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3 canteen


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3 canteen

  1. 1. The last recording was done in the canteen to how the sound differs from the other two acoustics. The main background that we can hear is the humming sound of the vending machines, which quietened Emilys voice as it was competeing with the sound, and overpowered the voice. The sound was reflected a lot in this area because of the metal tables, which mad it louder. But there is quite a few obstacles that absorb the sound too such as the wooden chairs and wooden floor. This made it louder from the roecordings from the corrider and outside. Because of the confined space, the sound was kept within this part of the canteen which made the sound louder.The brick walls stop the sound fromtravelling any further because theyare made out of brick and cannotabsorb the sound, so it stops itinstantly. This makes the soundappear louder. The wooden chairs and floor absorb the sound, and the metal tables reflects the sound back to where it came from which makes the sound louder,