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  1. 1. MEB MASTER IN EUROPEAN BUSINESS 1 Year / 2 Countries TheWorld’sFirstBusinessSchool(est.1819)
  2. 2. MEB-ESCPEurope 3 Contents Welcome to ESCP Europe: The European School with a Worldwide Vision A one-year programme across two countries The Master in European Business (MEB) Programme at a Glance.....6 International Education with a Wealth of Assets................................................7 6 ESCP Europe Campuses in Major European Cities.....................................8 3 Partner Institutions in the Growing Regions of the World.......................9 A Choice of Countries and Languages ...................................................................11 A programme with an MBA-style curriculum and a cross-cultural approach Business Reality and Managerial Attitude...........................................................12 A Comprehensive Curriculum ......................................................................................13 Academic Content..................................................................................................................14 A Cutting-Edge Faculty and Research....................................................................18 A gateway to an international career A Great Diversity of Profiles.............................................................................................20 The Careers Service: Committed to Students................................................... 21 Where Are the MEB Alumni Now?.............................................................................. 23 Alumni Insights From Around the World...............................................................24 Practical information Admission Requirements and Admission Process........................................ 26 Tuition Fees and Scholarships...................................................................................... 27 MEB Contacts............................................................................................................................29M E B G r a d u a t i o n C e re m o n y European Identity Global Perspective The World’s First Business School (est. 1819)
  3. 3. MEB-ESCPEurope 5 Studying the ESCP Europe MEB programme is a challenging endeavour. Founded in 1995, the MEB is a fast-track general management programme taught over 1 year in 2 countries of your choice. You can choose from the 6 ESCP Europe campuses and 3 partner institutions in China and India. The MEB is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). The MEB is a life-changing programme designed for young professionals. Based on an MBA-style curriculum with a cross-cultural approach, the MEB provides an excellent connection to the world of business and a solid foundation for an international career. You will receive a comprehensive education in the major fields of management, such as finance, marketing, accounting and strategy; you will work together with students from different nationalities (35-40 nationalities represented), educational and cultural backgrounds, an enriching personal development experience. The diversity of the class - profiles, backgrounds and nationalities - leads to a creative and innovative approach in the courses, company project and group works. There is no doubt that the MEB will be very rewarding for you both in terms of personal development and future career progression. We invite you to take the next step on the MEB journey and to embark in a learning experience like no other. Established in 1819, ESCP Europe is the oldest business school in the world. Its mission is to develop the next generation of transnational business leaders, preparing them to embrace the opportunities offered by cultural diversity. With its six urban campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw, ESCP Europe’s true European Identity enables the provision of a unique style of cross-cultural business education and a Global Perspective on international management issues. Through a combination of innovative pedagogy, cross-campus programmes and a research-active faculty, ESCP Europe is an essential contributor to the development of the transnational management culture so essential in today’s global business environment. Our network of 100 partner universities extends the School’s reach from European to worldwide. Triple-crown accredited (EQUIS, AMBA, AACSB), ESCP Europe welcomes 4,000 students and 5,000 executives from 90 different nations every year, offering them a wide range of general management and specialised programmes (Bachelor, Master, MBA, PhD and Executive Education). The School’s 45,000-strong alumni network counts members from 200 nationalities. Together with its long-standing relationships with national and multinational companies, this network allows ESCP Europe to provide unique career opportunities on an international scale. The aspiration of ESCP Europe is the credo of Europe: to remain faithful to its humanistic values while at the same time anticipating the new ways of the world. WELCOME TO ESCP EUROPEESCP EUROPE AT A GLANCE Prof. Véronique TRAN, Academic Director of the MEB Prof. Dr. Andreas KAPLAN Dean for Academic Affairs ESCP Europe Prof. Dr. Frank BOURNOIS Dean of ESCP Europe PascaleMARTINSAINT-ETIENNE Director of the MEB 6 ESCP Europe urban campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw The World’s First Business School (est. 1819) 100 academic alliances worldwide Regularly ranked among the world’s best business schools 4,000 students in degree programmes representing 90 different nationalities 5,000 high-level participants in customised training programmes and executive education More than 130 research-active professors representing over 20 nationalities 120 affiliate and visiting professors, and more than 700 practitioners and experts 45,000 active alumni in more than 150 countries worldwide Triple accredited: EQUIS, AMBA, AACSB
  4. 4. MEB-ESCPEurope 7 MEB-ESCPEurope 6 The Master in European Business (MEB) Programme at a Glance MEB Concept The MEB is a one-year programme in management across two countries of your choice. It is designed for young professionals who wish to acquire business skills and a professional mindset for a successful career in an international environment. Over two semesters, participants are given the opportunity to study in Europe (at one of the six ESCP Europe campuses) and with our partner institutions across the world: School of Management, Xiamen University (China); Beijing Foreign Studies University (China) and Management Development Institute (India). The MEB integrates all the functional areas of management and focuses on providing a practical, hands-on approach. Participants undertake group company consultancy projects and individual internships to gain transferable skills for the business world. Learning Outcomes Upon graduating from the MEB programme, students will have mastered how to: ■ Apply business skills and knowledge in a pragmatic manner, in a variety of organisational settings. ■ Draw upon rigorous understanding of key themes, theories, and debates as an aid to decision-making on issues such as globalisation, network organisations, corporate strategy and financial performance. ■ Understand and apply notions of corporate responsibility to different business environments. ■ Analyse performance across a business using both quantitative and qualitative techniques, as well as using statistics and statistical techniques. ■ Operate dynamically in