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IG4 Assignment Brief Final Major Project 2013


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IG4 Assignment Brief Final Major Project 2013

  1. 1. Qualification Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionUnit number and title Unit 4Creative Media Production Management ProjectStart date Monday 14th January, 2013Deadline Monday 15th April, 2013Assessor name Iain GoodyearAssignment title IG4 – Final Major ProjectThe purpose of this assignment is to:Originate, develop and research an idea for a media product.Pitch a proposal for a media product.Manage a production process to create a media product.ScenarioAs a media production specialist approaching the end of your two year programme of study, the timehas come to demonstrate your ability in managing an independently devised production through thestages of pre-production, production and post-production.You must devise initial ideas and select one that you will further develop using a broad combination ofskills that you have acquired over the past two years of studying your BTEC extended diploma.The project must in some way relate to one or more disciplines across video, audio, motion graphics,photography and graphic design.You must demonstrate that you are able to plan in advance all stages of production and adhere to aproduction schedule that you yourself have devised.You must also, if encountered, evidence how you adapt to changes in your production schedule andovercome production difficulties.Good luck! 1
  2. 2. Tasks Grading Criteria MappingTask 1Use idea generation techniques including mind maps and spider diagrams and any other Unit 4: P1/M1/D1appropriate methods to come up with some initial ideas for a specific media production.Task 2Prepare a pitch Unit 4: P2/M2/D2 finalise ideas for their media product prepare a proposal prepare a presentation including delegate notes and presenter’s notes give the presentation in the form of a pitch to the tutor and peersTask 3Use pre-production techniques to draw up plans for your chosen production. Unit 4: P3/M3/D3You must include the following (specific to your production idea): Risk assessment Storyboards Shooting schedules Script Production Diary Location recognisance Production schedules Contingency Plans Shot Logs Layout plans Test shots / sequencesTask 4Produce the media production as per the brief. Unit 4: P3/M3/D3 2
  3. 3. Unit 4 Creative Media Production Management Project (Level 3)P1: originate, develop and M1: originate, develop and D1:originate, develop andresearch an idea for a media research an idea for a media research an idea for a mediaproduct working within product showing some product showing creativityappropriate conventions and imagination and with only and flair and workingwith some assistance occasional assistance independently to professional expectationsP2: pitch a proposal for a M2: pitch a proposal for a media D2:pitch a proposal for amedia product with some product competently with media product to a nearappropriate use of subject generally correct use of subject professional standardterminology and with some terminology and with only consistently using subjectassistance occasional assistance terminology correctly and working independently to professional expectationsP3: manage a production M3: manage a production process D3:manage a production processprocess competently to create a media to near-professional standardsto create a media product product to a good technical to create a media product,working within appropriate standard, showing some showing creativity and flairconventions and with some imagination and with only and working independentlyassistance. occasional assistance. to professional expectations. 3