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Fm wire ppt


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Fm wire ppt

  1. 1. www.fingermonkeywire.comProfile
  2. 2.  Smart-phones, Tablets, Social media are increasingly becoming the future of communication, commerce and entertainment. They’re nifty, sophisticated and versatile. Last but not least, we all have them and can’t do without them. If you browse around the world-wide-web, you will find very few and far- between sites that give you a comprehensive view of what’s going on in the world of Technology. The sites that do offer information are those that throw in a great deal of technology jargon, usually way past an ordinary every day consumer like you and me. That only serves to boggle the mind further and leave the reader more confused than ever.About Us
  3. 3.  FMWire or Finger Monkey Wire, is written for the youth assisting them in making informed decisions before putting money down when purchasing a phone,laptop,printer (hardware) or a software like a mobile app and even knowing what social media site to register an account on. The e- zine employs women with technical backgrounds or who are just plain technology enthusiasts – a far cry from the world of technology which is otherwise male dominated! Site Content has Video Reviews Celebrities and Gadgets Tablet, Laptop, Printers and other accessory reviews Apps Downloads Social Media News; local and international Prizes and give aways from telecom companies Smartphone Tips and Tricks Game Reviews and Downloads And much more … The name comes from the super-cute tiny mammal, the Pygmy Marmoset, the finger sized monkey that lives in the tropical forests of South America. The name alludes to the fact that today we use our fingers to socialize, do business, entertain.Who is FMWire?
  4. 4. The Team of Editors and Writers Writers:Founder & Writer: Arush Rehman Nourin Khalid Palvashae Hussain Sana Irum Hajra Zahir Hina ZahirEditor & Writer: Anza Khalid Designer: Saadia FatimaTeam
  5. 5.  That is what makes Finger Monkey Wire unique all our writers and Editors are female software engineers or technology enthusiasts. A Pakistani International Smartphone E-Zine with female tech journalists. Gives a soft image to our nation showing we value women in the software and IT industry!Our Work
  6. 6.  Below are the Google Analytics Stats for FMWire 48.15% are new Visitors and 51.85% are returning readers. We also have over 1,000 hits a day! From Dec 2011 to Jan 2012FMWire’s Google Stats
  7. 7.  Those demographics look good plus we get a lot of readership coming from our Facebook page we target social media such as Facebook as well with our content.  Check us Out on Facebook:  from Facebook
  8. 8.  Advertising on FMWire is easy. By advertising with us you can brand your product and reach out to a large Pakistani audience that frequents our site daily. Please have a look at the accompanying PDF document that outlines our AD Banner rates.Advertising Opportunities
  9. 9.  If you have any further questions or inquiries please contact us:  Thank You!Thank You