a constantly changing business environment. ■ Work effectively and successfully in a team with people from different backgrounds, cultures and origins. ■ Show evidence of well-developed IT and communication skills. International Education with a Wealth of Assets Key Features ■ 1 year in general management based on an MBA-style curriculum ■ 2 different study locations in Europe and Asia ■ 1 internship or direct employment and 2 company consultancy projects All graduates leave with a degree MEB ESCP Europe, accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) in the category of Masters in Business and Management (MBM). In addition, the MEB offers double degrees with certain study tracks: ■ Grade de Master All MEB students holding a 4-year degree are eligible for the “Grade de Master” (300 ECTS credits) awarded by the French Ministry of Education, regardless of the tracks selected. ■ Master of Science (MSc) recognised by the Berlin Senat and the German Ministry of Education and Research: Students spending an additionnal term in Berlin may be granted an MSc (with additional requirements). Find more information on our website. Our partner institutions also deliver national degrees for those interested in international management positions across these economies: ■ Students spending the 1st semester at MDI and the 2nd at ESCP Europe will receive “Post-Graduate Diploma in International Management” from MDI. MEB students also can choose to take an extra semester at MDI to continue the programme of PGPIM from August 2016 to February 2017. Students having successfully completed all PGPIM requirements will receive the Post-Graduate Diploma in International Management delivered by MDI. The Diploma is recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and is equivalent to an MBA degree awarded by an Indian University. ■ School Certificate in international management delivered by School of Management, Xiamen University (China). ■ Certificate in International Business: Students having successfully met all MEB programme requirements (Semester 1 at MIB BFSU + Semester 2 at MEB ESCP Europe) will receive a Certificate in International Business delivered by BFSU. MEB students also can choose to take an extra semester at BFSU to continue the programme of International Business from September to next January (extra tuition fee of RMB ¥22500 are required) to achieve a Master degree of International Business with accomplishment of 6-month internship. A ONE-YEAR PROGRAMME ACROSS TWO COUNTRIES A ONE-YEAR PROGRAMME ACROSS TWO COUNTRIES TAKE THE JOURNEY THAT WILL SHAPE YOUR FUTURE!
  5. 5. MEB-ESCPEurope 9 MEB-ESCPEurope 8 3 Partner Institutions in the Growing Regions of the World ThePariscampusisconvenientlylocatedinthecentreofthe city. It is the largest of ESCP Europe’s five locations, hosting the greatest number of faculty and students. The School’s outstanding reputation and close relationships with leading international companies maximise internship and career prospects for students. With extensive on-campus facilities and over 50 active student clubs and associations, a strong sense of school spirit and community prevails. LocatedinWestHampsteadinnorthwestLondon,thiscampus offersstudentsstate-of-the-art facilitiesinatraditionalVictorian building. The bright city lights and the business community are onlyashorttuberideaway,whilethefashionableareaofWest Hampstead offers a broad cultural experience away from the hustleandbustleofinner-citylife. The Berlin campus is located near one of the historical centrepieces of Berlin, The Charlottenburg Castle. Located in baroque gardens, this monument overlooks the School’s beautiful late-19th century building. Throughout the year, there areeventsand conferencesonthelatestbusinessissues.The Berlin campus is a staatlich anerkannte wissenschaftliche Hochschulewithadegree-awardingcharter. Foundinaresidentialsuburb,theMadridcampusisanideal placeforstudentstofocustheirenergyonthedemandsofthe MEBprogramme.Thesurroundinggardensandparkssetthe scene for the hard work and personal reflection necessary during the development of managerial competences. The Torino campus is located in a beautiful building with modern facilities. Torino is one of the main business centres of the Italian economy, as well as a masterpiece of architecture and one of the favourite student cities in Italy. The Torino campus has strong relationships with a number of Italian and international companies, which contribute to its governance. Our campus is based at Kozminski University, located in Warsaw’s north-eastern district of Praga Północ. It is one of the city’s most historic neighbourhoods, with the art community and tourists alike drawn by its charm, museums and beautiful outdoor spaces. Kozminski University prides itself on providing world-class academic, social and sporting facilities for students at its 3.4 hectare. 6 ESCP Europe Campuses in Major European Cities The MEB programme reserves the right to make changes affecting policies, fees, curriculum or any other details specified in this publication. A ONE-YEAR PROGRAMME ACROSS TWO COUNTRIES A ONE-YEAR PROGRAMME ACROSS TWO COUNTRIES LONDON MADRID PARIS TURIN WARSAW BERLIN International Business School, Beijing Foreign Studies University (CHINA) Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) is a prestigious university in China under the direct leadership of the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is one of China’s top universities listed under the Project 985 and Project 211, both comprising top universities in China. Located in the Haidian District of Beijing, BFSU is divided into two campuses – the West Campus and the East Campus. International Business School (IBS) is one of the youngest and most dynamic schools at BFSU. Founded in 2001, IBS currently has more than 1,500 students including undergraduates, postgraduates, international students, and overseas foundation programs students. In the past 74 years, over 90,000 people have graduated from BFSU, who, after graduation, work as diplomats, translators/interpreters, businessmen, journalists, lawyers, bankers... Management Development Institute (INDIA) Located in Gurgaon, near the capital of New Delhi, MDI was established in 1973 and has consistently ranked among the top ten business schools in the country. MDI was the first Indian business school to receive global accreditation by the UK- based Association of MBAs (AMBA), putting MDI in the global league of business schools. Students studying at MDI may obtain the PDPIM degree under specific MDI requirements. The Diploma is recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and is equivalent to an MBA degree awarded by an Indian University. Please note that Semester 1 starts in July. School of Management, Xiamen University (CHINA) School of Management, Xiamen University (SMXU) is considered as one of the most selective universities in China. It was founded in 1921 by Mr. Tan Kah Kee in his beautiful hometown of Xiamen, a strategic location in relation to Taiwan. In 2003, it was ranked 3rd in the National Business Administration Discipline Evaluation. In 2004, the Institute for Finance and Accounting Studies was designated by the Ministry of Education as a Phase II 985 key project, an innovation base in philosophy, humanities and social science studies. In 2007, Business Administration of Xiamen University was awarded one of the first five ‘Level 1 National Key Disciplines’. SMXU is known as the “Cradle for CFOs in China”. Semester 1 at SMXU begins in July.
