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Uo l euroed 26.06


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Uo l euroed 26.06

  1. 1. Getting ahead in your career inRomania or internationally with a University of London degree Prof. Dr. Anca Colibaba President of EUROED Foundation
  2. 2. EuroED Foundation is a high-quality standards educational institution, recognised nationally and internationally as a centre of academic excellence. EuroED is one of the most important non- governmentaleducational institutions in North-Eastern Romania
  3. 3. For more than 150 years, students across theworld have been able to study for University of London degrees in their home countries.
  4. 4. Today, there are over 50,000 UoL students worldwide.
  5. 5. The University of London’s reputation for high academic standards is based on the outstandingteaching and research of its world-renowned Colleges, which are responsible for the development and assessment of all our courses.
  6. 6. Why study these degrees? Curriculum is international in scope, giving you specialist expertise in a wide range of business-relevant subjects. Encourages independent thinking and helps you to understand how society, institutions and economic systems function. Choose from over 100 courses, so you can tailor your degree to your interests. Highly valued - graduates transfer to Masters programmes in prestigious universities e.g. LSE, Cambridge, Oxford, Cass Business School, Hong Kong University. Value for money Graduate entry and Access routes available Worldwide Access | Opportunity | International Standards
  7. 7. 10 key facts about your study with us1. You can gain a University of London degree from anywhere in the world.2. These degrees are internationally recognised, giving youan advantage in the job market, wherever your career takes you.3. You can rely on the quality of the content of your degree. All of the programmes were developed by London School of Economics, oneof the world’s leading social science universities.4. You gain specialist expertise in business relevant subjects, with aninternational perspective.5. Our degrees will help you to develop skills for the long term that employers value such as problem-solving, creative thinking, self-discipline and drive. Worldwide Access | Opportunity | International Standards
  8. 8. 10 key facts about your study with us6. You receive comprehensive study guides approved by LSE academics,as well as access to a wealth of online resources.7. You can study independently or choose additional study support fromUoL network of 70-plus teaching institutions worldwide thatmeet the UoL quality criteria.8. A wide range of entry points include fast track routes, for thosewho already have diplomas or an undergraduate degree.9. Graduates from these programmes go on to study Masters degreesat top universities worldwide.10. The programmes allow you to spread payments over your studyperiod. Worldwide Access | Opportunity | International Standards
  9. 9. Graduating from the University of London International Programmes• Final diploma shows you were registered with the University of London and awarded a University of London degree. It gives the name of the University of London College that conducted the examinations.• Graduates also receive a Diploma Supplement which: – includes a transcript of individual courses, marks and overall classification – provides information on the role of the Lead College, in this case LSE, and method of study – explains there is no difference between the standards of awards, whatever the study route.• Graduates can attend a Graduation Ceremony in London
  10. 10. Study optionsProgramme Diploma Structure Timescale/Fe esBSc Business Final diploma 12 courses 3 years awarded by University of £3,800 /year London &Diploma SupplementIndividual • 1 course 1 yearcourses - EMFSS CertificateEconomics, And credits £ 1000Management, for Master orFinance and the MBASocial Sciences(EMFSS)
  11. 11. BSc Business:Is this programme for me?This degree is for you IF YOU: are currently working as a manager and would like to develop your professional skills and knowledge are already working within a business and wish to progress to management level wish to gain an understanding of the different functional areas of business are interested in the business sector, the management profession or in starting your own business. Worldwide Access | Opportunity | International Standards
  12. 12. Individual courses - EMFSS Human resource managementAt the end of this course and having completed the essential reading andactivities students should be able to: describe the relationship between HRM and organisational performance and be able to critically evaluate the empirical evidence critically evaluate alternative perspectives on HR practices analyse the relationship between HR practices and their outcomes for the individual and organisation evaluate the effectiveness of different HR practices comment upon the limitations of the theories covered. Worldwide Access | Opportunity | International Standards
  13. 13. Individual courses - EMFSS Management and innovation of e-business At the end of this course and having completed the essential reading and activities students should be able to:- describe the social and legal context within which e-business has prospered- analyse and criticise the business models underlying e-business discuss the changingstructure of business-to-business e-business and the shifting role of intermediation- apply economic theories, such as transaction cost analysis, to explain the economics ofe-business- explain the interaction between the needs of business and the potential of e-businesstechnology to produce new organisational structures and different ways of working (e.g.outsourcing, mobile working and teleworking)- discuss the key innovations in business models, products and processes and how e-business contributes to innovation through, for example, open source development andopen innovation. Worldwide Access | Opportunity | International Standards
  14. 14. Individual courses - EMFSS Principles of marketing- describe the behavior of consumers from both an economic and psychological perspective.- discuss the function and effect of advertising/promotion from both an organizational and market-wide perspective.- describe the pricing behavior of firms in an uncertain environment where information maybe limited or wrong.- describe and analyze the marketing behavior of firms and consumers and make predictionsregarding such events as the success or failure of a new product or advertising campaign.These four themes will run throughout the unit.Students will be expected to acquire a knowledge and critical understanding of these four themesas well as the sub-topics which form a part of each theme. Worldwide Access | Opportunity | International Standards
  15. 15. How will I benefit from studying withthe University of London?
