Arizona chefs move to schools


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Interested in learning more about the Chefs Move To Schools program in Arizona? Learn more about the program and how to get started in your community from these step by step presentations.


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  • By registering, you will gain access to tools and resources to help you build an even stronger chef and school partnership.In the classroom, planting a school garden or teaching childrenIn the cafeteria, developing school menu items or providing culinary skills trainingSet up a meeting to develop a plan that meets the needs of the schools and students. Note: many schools require a lengthy background check and other security measures before allowing visitors on school grounds. Chefs and schools should follow district policies.
  •  Once you have agreed to partner, come back to the Chefs Move to Schools website and report your match! Paired chefs and schools may qualify for grant funding.
  • Already partnering with a chef or school?Be sure to register and create an official match on the Chefs Move to Schools website. By registering, you will gain access to tools and resources to help you build an even stronger chef and school partnership.
  • Arizona chefs move to schools

    1. 1. Arizona Chefs Move To Schools ACF AZ
    2. 2. What is Chefs Move To Schools?The Chefs Move To Schools program goalis to help solve childhood obesity andpromote healthier eating.The Chefs Move to Schools website is aresource platform for connecting chefsand schools.The ACF AZ is dedicated to this programand encourages all chefs and schools toparticipate.
    3. 3. How to Partner1. Register with Chefs Move to Schools and add yourself to the map. This way a school can easily pair with you.2. Find an interested school. If none available, we will talk about how to connect with a school in our getting started guide.3. Develop a plan as a team; chef and school.
    4. 4. How to Partner4. Report your match with Chefs Move to Schools. Once paired your program may qualified for grant funding.5. Share your success with Chefs Move To Schools & the ACF AZ. At the local level, we are committed to sharing the word in the media
    5. 5. Ready partner?• Are you a Chef? Chefs Register Here.• Are you a School? Schools Register Here.
    6. 6. National Sponsors
    7. 7. Ready to get started?Then view our getting started guide for informationand opportunities on how to get started with you localschool today.There are plenty of resources available we havegathered and put this information in one place to helpsupport you and this program for Arizona.Thank you for your interest andsupport of Chefs Move To Schools inArizona.