  6. 6. MEB-ESCPEurope 11 Semester 1 and Semester 2 must be spent in different countries, with at least one semester taking place at one of ESCP Europe’s campuses (Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw). Applicants will be tested in the study languages of each country chosen for Semester 1 and Semester 2 during the admission tests. We strongly encourage students to have or to acquire basic conversational skills in the language of their host country before joining the programme. Additional language lessons will be provided by the Semester 1 campuses to further strengthen these skills. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS High Academic Standards TEAMWORK With and for the Corporate World A Choice of Countries and Languages Diversity Intercultural Management Community * Please note that your choice of locations will depend upon your language skills and the availability of places at each campus. SEMESTER SEMESTER Berlin | German London | English Paris | French Turin | English Warsaw | English Beijing | English Gurgaon | English Xiamen | English Berlin | English London | English Madrid | English Paris | English 1 2 A ONE-YEAR PROGRAMME ACROSS TWO COUNTRIES SHAPE YOUR EXPERIENCE
  7. 7. MEB-ESCPEurope 13 MEB-ESCPEurope 12 The MEB provides an excellent connection to the world of business, and a solid foundation for an international management career across a wide range of sectors, organisations and positions. At the heart of the programme are both live company consultancy projects and professionnal mission (internship or direct employment) requirements. In their company consultancy projects, multinational teams of students are hired by a client company to provide solutions to some of the real issues they face. During their company internship, students work in a management training role within a client company. ■ Two company consultancy projects: These often involve widespread data collection, fieldwork, research and analysis, and strategic recommendations. They offer groups of students the experience of working together as a mullticulturalteam,underthesupervisionofacompanymanagerandanESCP Europe tutor, to meet the needs of their client. Recent projects have included an analysis of the future of global media brands, research on leveraged financial markets, and an investigation of Internet usage within European companies. Examples of company consultancy projects: (Technicolor) brand. Operators (EY). in Spain and improving P&G brands’ value equation and FMOT (Procter & Gamble). of a tool to predict the impact of change of facilities on service provision (Papworth NHS Hospital). Optimising contract management (Thales). ■ Professionnal mission (internship or direct employment): During the first semester, students are encouraged to begin their search for a minimum three-month internship. These important job-seeking skills are developed withtheprofessionalsupportofSchoolspecialistsintheCareersOfficeand the Alumni Association. Exposure to real-life business culture challenges and strengthens the skills and knowledge acquired in the MEB curriculum, and solidifies the student’s profile as a successful international manager. Private and group study (including further reading, case study preparation, coursework, development of presentations, and group projects) are likely to require at least 30 hours a week, in addition to excellent work habits and a high level of commitment. A Comprehensive Curriculum A PROGRAMME WITH AN MBA-STYLE CURRICULUM AND A CROSS-CULTURAL APPROACHA PROGRAMME WITH AN MBA-STYLE CURRICULUM AND A CROSS-CULTURAL APPROACH Business Reality and Managerial Attitude The MEB programme reserves the right to make changes affecting policies, fees, curriculum or any other details specified in this publication. Computer Skills Fundamentals of Mathematics Languages Professional Effectiveness Workshops ADDITIONAL MODULES (optional) TOTAL Approx. 550 hours (90 ECTS) INTERNSHIP OR DIRECT EMPLOYMENT Languages Professional Effectiveness Workshops ADDITIONAL MODULES (optional) Induction Seminar 1 18 Project Management 12 Quantitative Methods for Finance and Marketing 30 Financial Accounting 30 Principles of Marketing 30 Management Information Systems (MIS) 15 Operations Management & Supply Chain 15 Economics for Managers 30 International Business Strategy 30 Finance 30 Organizational Behaviour across cultures 15 Company Consultancy Project 1 COURSES HOURS COURSES HOURS Induction Seminar 2 15 Consumer Behaviour & New Product Development 30 European Business Environment 15 International Business Law 15 Management Accounting 15 Management Control 15 Financial Strategy 30 Leadership and Change Management 15 Ethics and CSR 15 International Management 30 Entrepreneurship & Innovation 15 Human Resources for Managers 15 Finance or Marketing elective 30 Company Consultancy Project 2 Closing Seminar SEMESTER SEMESTERCOUNTRY 1 COUNTRY 2 1 2
  8. 8. MEB-ESCPEurope 15 MEB-ESCPEurope 14 FINANCE This course is designed to provide students with the fundamental theoretical knowledge and tools of finance. The course is organised around one main concept: the value of assets on competitive markets. The first part of the course is devoted to a short study of the firm’s financial statements as a tool for decision making. The rest of the course covers the different applications of the NPV principle. After studying time value of money and interest calculations, NPV will be applied to asset valuations and investment projects selection. The opportunity cost of capital will be introduced as well as the link between risk and return. CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR & NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT This course addresses a fundamental aspect of marketing management, that of consumption, consumers, and buying decisions in Business-to-Consumer contexts. As such, it covers the main stages creating the consumption cycle: need emergence, information seeking and use, decision-making, buying behaviour, consumption experience, post-consumption judgement, and disposal. Participants are asked to acquire not only theoretical wisdom on consumption- related marketing decisions but also sensitivity to consumers’ experience in order to gain better interpretive power across market