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Blog titlesreflection


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Blog titlesreflection

  1. 1. January 8, 2012Objective: To understand how your group coursework blog is marked
  2. 2. Given UploadedAssignment Video to Youtube
  3. 3. Group Blog• Purpose of the blog is to ‘track’ the journey of coursework production task.• 20 Marks• Must show a wealth of evidence that ‘fulfil’ the six areas set by the exam board• Entries must be tagged and organised• Entries must be routinely done
  4. 4. Research and Planning Marking Criteria (How your Group Blog is Marked) Four Levels—Minimal, basic, proficient, excellent• Planning and research evidence.• Work on shotlists, layouts, drafting, scripting or storyboarding.• Organisation of actors, locations, costumes or props.• Time management.• Use of digital technology or ICT in the presentation.--B• Communication skills—P (low)• Care in the presentation of the research and planning. B/P
  5. 5. January 10, 2013Objective: To learn the marking criteria for theAS coursework.
  6. 6. AS Coursework Task• The opening title sequence to a fiction film, no longer 2 minutes.• Know the story…show the opening.• Don’t do cliché ideas (man with a hoody chasing a girl).• Four Levels• 60 marks
  7. 7. Coursework Marking Criteria• Producing material appropriate for the target audience and task• Using titles appropriately according to institutional conventions• Using sound with images and editing appropriately for the task set• Shooting material appropriate to the task set; including controlled use of the camera, attention to framing, variety of shot distance and close attention to mise-en-scene.• Using editing so that meaning is apparent to the viewer and making selective and appropriate use of shot transitions and other effects.
  8. 8. Levels• Level 1 0–23 marks—The work for the main task is possibly incomplete. There is minimal evidence in the work of the creative use of the areas• Level 2 24–35 marks—There is evidence of a basic level of ability in the creative use of some of the areas• Level 3 36–47 marks—There is evidence of proficiency in the creative use of many of the areas• Level 4 48–60 marks—There is evidence of excellence in the creative use of most of the areas