  16. 16. Support for your study
  17. 17. Study at EUROEDWe aim to give you as much choice as possibleabout how, when and where you study.
  18. 18. Studying with EUROED Foundation Classes are offered, part-time, daytime, evening or weekends Students receive stimulus and direct support from local staff Teaching content is provided by the London School of Economics Local staff offers support for training for the UoL international examinations Students interact and work with other students Students are helped to plan and structure their studies Localisation of tasks in own company and (if applicable) preparation for work in companies, etc.
  19. 19. How long will my study take?You can pace your studies to fit around your workand family commitments. You can choose between:  3 - 8 years for an undergraduate degree  1 year for an individual course
  20. 20. Am I eligible?(Undergraduate qualifications) Romanian Baccalaureate Pass, grade 6 minimum IELTS Level 6 overall (all sub-tests) at 5.5 minimum) Or CAE Or TOEFL 580
  21. 21. Am I eligible?(Postgraduate qualifications) A second class hons degree or equivalent from a recognised university; OR A first degree +G-MAT 550; OR A professional qualification + G-MAT 550 English at an advanced level (IELTS 6.5) MBA only: 3 years work experience required Alternative entry routes: - Postgraduate Certificate - 2 short courses
  22. 22. LONDON School of Economics at homeUndergraduate degrees in Economics,Management, Finance, Accounting, Business,Information Systems & Social Science
  23. 23. Academic direction:London School of Economics and PoliticalScience (LSE) LSE is regarded as an international centre of academic excellence and innovation in the social sciences. LSE’s excellence in research underpins the development of the programme.
  24. 24. Transferring to study in the UK Option to transfer to be an internal student in London (e.g.Goldsmiths) at end of any complete level if you pass all units. Assured entry and place to live if you apply and pay early. Contact UCAS to apply for transfer: Some fee scholarships available for those who transfer based on results.
  25. 25. Quality & standards Your success is built on our track record of academic excellence and integrity. This is derived from the international reputation of the Colleges of the University of London, and also from our consistent and robust quality assurance mechanisms. These ensure that your qualification is always of the same high academic standard, irrespective of where or how you studied. The high standing of our qualifications is valued and recognised by universities, employers and specific professional and statutory bodies. Our graduates are highly sought-after for their versatility and leadership skills in local and international companies and international professional services firms, including: NestleKPMG Time WarnerBritish GasIBM PriceWaterhouse CoopersUnited Nations ChevronWorld Health Organisation HitachiUNESCO Guardian LifeInternational Criminal Court in The Hague
  26. 26. How do I benefit? Combine working with studying – so you can apply your learning to your job straight away. Prepares you for leadership positions in the public and private sector. Gain expertise in international business & management. Enhance your ability to think strategically and analytically. Improve skills of reflection, communication, organisation and leadership.
  27. 27. Career progression and support LSE graduates are employed in a wide range of industries and the public sector. They have joined such prestigious organisations as HSBC, IBM, Accenture and Vodafone.
  28. 28. EUROED FOUNDATION ContactEuroEd Academic str. Florilor 1 C, 700513, Iasi, Romania Email: Tel: 0232 252 850 Facebook, Twitter: EuroEd Academic