contexts. This course also addresses innovation from a consumer-centred perspective and starts with a thorough understanding of consumers and their experiences. Participants will closely follow the process of new product development, and thus develop practical skills through case studies and/or projects. MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING & CONTROL Management Accounting deals with the main approaches to cost accounting and cost allocation systems, enabling students to gain a good understanding of budgeting, responsibility accounting, standard costing and variance analysis. Students also acquire the skills needed to assess the managerial and strategic implications of financial decisions. FINANCIAL STRATEGY This course is an ideal complement to the Fundamentals of Finance course in which key concepts in modern financial theory have been covered. To go further into the understanding of the financial strategy of a firm, the course is organised around three main parts. The first is devoted to the analysis of Risk and Return in financial markets, looking closely at the Optimal Portfolio choice, the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and their application to estimating the Cost of Capital for corporations. The second part addresses how a firm should raise funds in order to finance its investments and the firm’s resulting capital structure, applying especially the Modigliani and Miller Theorem. The final part provides an overview of financial derivatives to manage risk. Academic Content INDUCTION SEMINAR PROBLEM SOLVING AND DECISION MAKING This module gives students the opportunity to enter the “war room” where business strategy is defined. Thanks to a live case, students will learn how to frame strategic problems, structure problem solving and prioritise analysis: the core of corporate citizenship.Thelearningissupportedbyroleplays,businessinteractionsimulationsand a case study, and develops around the Hypothesis Driven Problem Solving approach, madefamousbystrategyspecialistssuchasMcKinsey&Co. PROJECT MANAGEMENT This module follows-up PSDM, leveraging the same case study and focusing on two key issues: how to efficiently structure strategic analysis, especially where team work is concerned, and how to structure the communication of strategic initiatives in a persuasive way. The learning is supported by practical exercises, role pays and businessinteractionsimulations,basedonthePyramidPrincipleapproach. QUANTITATIVE METHODS FOR FINANCE AND MARKETING The aim of this module is to familiarise students with concepts and tools and teach them to analyse and understand quantitative information. With respect to issues in finance or marketing, it will develop students’ capacity to select the appropriate simple statistical method(s), to apply them and interpret the results. FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Thismodulewillshowyouthataccountingisnothingesoteric,butarationaltechnique which relies on rigorous principles shared and accepted by all the financial community and, in that sense, constitutes a fundamental decision-support tool formanagement.Theobjectiveofthismoduleistogivestudentsthebasicknowledge to understand the accounting process, in order to develop their capacity to analyse the content of financial statements and to improve their ability to communicate with accounting and financial staff. PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Thismoduleequipsstudentswiththetoolstosuccessfullyadoptamarket-orientation andwriteacompellingmarketingplan.Throughoutthemodule,studentswillhaveto buildamarketingplancriticallyusingasetofconceptsandtoolstounderstandthekey roleplayedbymarketinginanorganisationinthevaluecreationprocess.Thiswillal- lowstudentstoimmerseinthelifeofamarketingmanager,andtoaddressher/hismain responsibilities:generationofmarketinsights,assumptionofkeystrategicdecisions, andimplementationofthemarketingplan.Theethicalaspectsofmarketingwillbeinte- gratedasacoreelementofcontemporarymarketingaswellasthenewdigitaltools. ECONOMICS FOR MANAGERS The aim of this module is to equip students with knowledge of the fundamental principles of micro- and macroeconomics, and their relevance to managerial decision-making. The module covers major theories and approaches to economic policy, helping students to appreciate the impact of economic forces on strategic and operational managerial decisions in contemporary organisations. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STRATEGY Thepurposeofthiscourseistoprepareparticipantsforthestrategicproblemstheywill face once they become managers, consultants or executives. With a teaching method based on the use of specific cases, tools and concepts, participants will acquire the necessary skills to make a strategic evaluation of a company, based on the industry competitivedynamicsaswellastheresourcesandcapabilitiesofthefirm. A PROGRAMME WITH AN MBA-STYLE CURRICULUM AND A CROSS-CULTURAL APPROACHA PROGRAMME WITH AN MBA-STYLE CURRICULUM AND A CROSS-CULTURAL APPROACH
  9. 9. MEB-ESCPEurope 17 MEB-ESCPEurope 16 TEAMBUILDING SEMINAR At the beginning of the 2nd semester, a teambuilding seminar will take place on each campus, as streams of participants coming from various tracks are coming together. The purpose of this seminar is to rapidly foster connections, helping participants to know each other, leveraging diversity in a culturally and emotionally intelligent way. INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT The International Management course involves considering strategic, organisational and cultural aspects by which decisions of expansion abroad are taken and implemented. This course will particularly explore the specifics of contemporary international business environments wherein firms operate, the founding concepts and dimensions of corporate internationalisation strategy, and a selection of transversal international business issues (human resources issues in an international business context, international management of ethics, and international business negotiation). Upon completion of this course, students will understand how firms operate across borders. OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT & SUPPLY CHAIN Operations Management is concerned with the management of the resources and processes required for ‘delivering’ a product or service. This module is based on the understanding that operations not only concern the industry firm, but also the service firm. Sourcing, logistics, production and Total Quality Management are the key topics covered. ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR ACROSS CULTURES This module gives students a set of concepts and tools that help them understand 1) organisations as a context for managerial action and 2) behaviour as a result of this context coupled with cognitive and personal factors. It enables them to apply those concepts to motivational and team building issues, especially in an intercultural context. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (MIS) In an economy where information is more and more accessible and valued, this course provides the key elements to understanding what an information system is, the roles it can play in a company, and how to maximise it as a management tool as well as a source of new business opportunities. EUROPEAN BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT This module aims at helping students understand the institutional and regulatory framework in the E.U. and how to measure its impact on businesses operating therein. It is based on a series of concrete cases that help students see the links between the E.U. political framework and the emergence of a specific environment for businesses. Questions such as the role and influence of lobbies, the free circulation principle, the issues of standards and harmonisation, innovation and competitiveness are raised, through lectures, cases, interactive discussions and group work. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LAW Companies of all sizes, and across all sectors, are doing business in various forms beyond their domestic borders. This course is designed to increase your knowledge ofthelegalframeworkofinternationalbusinesstransactions,publicpolicyandethical issues implicated when doing business in different legal and business cultures. LEADERSHIP & CHANGEMENT MANAGEMENT This module gives students the concepts and tools for diagnosing problems within and improving any leadership situation they could face, especially in a changing context. It also provides them with the basic skills of visioning, trust-building and engagement creation in a managerial context. ETHICS & CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY This module will help grasp the real impact of ethics and CSR beyond the buzzwords. Both ethics and CSR question the current strategies of companies by pushing them to look ahead and imagine concrete ways of integrating these externalities. As such, this course not only provides students with an understanding of what’s behind the words and the operational implications of ethics and CSR integration, but also a critical and innovative look at the ongoing evolution of companies’ positioning within society. ENTREPRENEURSHIP & INNOVATION We will explore entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial process through an integrallensandlearnframeworksandapproachesthatfacilitatebusinesscreation and development, ensuring that your venture is creating value and achieving its purpose with environmental, social, cultural, and economic sustainability. HUMAN RESOURCES FOR MANAGERS This module prepares future managers to understand their responsibilities regarding HR: selection, compensation, performance and career management decisions from a systematic, strategic perspective. FINANCE OR MARKETING ELECTIVE An elective has been created to allow further in-depth study of either marketing or finance, depending on each student’s preference. Students will broaden the knowledge and skills they developed in the marketing and finance modules, and begin to think like the marketers and finance managers they will soon join. Since many MEB graduates enter into these sectors, this elective is an effective way to get a head start on their career. COMPUTER SKILLS This module will provide assistance in using relevant software in a successful and efficient way. Students will be given support in the writing of professional reports, analysing quantitative data using spreadsheets, using PowerPoint slides effectively in oral presentations, and in constructing databases. FUNDAMENTALS OF MATHEMATICS This module helps to revise basic knowledge in mathematics, especially in analysis and linear algebra, for use in business and management applications. Students will be taught the pre-requisites they need for subsequent courses, such as Quantitative Methods, Fundamentals of Finance, Operations Management or Economics for Managers. LANGUAGES During Semester 1: Semester 2 language-of-study courses (English or German) are compulsory for students who have not reached the minimum required level of 12/20 on their language admission tests. Students who will study Semester 2 in English may also take local language courses in order to reach a beginner’s proficiency in Italian, Spanish, German or French. A PROGRAMME WITH AN MBA-STYLE CURRICULUM AND A CROSS-CULTURAL APPROACHA PROGRAMME WITH AN MBA-STYLE CURRICULUM AND A CROSS-CULTURAL APPROACH
  10. 10. MEB-ESCPEurope 19 MEB-ESCPEurope 18 With more than 130 members at the forefront of their fields representing more than 20 nationalities, ESCP Europe’s Faculty devote a large portion of their time to the research of business topics. They publish regularly, both articles in leading international journals and academic books. The School’s six European campuses anditsinternationalpartnernetworkformastimulatingenvironmentforacademic research. A Cutting-Edge Faculty and Research A PROGRAMME WITH AN MBA-STYLE CURRICULUM AND A CROSS-CULTURAL APPROACHA PROGRAMME WITH AN MBA-STYLE CURRICULUM AND A CROSS-CULTURAL APPROACH “The ESCP Europe MEB programme perfectly matches the requirements for a modern career in management. Postgraduatesfromvariousdisciplinescancomplementtheir education with profound management know-how, boosting their employability after graduation. By studying in mixed groups at two different campuses, their exposure to cultural diversity allows students to acquire a truly international profile, as well as preparing them for the demands of today’s globalised economy. As a