require the user to switch .dlls by running a command line command as administrator (rhapsody.exe /RegServer). See: • • • • Importantly, the main issue you will face is with add-ons that use the API, including Java. They may not work at all or may work with unexpected results because they are calling the wrong Java API • As such, unless the user has admin and is able to switch the /RegServer, it is recommended to uninstall the previous version before installing the later version WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM
  130. 130. • Browse to C:Program FilesIBMRationalRhapsody8.4Gatewaybin.w32 • Run Notepad as administrator and open the rg.ini file and add the text: [DOORS] ProgressiveHierarchyLoading=1 For info: If you have huge DOORS database… Note: These steps may not be required. However, it is recommended to make them now to avoid known issues. For more info see: http://www- ew.wss?uid=swg21605891 WWW.MBSETRAINING.COM/WWW.EXECUTABLEMBSE.COM