teacher, I most appreciate our students’ motivation for personal progress, their openness and creativity, and their strong team spirit.” Frank Jacob Professor in Marketing Berlin campus “I believe our MEB programme perfectly embodies the very values of ESCP Europe: international environment, European vision, multidisciplinary confrontation, and boundary-less approach to society and markets. To me, MEB students represent the forthcoming generation of individuals and professionals who will contribute to the making of a new, and hopefully better, world. Being a MEB student implies strong motivation, dedication, and sharing of its core values with a group of like-minded participants and professors. Being a MEB graduate makes you a terrific contributor for companies, NGOs, and other organizations that take on the challenges of today’s markets.” Luca M. Visconti Professor in Marketing Paris Campus “The MEB is one of the most valuable experiences a student can have, both personally and professionally. Its teaching methodology provides a balanced combination of a highly demanding training and practical skills, and a structure designed to enhance students’ performance and allow them to experience the high-pressure situations occurringdailyintheworld’sleadingcompanies.Inahighly competitivelabourmarket,tohavetheskillsandcapabilities that the MEB develops is an important competitive edge. Students leave ESCP Europe prepared for a rapid career progression and a keener, more open-minded view of the world of business and new global spaces.” Juan Carlos Higueras Professor in Business Strategy Madrid campus “I appreciate the diversity of our MEB students. Their different cultures and backgrounds mean that they interact with me not only with greater maturity, but also by often posing very challenging and insightful questions. Nothing surprising! The intensive pace of the programme, which enables them to get a rich overview of management issues and tools in a year, makes them eager to grab as much knowledge and skills as they can before entering their professional lives. The organisation of studies, based heavily on teamwork at two different campuses, using foreign languages and adapting to the various personalities and cultural contexts, helps them develop their skills and adaptability at a fast pace. These are qualities much appreciated in the international job market. Importantly, MEB students also fashion their own rich professional network.” Emmanuel Zilberberg Professor in Audit & Accounting Paris campus “Every time I teach MEB students, I learn something new. Their varied backgrounds, cultures and experiences allow discussions to cover many different points of view and deeply explore the content. The mix of competences you can find in class is also of great added value to the programme, fostering dialogue amongst students and enhancing true comparison among them. I consider the MEB programme to be great practise for the global professional world. The workforce of the knowledge society, as Jeremy Rifkin suggests, needs to be equipped with technical competences as well as sophisticated soft skills. Our MEB students leave the programme with significant academic and interpersonal skills that will speed up their ability to deal with multicultural relationships within any international company.” Chiara Succi Professor in Organisational Behaviour Torino campus “I have always enjoyed teaching our MEB students. Even though the subject of corporate finance can make them wary, I am often amazed by the students’ abilities to grasp and apply the concepts, tools and techniques the courses offer them. Combining this with the maturity of the students, as well as their diverse cultural and business backgrounds, the grand result is a recipe that guarantees wonderful class discussions and a superb preparation for their future careers.” Terence Tse Professor in Finance London campus
  11. 11. MEB-ESCPEurope 21 MEB-ESCPEurope 20 The ESCP Europe Careers Service helps MEB participants to identify their career goals and develop action plans to ensure their success. The Careers Service provides connections with students and employers, as well as expert advice, data, tools and events. Located at each of the five ESCP Europe campuses, the Careers Service aims to provide the best possible placements and business opportunities to all our students. The Careers Service offers: ■ Career workshops, coaching and expert advice to achieve your professional project ■ Internship opportunities ■ Company presentations, seminars, conferences, round tables and interviews with recruiters ■ On-campus careers fairs in different sectors (finance, consulting, etc.) throughout the year ■ 20,000 jobs and 16,000 internships each year Thestrongrelationshipswhichdevelopbetweenparticipantsandalumniare part of the added value of the MEB programme. Building relationships and networks is essential, and the MEB opens the gate not only to its network of more than 45,000 active alumni in more than 150 countries worldwide, but also to strong contacts with companies and recruiters around the world. Visits by companies and the contribution of our leading alumni, via expert coaching on career development and networking, are just some of the additional services offered through the ESCP Europe Careers Service. A Great Diversity of Profiles Participants* Nationalities* Age range* Years of experience* 200-250 30-40 24-29 2-6 * Average of the last 3 classes Nationalities* 15% 17% 14%6% 2% 14% 6% 7% 19% 19% Asian: Indian, Chinese, Korean,Japanese 15% French 17% Italian 14% German 6% Spanish 2% British 14% Other European: Belgian,Portuguese,Dutch,etc. 6% African and Middle Eastern: Moroccan, Lebanese, Israeli, etc. 7% North and South American Engineering & IT Law Economics Management Political Sciences Marketing/Communication Social Sciences Language/Literature Sciences Finance Others(1) (1) Architecture/Design, Media, Music, etc. Educational backgrounds* 26% 14% 11% 9% 8% 7% 5% 5% 5% 3% 7% YOUR UNIQUENESS IS OUR DIVERSITY The Careers Service: Committed to Students A GATEWAY TO AN INTERNATIONAL CAREER A GATEWAY TO AN INTERNATIONAL CAREER
  12. 12. MEB-ESCPEurope 23 Openness to Opportunity Intercultural Management INNOVATION Challenge LEARNING BY DOING SUCCESS Personal Development The purpose of the ESCP Europe Alumni Association is to unite and organise this community. With 700 delegate alumni representatives and 13 full-time staff, it assists students throughout their studies and into their first job. The Alumni Association then provides resources to graduates for life-long professional and personal development. The Association offers the following services: The ESCP Europe Alumni Association Job functions* Within six months after graduation* 93% of graduates found a job €41K - €60K range yearly salary (according to age, professional experience, countries, sectors and jobs) € € € 44% work outside their home country 47% work in firms with more than 2,000 employees 8% have launched their startup 81% have a job with an international dimension Marketing / Communication Finance / Accounting Consulting / Auditing Executive Management Administration Sales Purchasing / Supply Chain / Logistics Business Engineering Human Resources R&D in a broad range of functions 18% 8% 10% 17% 7% 6% 5% 4% 3% 19% 3% * Results from the last job survey conducted in November 2014 SHAPE YOUR FUTURE GLOBAL CAREER Where are the MEB Alumni Now? A GATEWAY TO AN INTERNATIONAL CAREER
  13. 13. MEB-ESCPEurope 25 MEB-ESCPEurope 24 The MEB Alumni body is characterised by its diversity in terms of nationality, academic background and current employment, but they all have one thing common: the MEB programme. A G AT E W A Y T O A N I N T E R N AT I O N A L C A R E E R Alumni Insights From Around the World A G AT E W A Y T O A N I N T E R N AT I O N A L C A R E E R “I graduated in Economics at Lund School of Economics in Sweden, and the MEB has been the perfect transition between study and professional life. Thanks to the consultancy projects, the international classmates and team work projects, I have been able to learn and improve in many crucial skills. Undoubtedly, the MEB has been a positive experience to my professional and personal life and provided greater than expected assets.”Martin Strub Hidalgo MEB 2008 Senior Analyst at Google, Netherlands “The MEB gave me the right kind of exposure early in my career. It trains you to excel in a fast moving international corporate environment, and is a balanced choice to pave the way for your future career. Moreover, for me it was a strong learning and definitely a great human experience over one year in London and Bangkok.”Michelle Zhu MEB 2011 APAC Marketing Business Consultant, Sofrecom - Orange FT Group, Thailand “After my degree in Political Science and one year of work experience, I was looking for a programme which would allow me to gain an in-depth knowledge of business in an international environment taught by a ranked international school. During my time as a MEB student, my attitude towards working changed significantly thanks to the hands-on approach of the programme.” Alfonso Auriemma MEB 2012 Business Analyst, Rentokil-Initial, UK “I had already worked for a couple of years when I realised that there was something missing from my experience: a level of managerial awareness. The courses were a good mix of strategy, management and creativity. The MEB programme definitely equipped me with the managerial and business skills I was hoping to acquire.”Sandra Theumann Diaz MEB 2012 Employer Brand Specialist, E.ON Business Services Berlin GmbH, Germany “I actually never thought I had an entrepreneurial mindset before the MEB! ESCP Europe has also been really supportive since the launch of Anaxago in 2012, enabling me to work with them on different projects and upcoming contests. Thanks in part to their support, we raised €3 million in 2013, funding 15 companies. Being backed by ESCP Europe where I only spent a year really meant the world to me!” Caroline Lamaud MEB 2012 Co-founder, Anaxago, France “The MEB is an exciting and unique programme you can find nowhere else. It is notonlytheconcreteknowledgethatIlearned in the classes that have made the programme so special; it also gave me the opportunity to create my own “Tale of Two Cities” - London and Paris - which is definitely a plus and a milestone in my life and work experience at L’Oréal.” Joyce Yuan MEB 2013 International Marketing Development, L’Oréal, France “The MEB allowed me to reach the global career I was aimingforaftermydegreeinengineering.Theopportunityto study management both in Europe and Latin America was a key success factor in securing a position in the Global Graduate Programme at Bombardier Transportation. At the end of this fast-track programme, I got offered a position at their factory in Brazil. At such an early stage of my career, I have worked in Germany, Thailand, Canada and Brazil, all thanks to the tools the MEB gave me!” Florent Lefévère MEB 2009 Operations/Production Planner, Bombardier Transportation, Brazil “My aim was to become an entrepreneur, and I realised that working with more than 30 different nationalities on the MEBwouldhelpmetostandoutamongstalltheotherMBA andbusinessgraduatesaroundtheworld.Aftercompleting the MEB, I worked in Europe for a couple of years. After, I moved back to India and joined Bharti Group. A year later I decided to pursue my original dream and started my own company, Cafe Buddy’s Foods Pvt. Ltd. A fast food retail chain with over 120 operational outlets, we currently have 200 employees working for us.” Sudeep Gupta MEB 2009 Director, Cafe Buddy’s Foods, India “I graduated in Medical Biotechnology. After several years working in the scientific research field in both Italy and the USA, I wanted to change my career path without leaving the international medical environment. With the MEB, I had the opportunity to study in two different cities, in a strong international environment, and to meet high-energy, enthusiastic professionals, both students and professors, who were eager to learn. The MEB programme is very much student-centred,goingaboveandbeyondthetheorytofocus on each candidate’s personal development.” Elisa Migliore MEB 2010 Business Development Analyst, Sanofi Aventis, Thailand
  14. 14. MEB-ESCPEurope 27 MEB-ESCPEurope 26 ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS The MEB is designed for young professionals. Applicants must hold a previous Master 1 or 2 degree, Laurea Magistrale, Licenciatura, BA/BSc Honours or equivalent in any non-business field of study (e.g. Engineering, Law, Political Sciences, Languages, Sciences, Finance, Communication, etc.), with two years of professional experience. ADMISSION PROCESS Admission sessions take place from October to July across our campuses. Candidates who are interested in the MEB can only apply to one of the six ESCP Europe campuses, and only do so once per academic year (regardless of study tracks). Please visit our website (www.escpeurope. eu/meb) and click on ‘Apply‘. STEP 1: Carefully complete the online Application Form, providing the following required documents: A language test is not required for native speakers. Also exempt from the test are candidates who can prove that they have earned a university degree fully taught in the local language or have lived two years in the country. STEP 2: Candidates whose applications are accepted will be invited to attend the final round: and written) for candidates without language certificates To be exempt from English written test (only), we require the following minimum scores: TOEFL IBT: 100; TOEFL computer-based: 250; TOEFL written test: 600; IELTS: 7; TOEIC: 900 without a GMAT / GRE / TAGE MAGE / PAEP score Final results are announced two to three weeks after the admission session. TUITION FEES Tuition fees for the academic year 2016/2017 are set at €18,900*. For the students enrolling the MSc track at the Berlin campus, an additional fee will be charged. SCHOLARSHIPS The MEB offers scholarships based on both merit and financial need. Applications for the financial-need scholarship are only available to students already enrolled on to the programme. For more information: *ESCP Europe reserves the right to make changes affecting policies, fees, curriculum or any other matters announced in this publication. The information herein is accurate to December 2015 Tuition Fees and ScholarshipsAdmission Requirements and Admission Process P R A C T I C A L I N F O R M AT I O NP R A C T I C A L I N F O R M AT I O N
  15. 15. MEB-ESCPEurope 29 LONDON MADRID WARSAW PARIS BERLIN TURIN ASIA EUROPE MEB Admissions TeamCONTACT US PARIS Alejandra Rubio ESCP Europe 79, avenue de la République 75543 Paris cedex 11, France +33 1 49 23 58 89 LONDON Crochenka McCarthy ESCP Europe 527 Finchley Road, London, NW3 7BG, United Kingdom +44 20 7443 8823 TURIN Federica Simionato ESCP Europe Corso Unione Sovietica, 218 bis 10134 Torino, Italy +39 011 670 58 92 BERLIN Stephan Schmuck ESCP Europe Heubnerweg 8-10 14059 Berlin, Germany +49 30 32 00 71 61 WARSAW Dana Duda ESCP Europe c/o Kozminski University International Relation Office 57/59 Jagiellońska St. 03-301 Warsaw, Poland +48 22 519 22 69 MADRID Almudena Moreno ESCP Europe Arroyofresno 1, Madrid 28035, Spain +34 91 3862511 Meet us IN P R A C T I C A L I N F O R M AT I O N
  16. 16. MEB-ESCPEurope 31 THE LIFE-CHANGING PROGRAMME Ihicat vitam intis conduc moverfexTic videm ad consul conem omandi, que Ihicat vitam intis conduc moverfexTic videm ad consul conem omandi, que Ihicat vitam intis conduc moverfexTicvidem ad consul conem omandi, que Ihicat vitam intis conduc moverfexTic videm ad consul conem omandi, que Gateway to an international career The MEB personal life The MEB has given me the opportunity to pursue the career I wanted. Ihicat vitam intis conduc moverfexTic videm ad consul conem omandi, que MEB drives your mind to a successful direction The MEB leaves an indelible mark on my professional and personal life Paola Amoruso - Italian - MEB 2006 (Paris/London) Before the MEB: Communication Now: Head of Industry, Retail, Large Customer Sales at Google Mexico, Mexico Linda Tarvida - Latvian - MEB 2010 (Torino/Paris) Before the MEB: Economics Now: Associate Marketing Manager Promotions at Nestlé Fitness (Cereal Partners Worldwide) Geneva, Switzerland Sophie Lherault - French – MEB 2010 (Paris/London) Before the MEB: Engineering Now: Customer Logistics Operation Manager at Procter & Gamble Paris, France Helena Vaculciakova - Slovakian - MEB 2010 (Madrid/Berlin) Before the MEB: Journalism and Public Relations Now: Regional Operations Manager at Apple London, United Kingdom Caroline Lamaud - French – MEB 2012 (Paris/London) Before the MEB: Finance Now: Co-founder at Anaxago (crowdfunding) Paris, France Maximilian Strauch - German - MEB 2012 (London/Berlin) Before the MEB: Business and Law Now: Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group Munich, Germany Arpit Mittal - Indian - MEB 2009 (Gurgaon/Paris) Before the MEB: Engineering Now:ProjectManager,GroupOperations atAllianzGlobalAssistance Paris, France Michelle Zhu - Chinese – MEB 2011 (Paris/Bangkok) Before the MEB: International Economics and Trade Now: APAC Marketing Business Consultant at Sofrecom (Orange subsidiary) Thailand Peiming Yuan - Chinese - MEB 2013 (London/Paris) Before the MEB: English Literature Now: International Marketing Development at L’Oréal Paris, France Nadja Spitzer - Swiss/Austrian – MEB 2012 (Madrid/London) Before the MEB: International Relations Now: Strategy and Analytics Consultant at IBM London, United Kingdom Ihicat vitam intis conduc moverfexTic videm ad consul conem omandi, que An amazing experience The MEB makes me think internationally Ihicat vitam intis conduc moverfexTic videm ad consul conem omandi, que The MEB has given me the opportunity to pursue the career I wanted. An unforgettable experience which has enhanced my career prospects The MEB has given me the opportunity to pursue the career I wanted. My solid friends are those who I met in the MEB
  17. 17. CCIP/ERMESPAOLesBluets7677-2015Septembre2015-Créditsphotos:J.Arowas-JoanDebellefon- taine-MarcPlantecPhotoDisc MASTER IN EUROPEAN BUSINESS ESCPEuropeisamongthe1%ofbusiness schoolsworldwidetobetriple-accredited BERLIN Heubnerweg 8 – 10 14059 Berlin, Deutschland T: + 49 30 32007 0 LONDON 527 Finchley Road London NW3 7BG, United Kingdom T: + 44 20 7443 8800 MADRID Arroyofresno 1 28 035 Madrid, España T: + 34 91 386 25 11 PARIS 79, av. de la République 75543 Paris Cedex 11, France T: + 33 1 49 23 20 00 TURIN Corso Unione Sovietica, 218 bis 10134 Torino, Italia T: + 39 011 670 58 94 WARSAW c/o Kozminski University International Relation Office 57/59 Jagiellońska St. 03-301 Warsaw, Poland T: + 48 22 519 22 89 BERLIN | LONDON | MADRID | PARIS | TURIN | WARSAW